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bump update-week 11

*Disclaimer:  I'm way late on posting this...at this point I'm actually halfway through my 12th week, which I will post about at the end of it...this weekend.

How far along: 11 weeks

Babe size: Lime

Total weight gain/loss: Gained a pound according to doctor.

Sleep: Sleep is going well! I actually have to use the extra pillow less...but I definitely have to get up to use the bathroom more.

Movement: Felt a few flutters this week as well.  I'm still not positive it's movement.

Food cravings/aversions: Aversions are getting so much better! More food tastes good...praise the Lord! I am actually having some occasional cravings...but nothing too strong to mention.  I think I'm actually referring to things just sounding good to me now as "cravings"...when really it's just my appetite coming back. :) Because let's be honest...food tasting good again is a super milestone and something to get excited about.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Um things are starting to seem normal now...and don't stand out to me as much.  Still the whole gross gag reflex thing when I brush my teeth.  Food aversions are still there occasionally.  Metal mouth taste after eating or drinking some things.  Um and I guess I have to admit I spoke too soon last week...hormones are definitely firing up.  Poor things...it seems like it's mainly my kiddos at school that are getting the brunt of my impatience.  (Side note...my coworker that is pregnant told me she let her kids know that the bigger the belly got, the less patience she had....I think I may use that line. ha!)  Justin is seeing the weepy/crying side of me more often.  Let's just say people should be more cautious what they say around pregnant women.  Things that seem harmless...can do a number on your emotions!

What I miss: Not feeling so bloated and full (not as in full of food...just full) all the time...I guess I should just get used to it, huh?

What I'm looking forward to: Gender/first ultrasound appointment.  Can't wait!! (Any tips that have worked for you to make sure the sweet little one gives you enough of a "show" to reveal gender?)

Milestones: I'm actually in some maternity pants...because, frankly, I need blue jeans in my life again.  And I need to breathe in those blue jeans.

Best moment this week:  Hearing the heartbeat again! Such a wonderful sound.  And since we were the last appointment of the day...she took tons of time letting us hear it.  Also, the one thing we were a tad concerned with being a possibility was ruled out.  Cystic fibrosis has been found in Justin's family...just as carriers and Justin didn't get to check if he was a carrier before we found out we were expecting.  So they tested me to make sure...thankfully I'm not a carrier.  If both parents are...baby's chances are greatly elevated.  With me not being a carrier, we don't need to worry about seeing if Justin is a carrier.

Moments with Justin: He was beaming my entire doctor appointment.  He kept joking with the doctor about giving him some hints on the heart rate...she laughed and explained to him that the whole heart rate as a gender predictor thing isn't necessarily accurate at all.  She still caved and let us know it was 160.  Justin joked that it was fast (trying to get more info out of her)...and she replied with "it's perfect".  I love how laid-back he's being about this whole thing...I hope he stays that way the whole pregnancy.  His calmness has always been so great for me...I'm not laid back.  If he stays laid back I know it will help me so much...especially when it comes time for delivery.

My questions for you lovely ladies who are or have been pregnant (or if you haven't been and just have some advice)...
*What was your first step for registering...like how much research/surveying of others did you do before you actually started?
*Where did you first feel movement...like location in your belly?
*If you had one tip to share about anything related to the second trimester...what would it be?

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our road to you (the ending)

To read the previous parts of this story:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

On the way to the drug store to pick up prenatal vitamins (um, yes, this wasn’t planned…so I was only taking Flintstones occasionally), I called to make our first appointment with the doctor…March 25th.  My next step was deciding how to tell Justin.  I only sent him a text to let him know about my bladder infection because we had already discussed that I may test the next weekend if I hadn’t gotten my period.  I didn’t want to have to lie to him…I wanted to tell him in person.  So he called me a few minutes later.  Thank goodness he didn’t ask me about if they checked to see if I was pregnant, because I wouldn’t have been able to hold it in and would have had to tell him on the phone.  (Later, he told me he didn't ask on the phone on purpose....he didn't want to find out that way if I was pregnant.)

So I decided to go to a local store to pick up a cute pair of baby socks at a store near our house to put with a card for the in-the-dark daddy-to-be.  Well this plan was thrown for a loop.  I pulled into the parking lot and what else do I see but his work truck? So I quickly left and came home.  I got a call a little later from Justin letting me know he was stopping by the house quickly to get a tool they needed on the job.  (This was after I had already tested again at home…you know…just in case the whole doctor’s office test was wrong.  Two pink lines.  Again.  Yep.  Pregnant.) I prayed he wouldn’t ask.  He didn’t.  He grabbed the tool, came back into the living room, and then it came…. “So you’re not preggers, huh?” (so nonchalant!) ;) I looked at him slowly and he knew.  

