bump update: 39 weeks (and counting)

How far along? 39 weeks, 2 days

Baby size: Watermelon-size still.  On average, about 20 inches long and a little over 7 pounds.  (I was almost 8 pounds and Justin was over 8 pounds...so we'll see!)

Total weight gain: About 23 pounds....holding steady there at this point.

Sleep: Again, good nights and bad.  It seems like I'm having a BH contraction every time I wake up.  I still pee constantly and often wake up hungry.

Movement: Still tons of movement.  It has slowed down just a tad due to her size I'm sure.  She squirms quite a bit before I go to bed also...and at this point it's pretty painful (especially low!).

Food cravings/aversions: Mainly junk food and fast food are my cravings these days.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing new.

What I miss: At this point, I'm content and just taking in the last days of being pregnant because I know the end is in sight! :)

What I'm looking forward to: Again, meeting her!

Milestones: Being in my 40th week! At my last appointment on Friday, I was 1 cm (first check-up that I was dilated) and thinning (not sure %).  My doc predicted this Tuesday or Wednesday if she had to guess...but I know that's never for sure! We didn't talk induction yet because she seemed so sure I would go into labor this week.  However, my next appointment is Friday if nothing happens before then! (My mom was two weeks over-due with both my brother and me and had to be induced...so I'm not holding my breath.  I'm trying to mentally prepare for that.)

Best moment this week: Just the feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We also celebrated Justin's birthday this Saturday (October 29th) because his 26th birthday is tomorrow.  I wanted to make sure we celebrated his birthday in case craziness started this week with me going into labor.  We had a fun time at lunch with family and then celebrated with cake back at our house.  That night we went just us to a movie and enjoyed the evening together.

Moments with Justin: (See above ;)

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We're in waiting mode here in our household.  Although my due date isn't for 10 more days, we are in the mindset that Adeline could come any day!

Our bags are packed...including Boone's.

The "last minute" list is posted by the door.

The pack-n-play is up in our room.

The bouncy/vibrating seat is in the living room.

And the cabinets are stocked with gobs of easy soups and other recipes in mind.

Of course, the car-seat is installed, her room is ready, her closet is organized, the diapers and wipes are stocked, and all her laundry is completed.  I'm sure my nesting could allow me to try to get about a hundred more things "ready" before she gets here...but for now I'm propping my feet up and just waiting.

In the meantime, check out how this belly's being utilized...

Boone has found his new favorite snuggle spot.

And I've found a handy place to hold my bowl of dessert.

Come on, sweet girl.  We can't wait to meet you!!

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Q & A time!

It's almost time for our monthly savings link-up! However, Ashleigh from Thankfully Thrifty and myself wanted to add a little something extra to this link-up! We want to incorporate a Q & A this month!

How can you play a role in this? Leave a comment on this post with any question you have regarding saving money, being thrifty, etc.  It can be a question you have about our couponing methods, a question about budgeting, how to find freebies, etc.  Or if you have something more specific for one of us regarding something saving-money related that you have seen on our blogs, that works too! Anything goes! Ashleigh and I will divvy up the questions and answer them on October 31st with our link-up post!

Come back then to find our answers, money-saving tips, how much money we've saved in October, and link-up with your own savings post of your choice!

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bump update: 38 weeks!

capturing this pic took a bit of time due to all of our laughter at the size and shape of my belly--it looks like I just have a basketball stuffed inside my dress
 How far along? 38 weeks...so exciting.

Baby size: Watermelon-size still.  On average, about 19 inches long and almost 7 pounds.  I wish we knew her approximate real size, but since everything is going well, we haven't had an ultrasound since the 2nd trimester.

Total weight gain: About 23 pounds.

Sleep: Good nights and bad.  Getting comfortable is the hard part.  Once I'm comfortable (usually curled up in fetal position around a body pillow) then I sleep well.  I do wake up constantly to pee.

Movement: Lots of strong movement.  The new movement is feeling her head super low since she has dropped.  Crazy interesting.

Food cravings/aversions: Mexican still isn't a huge hit.  Everything else tastes good to me.  My appetite is up and down...on days I'm feeling worst, I don't have a huge appetite.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Same as before but some new symptoms.  My Braxton Hicks are starting to be quite painful sometimes and come more frequently.  (I actually have timed them a couple time this weekend thinking we were going to the hospital--but then after an hour or so they never got stronger and tapered off.) "Lightning crotch" as they say on the websites and in the books--that's tons of fun...not.  I've also had cramping in my pelvic area and lower back (very similar to strong menstrual cramps).

