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So I am now crazy/obsessed with this great blog younghouselove.com (check it out....you will enjoy it too!). Well she mentioned a book "Feathering the Nest"...NO I am not anywhere close to the nesting part of life but I am totally into updating and changing things in my house constantly. :) Just loved what she quoted from the book. It mentions colors in a house and the power they have over emotions. Yes, I knew this...but I love the details, especially how it so fits the moods and emotions that should be captured in the specific parts of our home we have painted these colors.

Our living room is green...bright green:
-said to be the most refreshing color and the easiest on the eyes
-brings peace, rest, hope, comfort, balance, and harmony
-creates a sense of safety and security
-alleviates depression, nervousness, and anxiety
among others....
*our living room is such a place that provides the coziness, safety, and security of home

Our foyer and hallway is a ligt brown/beige:
-deep connection to the earth
-has natural and organic components
-is believed to afford a sense of stability and wholeness
-a very grounding color
-provides a feeling of order, reliability, and protection
*love these thoughts...the first emotions that hit you when you come in our front door

Our bedroom is blue:
-perceived as a constant in our lives since it’s the color of the ocean and the sky
-soothing, calming, tranquil, peaceful
-may encourage individuals to be trustworthy, committed and dependable
-decreases heart rate
*love the thought of commitment, trustworthiness, and dependability and what that echoes in our marriage....plus, doesn't marriage to your best friend provide such a precious constant in your life....love it!

Anyway...thanks to younghouselove for the insight into these colors! How neat!

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