I let him know that I was, for some crazy reason that only God knows, that I was.  I got the smile I hoped for.  The smile that reassured me that no matter how scared and alone I felt moments ago, that I wasn’t alone in this and that everything was going to be okay.  He was in total shock but hugged me so excited.  I went over all the details as the shocked grin remained on his face.  “So when am I going to be a dad?” I let him know that it would be sometime in October or November and that the blood work would confirm how far along I was.  I cried in relief that he was happy.  I wasn’t sure how he would take it.   

As he left, we talked about how we’d been praying God would open doors…and for some reason…this is the door he opened.  The door to being mommy and daddy.  So now I know exactly why God placed Jeremiah 29:11 on my heart for us to memorize as a couple a few weeks before…because He would use it so many times over the course of the next few months as we prepared our minds and hearts for a precious blessing…a baby.

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our road to you (part 4)

Read part 1, part 2, and part 3 first.

Little did I know that right around that same time God was also working in Justin’s heart and planning His miracle to send to us.  Later in February, Justin came to me to tell me that he had decided that he was okay with having a baby.  He didn’t want to start trying by any means, but he was okay if it happened.  For some reason, that made me happy, but I was also in a very stressful/emotional point due to lots of stress between work and school and wasn’t able to fully appreciate that and love those words as much as I thought I would.  I guess I wasn’t at a point of whole-heartedly being ready…my mind wasn’t there at that point.   

I started to feel on-and-off sick in many different ways over the next couple weeks. (I’m only documenting these specifics because I want to remember them for future pregnancies.  These details will probably be cut from sweet baby’s version of this story.) It started with horrible indigestion that I thought was turning into a stomach virus.  I’ve always had stomach issues, so really I thought nothing of it.  That went away within a couple days.  Next came a sore chest and cramping.  I was excited, because I thought this meant my period was coming.  Since starting the pill the summer we got married, I had not felt one measly symptom of anything related to PMS and had only had my cycle once.  So feeling them made me sure that something was up.   

Next, came awful symptoms of a urinary tract infection.  Lovely.  Waking up miserable one morning (March 1st) I decided to leave work early that day to go to the doctor.   When I went into the office, the nurse asked me what was going on.  I explained that I thought I had a bladder infection, but I also wanted to be cautious because I was so irregular with my periods and wanted to make sure I didn’t take any antibiotics that could be harmful if for some crazy reason, I was pregnant.  She understood.  I sat in the small office waiting on the results on the infection.  Sure enough, the doctor told me I showed all the symptoms.  This is when I decided to remind her of my concern for possibly being pregnant.  (My body was telling me something.)  She decided to yell, yes, yell out to the nurse, “Hey run a pregnancy test on that urine.” That’s when I heard from the hall, “Pregnancy test? Okay.”  At this point I was already mortified because of the smallness of the town I live in.  I wasn’t mortified I might be pregnant.  A little scared, nervous, anxious maybe.  But the mortified feeling came from the fact that I didn’t want the whole office to know, which some of whom also know most of my family, before my husband even had the chance to know.  It’s humorous now that I look back on it.   

So I sat up on the bed for her to feel my stomach and back due to my bladder infection.  She sat down on the chair to discuss any other symptoms I was having due to my infection.  That’s when I noticed her eyes look in the direction of the door as it cracked open.  Mind you, I couldn’t see the nurse.  I knew this meant something.  My doc exclaimed with wide eyes, “Oh, no doubt about it huh? Ok.” She turned and looked at me… "Well, it does look like you are pregnant.  Congratulations.”  My reaction was shock as I put my hands on my cheeks as I exclaimed, “No way.”  We sat as I tediously waited for her to make her decision on the antibiotic to prescribe since I was pregnant.  What? I’m pregnant?! I still didn’t believe it.  Next was a blood test to determine how far along I was.   

The sweet nurses oohed and ahhed over the exciting pre-lunch news in the office.  I was still praying no one I knew was in the office.  After having blood drawn and sweet congrats from the nurses, I was out the door with this life-changing news that I couldn’t share.  Yet…

Final part coming next!

