bump update: 38 weeks!

capturing this pic took a bit of time due to all of our laughter at the size and shape of my belly--it looks like I just have a basketball stuffed inside my dress
 How far along? 38 weeks...so exciting.

Baby size: Watermelon-size still.  On average, about 19 inches long and almost 7 pounds.  I wish we knew her approximate real size, but since everything is going well, we haven't had an ultrasound since the 2nd trimester.

Total weight gain: About 23 pounds.

Sleep: Good nights and bad.  Getting comfortable is the hard part.  Once I'm comfortable (usually curled up in fetal position around a body pillow) then I sleep well.  I do wake up constantly to pee.

Movement: Lots of strong movement.  The new movement is feeling her head super low since she has dropped.  Crazy interesting.

Food cravings/aversions: Mexican still isn't a huge hit.  Everything else tastes good to me.  My appetite is up and down...on days I'm feeling worst, I don't have a huge appetite.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Same as before but some new symptoms.  My Braxton Hicks are starting to be quite painful sometimes and come more frequently.  (I actually have timed them a couple time this weekend thinking we were going to the hospital--but then after an hour or so they never got stronger and tapered off.) "Lightning crotch" as they say on the websites and in the books--that's tons of fun...not.  I've also had cramping in my pelvic area and lower back (very similar to strong menstrual cramps).

What I miss: Having days where I feel good.  I have been spoiled blessed in pregnancy, and can honestly say that just within the past week I've become really uncomfortable.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting her! My doc appointment on Friday to see if I've made more progress.

Milestones: Being at the end of pregnancy.  I can't believe how fast it has gone.  Plus, she's ready and just plumping up.

Best moment this week: Finding out there was progress toward labor at my appointment this past Friday.  I haven't dilated but my cervix is thinning according to my doc and she was able to feel the top of Adeline's head confirming she's head-down.  She also said that with the cramping I've been having, that's often a sign that things are getting close.  She left it with "I'll see you next Friday, but then I could see you earlier."(Although, I know not to get my hopes up...as she could still take her sweet time and hang out for a couple more weeks before coming.)

Moments with Justin: We had a couple surprise days together this week due to Justin having a couple days off.  We spent time returning items and purchasing some more things on our registry with gift cards, eating out a few last meals before baby, and hanging out and relaxing around the house.  The car seat is installed, the house has been cleaned (including steam mopping our hardwood floors thanks to my amazing hubby), and the cabinets and freezer are stocked.  We're in waiting mode now.

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  1. Ph my goodness your belly really look like a basketball! So cute! And before I even read it in your post I thought it looked like your belly had dropped. I bet it won't be long now with the cramping and everything! Go out to one last movie together too if you can. Derek and I love going to the movies, and we did for a while when Wyatt was a newborn and just slept, but we cant pull it off anymore. We haven't been to the theater in months. We just have to get a baby-sitter but we haven't yet because it's so hard to leave our little guy!

  2. You are adorable!! Can I just say I crave mexican everytime I read your updates?! Haha. Hope y'all have a wonderful last few days of being just two :) can't believe it is almost time to *meet* her!!

  3. Ha! I laughed at your belly too but that's a good thing because you are just all belly so you've only gained baby! The cramping is what labor felt like for me...really REALLY strong cramping that would alternate between my back and my lower abs...I bet you'll have her really quick. No problem!

  4. hehe Oh my word! LOVE the belly picture!!! It is SO round!!! And so cute!!! And I have been having the fun "lightning crotch" as well...NOT FUN AT ALL! I only get mine on the right side though, very interesting! And as usual your updates sounds just like I could've written them! So I totally sympathize with you! I also agree that I've been blessed and just recently became uncomfortable! So happy about that! I haven't had another sonogram either, I kind of wish I had another one to guess her size! But it'll be fun seeing how big she actually is when she comes out! Hopefully we will both have similar birthing experiences!!!

  5. I did a double take on your picture!! Haha! You are SO cute and ALL baby! I can't wait for the blog to "meet" your sweet girl!!! :)

  6. where did that belly come from?!?? so adorable! you look great and I just cannot wait to see this precious baby!
    You are so close girl, hang in there! The discomfort is 1000% worth it and will be over before you know it :)

  7. I love a basketball belly! I looked like that too...but with a swollen face (ew). You aren't swollen at all! LUCKY!

    My labour was all back pain, so pay attention to those aches!

  8. You look wonderful!! Can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl!

  9. You still look SO adorable! I know you are getting so anxious to meet that sweet girl!

  10. Ahaha, you really do look like you have a basketball up your dress. I'm glad you're laughing about it. :)
    In other news, be glad she's flipped and is lined up right. I was upside-down and backwards, so I was a guaranteed C-section.

  11. It's amazing isn't it? Won't be long now!

  12. any day!!! love that dress and jacket only 23 lbs. you sort of make me sick. : )


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