gettin' crafty

It seems the craft projects just pile up and up while I can find very little time to actually create some of the crafts I so badly want to make.

However, I've had some time lately to actually create!

My first project was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest from this site. I recreated this with Adeline's sweet little hands and feet! I love that I have her handprints and footprints preserved in such a fun way!

I simply used canvases from Wal-Mart, tempera and acrylic paints, and "googly" eyes from Wal-Mart.

So simple and so fun!

My next project was inspired by the painted burlap signs you see. I LOVE the look of those but just couldn't get myself to spend the $30 or so dollars on one!

I've been wanting to create a fun birthday sign for Adeline's upcoming 1st birthday and to have one to hang on our front door each time we celebrate a birthday in our home!

For this project, I recycled an old burlap bag (or you can just use purchased burlap material).

1.  I sketched the outline of my design (a cupcake with icing) twice, in order to have two sides.

2. I cut my design out and pieced it together to make sure it matched.

3. Next, I used tempera (you can also use acrylic) paint to paint the icing white on top for each side of the cupcake. (Make sure to put the burlap over a lot of paper when painting...it leaks through.)

4.  I then painted stripes on each side (I did each side in different colors to have a more "girlie" side and a "boyish" side.)

5. Let the sides dry - this takes about half a day.

6. Use a Sharpie to write on and decorate as you wish.

7. Use a glue gun to glue the two sides together and secure wire for hanging. You will want to stuff the inside with newspaper.

I'm loving how this turned out too!!

A third project I wanted to accomplish was another idea I found on Pinterest.  I love, love having framed pictures in the house...but with as many pictures as I take of our family now and of Adeline by herself, I don't want to commit to placing a picture in a frame.  I would never get around to changing out the pictures! I loved the idea I found of have a clip within a frame to clip a picture and to easily change it out whenever.  I found a couple frames at Homegoods, used some canvas material I purchased at Wal-Mart (this is a textured fabric that we now have in a lot of places throughout our home!) and hung them above our new living room chair (that I adore!).

  I love the way it pulls the little nook all together!

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10 months! (a little late)

Dear Adeline Grace,

10 months? My baby girl is 10 months old? That just seem too hard to fathom.  We just keep falling more and more in love with you, sweet girl!

So what have we learned about you this month and what have you been up to in your tenth month of life?

Here are some of your firsts this month...
On 8.13.12, you snuck off and ate a piece of Boone's food!! (You've tried this two more times since this time.  You get a piece in your mouth and act super sneaky so that we won't catch you.) You are just so silly and you are into everything!!

On 8.20.12, you had your first kids' meal at a restaurant.  You had a Cracker Barrel veggie plate with carrots and green beans! (You ate a lot, but didn't quite finish it off.)

This month you also:

-started preferring table food over baby food

-started throwing your hands up when we say "all done" and then you clap and say "yay"

-you bring the phone to your ear and say "ho" for hello (you even do this with your hand when you hear a phone ring)

-you laugh when we laugh and laugh at all pictures of animals or real animals

-you play with toy cars and make a "brrrr" sound that Daddy taught you

-you started your new routine with Mommy's part-time job (part of the week with Mommy and part of the week at your Grandma's)

-started pointing a remote to the television and acting like you're changing the channel (cracks.us.up)

-started standing up more on your own, cruising, and acting like you are so over the crawling thing, ha!

-"pop wheelies" while crawling...you get up on your knees, put your arms up in the air and then plop them down hard and fast

-sit down from standing instead of just falling

-started "helping" and handing things to people; you give a big smile when you hear "thank you"

-hide things under the couch and then get down and look for them

-hugging and patting others including your stuffed animals (you say "awww" when you do this)

-standing in the bathtub and throwing a fit when we tell you no and sit you back down

-say "mamamama"!!

-say "mi" for milk, "muh" for more, and "cah" for cat

-feed Boone from your high chair

-play awesome by yourself with your toys when we are in the room

-cackle whenever there is anticipation

-take off your bow and hand it to us

-started eating cheerios and will pull your own bites out of a snack bowl we have for you

So what do you like and dislike?

You love…

-eating whatever we put in front of you that is "real food" (turkey, chicken, hummus and avacado are your faves right now)
-to talk
-being outside
-playing with your toys
-swinging and going for rides in your stroller
-people watching/making new friend
-filling up things and emptying them

You dislike…

-diaper and clothing changes
-sitting still (your 10 month photos show that!)
-being spoon fed

What are your sizes?