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name game

With our gender ultrasound coming up very soon...May 16th!...we are in full-force speed trying to determine a precious name for this sweet baby.  I'm picky.  Very picky.  And I'm indecisive.  Very indecisive.  So with that being said, it hasn't been easy.  The names I've had in a list since I was probably in high school and have revised since then are almost all out the window.  Either I've had a student or known of a kiddo that really ruins causes me to dislike the name a little (or a lot) or they have been over-used like crazy.

While Justin is pretty laid-back about it all...which he is with about everything I like (and which I adore about him), I have my strong opinions.  Thankfully he has turned me down on some name ideas...because it's shortened my list. 

My thoughts on names...

-something strong
-something that will hold up with time and age
-for a girl...something girly
-for a boy...something masculine (not a unisex name...no offense if you like those)
-something biblical/faith related and/or something family-related
-if I know of someone with that name, I have a hard time going with it (I told you I'm picky)
-Justin and I are the only ones discussing it...and we aren't even sharing our likes and ideas...even our family won't know the name until we know what the gender is and are set on a name.  We don't want to be persuaded in any way whether they would mean to or not.
-even though I'm not putting pressure on us...I would really like to have a name set in stone for either a boy or girl for when we find out what the gender is
-we would really like to stay away from nicknames (although I know it's almost impossible to do that)...and as we're thinking of names, we are thinking of all possible nicknames that could come from the name.  So if we don't like the nickname...it's not an option for a name

You may be rolling your eyes at me at this point. Ha! Or you may be right with my on your own name-choosing "pickyness".

What we do know...

-the entire name (first and middle) if it's a sweet little girl
-the middle name if it's a boy 

Our dilemmas...

-we cannot decide on a boy name.  oh my! it's not we can't agree...we just can't find one we fall in love with
-our boy middle name starts with a vowel...putting it with the beginning of our last name "G" causes a lot of first names to be out of the picture because we aren't giving our precious little boy a horrendous "word" with their initials
-I would like to plug my ears and I may or may not want to pray that I don't hear of a little girl being named what we are going with.  Once May 16th hits, and if it's a girl, I'll be okay...because I'll already feel like that's "her name"...but before then when the name is still just a possibility...I just don't want to know! ;)

Our favorite resources right now are nameberry and The Complete Book of Baby Names.  Have any baby naming resources to share? Please do!

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not just any Friday

Today I can't help but think about grace.

Grace that is available to anyone.  No matter who you are.  No matter what is in your past.

Grace that completely changes your life...redeems you...and comes with no conditions.

Although our hearts should be intentional on praising God every day for this grace He provided through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross...today is a day that we should reevaluate our hearts and truly consider if we are living grace-filled, thankful lives for what our sweet Savior did for each.one.of.us.

Are we living for Him? He gave His life for us.
Are we loving Him and his children with all we have?  He calls and beckons us to this.
Are our hearts living the redeemed life we are blessed with if we've made the decision to follow Christ?

Today, this grace amazes me like it has so many times since I decided to follow Jesus.  It stops me in my tracks, humbles me, and brings tears of awe and thankfulness to my eyes.

And the best part about all of this? Good Friday isn't the end of the story.  He is risen.  He longs to walk with us.

How does this grace impact your life today? Every day? Questions about this sweet grace? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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our road to you (part 3)

Just getting started? Read part 1 and part 2.

I heard about an amazing book, Starting Your Family-Inspiration for Making Babies by Steve and Candace Watters (which was highly recommended to me…and I highly recommend it to any couple desiring God’s plan in starting a family for His glory).   

At this time, I also felt as if God was answering many prayers of my heart.  He was giving Justin the desire to pray for God’s will and timing in starting a family.  Justin was praying and being open to the idea of starting a family sooner than he had thought.  He started to desire being a dad himself (whenever it happened)…and couldn’t wait for it.  At times we thought it might have happened accidentally (although there are no accidents with God), and each time he came to me explaining that he had handed it over to God and was excited for whatever God’s plan was.  These times of course did not result in a baby. We still weren’t at the point of taking the plunge to try.  Obviously, it wasn’t God’s timing yet.  

In reading this book, I started to learn the importance of prayer.  The importance of handing every.single.desire over to God.  Jeremiah 29:11 became more and more prominent in my heart, mind, and prayers.   

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.”   

I battled daily with talking to Justin more about it.  Until one morning on my way to work (February 14, 2010), God reminded me… “Give it to me.  Just give it to me.”  I did.  That morning in my car at a stop sign.  I prayed to God, “Lord take this away.  I don’t want to give it to you.  But you want it.  I need to give it to you.  Lord I’m handing it to you to control.  I’m just here.   Waiting.”  That was a prayer I had battled with tremendously.  I hate losing control. And yes, I’m even naive enough to loathe giving control to my Savior.  However, I did.  And then I waited…

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our road to you (part 2)

If you are just getting started...read part 1 here.