What I miss: Having days where I feel good.  I have been spoiled blessed in pregnancy, and can honestly say that just within the past week I've become really uncomfortable.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting her! My doc appointment on Friday to see if I've made more progress.

Milestones: Being at the end of pregnancy.  I can't believe how fast it has gone.  Plus, she's ready and just plumping up.

Best moment this week: Finding out there was progress toward labor at my appointment this past Friday.  I haven't dilated but my cervix is thinning according to my doc and she was able to feel the top of Adeline's head confirming she's head-down.  She also said that with the cramping I've been having, that's often a sign that things are getting close.  She left it with "I'll see you next Friday, but then I could see you earlier."(Although, I know not to get my hopes up...as she could still take her sweet time and hang out for a couple more weeks before coming.)

Moments with Justin: We had a couple surprise days together this week due to Justin having a couple days off.  We spent time returning items and purchasing some more things on our registry with gift cards, eating out a few last meals before baby, and hanging out and relaxing around the house.  The car seat is installed, the house has been cleaned (including steam mopping our hardwood floors thanks to my amazing hubby), and the cabinets and freezer are stocked.  We're in waiting mode now.

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wednesday love.

It's been a while since I've linked up with Jamie and I have tons to love right now.  So thought I would take time to share.

Today I'm loving...

One--We found Adeline's coming home outfit.  When I told Justin we needed to find a coming home outfit he looked at me in disbelief and reminded me of her full closet.  Yes, it only begins.  Although all of her clothes are super adorable, I wanted to pick something out myself that had that extra "aw" to it.

Two--I'm loving all the amazing cloth diapering resources I have found recently.  We've (well, let's say still mainly me at this point...hubby is still on the fence about it...I'm working on him.  And he's slowly but surely giving in. ;) decided to go with the BumGenius 4.0 one size diapers.  I've decided that after a few weeks, I'll give the whole cloth diaper thing a go with minimal items.  If I fall in love (which, honestly, I think I will), I will up our stash and get going seriously. (Another post is coming tomorrow with my details on how we plan on getting started and some of the great resources I've found.)  In the meantime...how cute are these diapers?!

Three--It's my Fall Break.  My 38th week of pregnancy off from work.  Heaven.  The week has been full of sleeping in, eating big meals (ha! Having a break from packed lunches or school lunches is wonderful at this point where I feel like eating every 15 minutes.), shopping, nesting, and relaxing.  Did I mention it's been heaven?

Four--Hubby's job is often affected by the weather.  A cold rain has set in for today and tomorrow, so I have two bonus days with him that I didn't think I would get! Love it.

Five--We have a Florida beach trip planned for my maternity leave!! Ahhh..I can hardly contain my excitement! The best part is Adeline's first beach trip will also probably include both sets of her grandparents and possibly her uncle (my little bro).  Oh and it will be in the nasty part of winter--so a wonderful retreat to sunshine! Fun times ahead!

Happy Wednesday! Hope it's blessed with things you love!

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bump update: weeks 36 and 37

37 weeks 1 day
How far along? 37 weeks!!

Baby size: Watermelon...crazy.  On average, about 19 inches long and 6 1/3 pounds.

Total weight gain: About 20 pounds total.

Sleep: Eh...getting a little worst.  She just is in uncomfortable positions some nights which makes it hard for me to get comfortable.  I also wake up to pee about every other hour it seems.  I am thankful to be on Fall Break this week, though, which will allow me to get more rest and make up for waking up so much throughout the night.

Movement: Lots of strong movement.  Her little foot hurts when it moves around sometimes, but I love being able to put my hand on her foot as it pushes out.  I still am in awe daily of the positions she seems to take on and how my stomach transforms before my eyes.

Food cravings/aversions: Mexican still isn't a huge hit.  Chinese tastes really good.  I'm also back to craving Dr. Pepper.  And chocolate has hit the top of the cravings list these days.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Constant bathroom trips, pain in general, some mild cramping, occasional Braxton Hicks, etc.  Basically everything the book says will happen right now.

What I miss: Again, feeling normal and having a "normal" body.

What I'm looking forward to: Her birthday and my maternity leave with her.