You are in 9 month sleepers and 9-12 month clothes.  Clothes are snug up top (due to your little, chunky belly) and your waist is small, so smaller pants fit you.  Except, your pants are starting to get short.
At your most recent check-up, your doctor called you "long and lean" although you still have all your sweet little rolls! You weigh about 18 pounds this month (25th percentile) and you are 27 3/4 inches long (50th percentile). 

What are your eating habits like?

You are still going strong with nursing! Yay! You nurse when you wake up (varies each day), around lunchtime (12 or so), in the afternoon (4 or 5) and at bedtime.  When Mommy is working, you nurse at all of these times, except your lunchtime milk is a bottle (which you can often take it or leave it!)

You are eating finger foods at every meal and will often also eat a pouch of apple sauce or baby food by self-feeding.  You love everything we put in front of you! We let you try everything we eat and you now expect the "real food".  You have also started snacking this month--usually in the afternoon.  You love cheerios and crackers.  For breakfast you often eat a gluten-free waffle or french toast and some fruit.  For lunch, you usually eat chicken or turkey (you love that!) and some veggies and fruit.  For dinner it's a mixture of whatever we are vhing.  You still love hummus and avacado.  You drink water from your straw sippy so well and can drink from any regular straw. You love to try a sip of whatever we are drinking!

How is your sleeping?

We've made bedtime later, girl! You are just too wound-up and excited still early in the evening, so we felt a later bedtime would work.  It seems to have! We start your routine around 8:30 or 9 and you are asleep by 9:30.  You wake up with about 11 hours of sleep.

You still wake once or twice a night, but go right back down with a little rocking and/or nursing.

So what makes you, you this month?

You are so much fun, baby girl! It amazes us how quickly you learn things and how intently you study the world around you! You take everything and everyone in with so much joy and excitement! You are turning into such a little person with so much personality and sweet mannerisms.  We just love you to pieces!

                                                                                                    Mommy and Daddy

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Featured Today!

Hey all! 

Just a quick note to say head on over to Callie's blog to check out her post series, Moms and Babies! 


I'm featured on her beautiful blog today!

Find the post here!

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memory keeping

I am guilty for a few things.

One.  I am a memory hoarder.  Seriously.  I try to hang onto every moment and memory.  Having a baby has taken this to a whole new level! ;)

Two.  I am always looking for ways to change and add/update our home.

Three.  Pinterest is an addiction of mine.  I pin and pin and pin.  And then pin some more.  It's like a drug for creative people.  I have a "memory keeping" folder, an "our home" folder, and a "photo ideas" folder that often get filled up with pin ideas for our home.

So, oh my was I happy when I was recently able to make some of my pinning happen in "real life"!

My first project is a silhouette of Adeline.  I so love the whimsy and charm a silhouette adds to the wall.  Not to mention the beauty of having Adeline's sweet little profile captured at 9 months! 

I found the oval frame at a yard sale for $0.50! A little spray paint was all it needed! I simply used a silhouette tutorial online and am so, so pleased with how it turned out!

The silhouette became one of a few things that I added to our hallway.  I added it to a collage of frames.  One frame to go around the thermostat (Pinterest idea), a newborn photo of Adeline, the silhouette, and then a quote I printed that I found on Pinterest that I love..."i wouldn't trade you for the world".

Another memory keeping project I did recently was actually a gift for Father's Day for Justin.  It's a collage of pictures of Adeline that I finally got it hung in our bedroom.  I so adore it (and so does Justin ;)!

The final project I completed recently was corralling two years of cards.  Yes, I save all the cards we receive for birthdays, holidays, etc.  We have a bunch of cards for 2011, one for 2012, and then I have started a bunch for Adeline of all her cards from her first year.  I grouped them to include the Christmas cards from the December right before (so the 2011 bunch has 2012 Christmas cards) and I plan to start a new bunch at each Christmas and collect as the year goes.  I used an automatic whole punch and binder rings you can get at any store with office supplies.  I love having our cards organized and a plan for where they are going.  (I keep a card display on our foyer table of the current cards.  They will now get moved to the ring of cards once a holiday passes.)

Whew! Feels good to get this accomplished and in our home to enjoy for years to come.

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