For some reason, God wouldn’t let me move on.  My early morning car rides to work started to become an impatient plead to God.  “Lord, please make your will be known.  Align the desires of our hearts.”  I knew God was working in my heart.  It was also at this time, after a lot of issues with my desire for intimacy since starting the pill, and after much research, I went off the pill.  This decision wasn’t at all one we made considering getting pregnant.  We did it as a way to regain the intimacy in our marriage and to help me get back to a point where I felt like I had control over my body.  Both of which the pill had completely taken from us.   

During this time, my cycle was very irregular, and finding out it was a common occurrence when going off the pill, I was so happy that we had made this choice well before we were trying to start to have a family in hopes that those “issues” would be worked out before we took the leap of faith with trying to have a baby.  Once this happened, however, we then both started considering the fact that this was a big jump of faith, because we knew it meant we could possibly become pregnant (even though we were still being cautious).

When the desires didn’t go away after much prayer and reflection…and honestly, just became more prominent and stronger…I knew this was something God-breathed and God-designed growing in my soul.  At this point, I realized it was only a matter of time.  Time.  A word this impatient person isn’t fond of.  Justin and I had many conversations about starting a family.   

At this point (late 2010) we even started a “Before Starting a Family” list.  I thought…okay…if we get it down on paper…make it concrete…once the list is checked off, he’ll be ready.  But then God reminded me that His plan is not about a list we created.  It’s about His perfect timing.  His perfect plan.  The list went out the window.  Amidst this time…friends started having babies.  Friends announced pregnancies.  And my mind continued in the “I want to be a mommy” whirlwind.  Forget my masters…I could complete it after.  Forget being financially stable enough for me to stay home (if that's what we decided on) on paper.  I was ready.  Justin…still was not…

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our road to you (part 1-written from my heart)

There was a time within the last year that I found myself yearning to be a mommy.  Looking back, I know this "baby fever" was completely God-designed.  Justin and one of my closest friends (and maybe my mom was picking up on it), were the only ones that knew about this desire that had been laid upon my heart.  Writing is so therapeutic for me and so one day this winter I just started writing the journey that I knew was leading us eventually to our first child...even though we weren't even at a point of starting to try.  I post this this both humbled and amazed by God's attention to our lives and our desires.  I have chosen to share my deep desires and longings that I recorded, because of how God has played out all the details and it's a story that truly shows His faithfulness to our lives.  I have a hard time being vulnerable...but God has taught me that it leads to depending on Him and His plans.  I am sharing to absolutely, in no way, boast or brag about it being easy for us to get pregnant.  Obviously (from the entire story) you will see this was all God's plan...not ours.  His timing...not ours.  Honestly, I am humbled by how God has worked in our lives and literally have been taken to my knees to pray for those that struggle to get pregnant and are still amidst their journey to a baby.  I write this to simply share my story.  We all have one...and I believe...God wants us to share it to display His glory.

I write this with a heavy heart full of anxiousness, impatience, yet hope and gratitude.  God has been working on my heart in an area I didn’t think he would awaken for quite some time.  Little did I know, he awakened it much sooner than I anticipated.  Justin and I got married with the agreement that we both wanted children greatly.  Never in our minds was it something that was just a “maybe”.  We knew God had always called us to be a mom and dad…and thanks be to Him…He called us to it together.  I cherish and adore this calling.  With that being said, we also both discussed it would probably be about five years before we would consider starting to try to have a family.   

We got married…neither of us considering to be really young parents.  We wanted “our time” together.  Honestly, I think it was so far out in “our plan” that it was something we didn’t wholeheartedly think about or even pray about…for God’s timing to reign over ours.  We knew it would be when Justin completed his bachelors degree and when I completed my masters degree.  Plain and simple.  In reflection, that all seemed like perfect timing.  However, God did something in my heart what seemed like the day I hit 24 (2010), that I wasn’t expecting, and Justin would maybe say he was blindsided by as up until this point, he thought we were on the same page.  I did too.

I don’t know if it was biological (probably) or environmental (maybe), but that clock everyone talks about seemed to awaken in me.  I started to become captive of thoughts about being a mom.  (More so than in the past.)  It started to be something I honestly pictured myself doing (in reality) and literally longed for.  What had been a figment of my way-off-in-the-future imagination, turned to be a real-live-wide-awake desire in my heart, soul, and body.  