Milestones: Full-term!! I can't believe we're already here! It's such a blessing to know that if she decided to come at any time now, it would be perfectly okay and labor wouldn't be considered pre-term.  Whoo hoo! Also, our bags are basically packed (mine and Justin's, Boone's, and Adeline's) except for a few last-minute items.

Best moment this week: Hitting full-term.  This week is my Fall Break, which came at a FABULOUS time.  This gal needs a break (both mentally and physically).

Moments with Justin: Date night! Friday after my appointment, we returned some things to Target and enjoyed frappuccinos from Starbucks, went to see a matinee (Courageous--a MUST SEE!), and then went to dinner at P.F. Chang's with a gift card we've had since Christmas.  It was such a great time of being together and talking.  I'm soaking in every little moment we get together these days.  I know that "on-a-whim" dates will be few and far between once Adeline's here.  Although we can't wait for her to be here, I don't want to take any of this time for granted.

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maternity pictures

Our sweet friend, Cheri, took some maternity photos for us last weekend.  We used my family's farm, the same place we took our engagement pictures.  Below are some of my favorites!

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nursery reveal

I'm so excited to finally reveal Adeline's precious nursery that we have worked so hard on! It has been so fun to make-over this room from an office to her little corner of our home.  I've had a plan in my mind from the beginning, and it's funny to me to see it completed now and realize that I really didn't stray far from my original plans.  My main goal:  whimsical and girlie while being frugal and creative with some DIY.  Mission accomplished!

The details:

-The room started out as our office and Boone's room.  You can see images here.
-Size of room:  approximately 9.5' x 7.5' (teeny tiny space to work with)
-Room extras:  bonus area for storage behind door (see pic below); nice, large closet (see pic below)

The inspiration and journey to the complete project:

-Clearing out the room
-Some of my inspiration
-Finding our changing table/dresser
-Finding the material
-Finding the glider
-Sneak peeks

The finished project:


The cost run-down and details on projects:

Changing table/dresser--$75 from local antique/flea market
Glider--$39.22 from local antique/flea market
Pink pillow--$9.99 from Homegoods
Lamp next to glider--$16.99 from TJ Maxx
Curtain rod--$9.96 from Wal-Mart
Monogram letters above crib--$7.19 from Michael’s
Frame around monogram--$5 from Wal-Mart
Pink paper pompoms--$4 from Michael’s (they are a Martha Stewart party supply)
Paint--$18 for bottom paint from Sherwin Williams (Top:  Valspar’s “Shallow Pool” that was already on the wall.  Bottom:  Behr’s “Bleached Shell”.  Both are their Harmony line that is chemical-free and we had them match the samples we picked up at other stores.)
Switch plate--$2.99 from Hobby Lobby
Hardware for room to hang items.--$7.83 from Home Depot
Material for curtains and crib skirt—Free (My grandma purchased this for us and then sewed both.  It was originally a king size sheet set I found at Homegoods.  She did an amazing job!!)
Three baskets—Free from Homegoods (gift card--found the matching baskets on clearance while on vacation in Florida this summer...they are the same material as the sheet set for the curtains and bed skirt)
Lamp on changing table—Free (already had; already had makeover items as well--see details here)
Canvas for painting—Free (already had and I did the painting)
Changing pad and cover—Free (gift)
Crib—Free (was our nephew’s crib and had been a gift to him from Justin’s grandma that passed away)
Table next to glider—Free (already had; see makeover here)
Shelf on wall—Free (already had; gift from Aunt when I was in college)
Tiny Love Mobile--Free (gift from our registry--Read awesome reviews on this for developmental benefits and it even comes with a remote! Find details here.)
Mattress—Free (gift from Justin’s parents)
Other miscellany decorations (items on shelf, door stop, picture frame, etc)—Free (already had or were given as gifts)

Total:  $196.17

Now all this sweet room is missing is our precious baby girl!

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shower #2!

Sunday was our second baby shower--our church shower--thrown by two amazing women from our church (that wouldn't let me get a picture of them...;)! Justin has grown up in our church and my family and I became members my junior year in high school.  So, needless to say, our church is home to us.

Our engagement happened in our sanctuary, we were married in the sanctuary, had a wedding shower in the sanctuary, and now celebrated our sweet Adeline in our church sanctuary.  We are beyond blessed to be a part of such a loving, supportive church family!  The shower was nothing less than a time of being showered with extreme love by these wonderful people we consider family.

I seem to get too busy enjoying the showers and don't take many pictures...oops! But here are a few glimpses into the celebration.


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