I am more than grateful to be married to a caring, patient, kind man.  A man that has always held my heart with tender care and taken every word I say to heart….even when we were just friends.  I am so thankful that God blessed me with a husband that I have absolutely no reservations on coming before and sharing my most deep and secretive desires with after sharing them with my Maker.  I approached Justin with the thoughts I was having in many random conversations.  Poor guy…now that I look back on it. He understood my thoughts.  He understood my longings.  He wanted to be a dad still too (whew.)…just not right now.  That last statement is the statement that would cause my yearnings to become a tad bit dreadful at times.  I shrugged that off for a while, realizing, that maybe I was just letting my emotions get the best of me.  It was my clock.  I should ignore it.  That's what the world says.  Get a grip and move on…

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toes in the sand

I shared in a recent post that we decided on a whim to take a Spring Break trip to Florida.  It was just as wonderful as we planned on it being.  The weather was perfect, it was just us, and we had absolutely no schedule or specific to-dos.  I'm ready to go back already!

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10 weeks

How far along: 10 weeks

Babe size: Prune

Total weight gain/loss: Back to my pre-pregnancy weight...although it still fluctuates.

Sleep: Sleep is still going pretty well.  I am able to stay up a little later now due to less exhaustion.  It's still tough to get up...but I think that's more because I dread dealing with feeling gross in the morning.  I did have one night of sleeplessness where I only got about 3 hours of sleep.  Thankfully, that hasn't happened again.  I think it was also because I was stressing about a project I had to finish for one of my grad classes...not because of pregnancy.

Movement: I have felt a couple flutters down low...and I have to laugh...because a couple sweet readers mentioned gas as a possible reason.  I hadn't thought of that! Definitely could be at times (sorry, TMI).  But I honestly feel like it's been a tiny flutter here and there due to baby.  Who knows... I did read that people with smaller frames often feel the baby a lot earlier.  So maybe I am feeling something.

Food cravings/aversions: Still food aversions.  Thankfully more things are sounding better to me! I did have a crazy craving for a coke this morning (caffeine free, of course).  I took a few drinks and that was all I needed.  Sweet still tastes better than salty for the most part due to the metal-mouth taste salty foods give me.  It's funny to me, because I'm usually a salty gal.  Baby must have a sweet tooth!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Less nausea...whoo hoo! I eat probably on the hour because as soon as I let my stomach start to get a little empty, nausea kicks in.  It's so weird to eat and in no time be so hungry again.  Of course bathroom trips have picked up even more...I think I'm getting my daily exercise just walking down the hall to the bathroom from my classroom.  I have "baby bloat" as I'm calling it instead of a bump.  I can tell a big difference in my belly even though it's hardly noticeable from the outside.  I can also tell that the "belly pooch" is starting to get a little higher.  One thing I'm very thankful for is that mood swings have not kicked in at all.  I really think I'm a much "nicer" and calm person during pregnancy.  I guess I should let Justin be the judge on that one... ;)

What I miss: Having the energy to clean and organize my house...it's a mess and that drives me crazy!

What I'm looking forward to: Our appointment on Monday and hearing the heartbeat again! I'm hoping to see the sweet little one...but I think my doctor does the first ultrasound with the gender appointment.  We'll see. I'm also looking forward to summer!! 7 more weeks!

Milestones: The pregnancy becoming more like a normal thing to both Justin and myself.  I guess we've had enough time to get used to everything now.  Sweet baby has fingerprints, most of it's critical developments have occurred, and miscarriage rates have dropped considerably at this point! :) And I can't forget to add...I'm at the end of the first trimester! yay!

Best moment this week:  Teaching is getting less hectic at this point since we are close to testing and the end of school and  I have more free afternoons which has been wonderful considering how tired I am and still feeling gross on some days.  God is also giving me a lot of peace over many worries on my mind...there are just so many new things that come with thinking about having a little one.  It's those things that I feel like are out of my control that worry me the most...I'm just so thankful that God hears my prayers, knows my anxious thoughts, and promises to take care of every need.

Moments with Justin: A few times this week, Justin has looked at me and said, "I keep glancing at you and getting this glimpse of you with a big belly."  Haha.  I definitely don't have a big belly at all right now...maybe it's God's way of preparing his mind for when his wife does have a "big belly".  And again, I swear, he's nesting.  I'm not.  My mind is...but I can't get my body to do anything.  However, he's worked so hard on our yard and front plant beds this past week.  I need some of that nesting to rub off on me! :)

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spring fever

With the little bit of energy that I am starting to get back, I decided to do a quick craft project to help add some spring to our home.  I was excited to have all the necessary materials on hand!

I used chalkboard paint, a small, flat canvas and some ribbon I had in the closet.

I love how we can use this in the future to display within any wreath and write a message that relates to whatever is worth celebrating at the time!

What easy projects have you created lately? Aren't the simple, easy ones sometimes the best?

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pregnancy update: weeks 8 and 9

{8 Weeks}

How far along:  8 weeks! 

Babe size: Raspberry

Total weight gain/loss: Still down from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Sleep: Pretty good! Just need a pillow between my legs.  Side sleeping has always been my friend!

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings/aversions:  Still food aversions, although they aren't as intense as they were.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Nausea, food aversions, frequent trips to the bathroom, break-outs, exhaustion, throwing up at more random times...still not a big deal and only in the evening.

What I miss:  Not feeling so bloated and having energy. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Going to FL for Spring Break! 

Milestones:  Nothing really this week...feeling a little better maybe? 

Best moment this week:  Hmmm...looking forward to going to the beach? (We got to FL on Saturday, when I normally take my pics, so you'll notice we are on the beach for week 11 pic!) It was a pretty uneventful week pregnancy-wise. 

Moments with Justin: No certain moments...but I do have to brag on how wonderful he has been amidst my crazy food aversions and exhaustion.  He has been so kind, patient, and supportive!

{9 Weeks}

pardon the pajamas
 How far along:  9 weeks! 

Babe size: Green olive

Total weight gain/loss: Up a few ounces...although I feel like I should be up 5 by now for sure they way I feel. :)

Sleep: Still pretty good...definitely in need of the pillow now when on my side.  And sometimes it feels good to sleep on by back...so I'm using a pillow to prop my legs up a bit.  I'm enjoying the back sleep for the next week or two before I know it's no a longer a good idea according to what I've read. 

Movement: I know it's not baby...but I felt small flutters randomly down low...you experienced gals out there, any ideas on what that is? 

Food cravings/aversions:  Still food aversions, but getting even better! I really think I forgot what it's like to eat like a "normal" person.  Being a picky eater isn't for me.  This week I finally had what I thought were cravings...Sonic chocolate milk shake, nectarines, and peaches.  We were in FL and drove all over the place looking for a Sonic.  The Garmin failed us and I had to settle for a McDonald's shake which was not the same.  Justin had a lot of fun making fun of me and how picky I was about what type of shake I "needed".  The other cravings...for the fruit...didn't get satisfied either.  On the way to the beach one day, Justin went into a Publix where they told him that both were out of season and they didn't have them.  So he came back to the car and let me know that my "taste-buds were out of season".  I told him it was probably a good thing the little Publix guy shared that news with him and not the pregnant girl with the cravings...I probably wouldn't have been nice. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Nausea when I get hungry (I try not to let myself get to that point but it's so hard when most food tastes so gross), food aversions, frequent trips to the bathroom, break-outs, and I feel like I'm getting a bit of a bump...especially after eating.  Also, I'm a slow, slow eater now and can't eat much at one time. 

What I miss:  Looking less bloated in a bathing suit.  I've never felt wonderful in a bathing suit...but when you're in that awkward stage between just looking like you ate too much and starting to get a bump...it's just not pretty.  I also had to purchase a new bathing suit, because as I explained to Justin, I just didn't want to look "Playboy-ish" up top like I do now in my old bathing suits.

What I'm looking forward to:  Our next appointment and then the one following that we will hopefully find out the gender.  I can't wait for that so we can settle on a name and start planning the nursery. 

Milestones: I started to "feel pregnant" this week.  I can't really explain it, but it's like my body doesn't seem so much in shock now and as if it's getting used to this huge change. 

Best moment this week: Being at the beach for the week! I explained to Justin that I felt like I was coming out of the fog I had been in for the last few weeks due to nausea and exhaustion.  The ocean and warm weather are so good for the body and soul.  I'm beyond grateful we were able to make the trip! What a wonderful time as "just us". 

Moments with Justin: It was so nice to just be with my hubby this week.  No distractions, no stress...just us.  I laughed more this past week than I have in a long time...he is so silly and cracks me up.  It was also fun to start discussing names a little more seriously and promise each other to keep our name choice secret until we are set on it and of course know the gender...we finally have some top qualifiers!

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