why you should shop at Goodwill

Recently I wrote a post on shopping at Yard Sales and why you should jump on that bandwagon! Well today's trip to Goodwill got me excited to tell you all about why you should also shop at Goodwill! I often run into Goodwill when I'm near it and have a few minutes to kill.  Honestly, the most time I usually need (even when just taking my time) is about 30 minutes or so.  I put Adeline in her umbrella stroller, and off we stroll through Goodwill.

Today's finds steals:

-Target navy button-up hooded jacket (12 months):  $1.50

-Vera Bradley ID holder:  $1.87

-The Grouch Ladybug board book:  $0.50

-A Christmas gift for someone that reads this blog so I can't show a pic (brand new):  $4

And my favorites...

-TWO pairs of infant girls Stride Rite shoes (one pair size 2, one pair size 4; one brand new in box and one just like new):  $1 each

The best part about it:

-The jacket would retail for at least $10!

-The Vera Bradley ID holder would retail for at least $10...and can easily be sold on eBay to more than double my money (my plan!).

-The board book can be sanitized and looks never touched...and will be one thrown into a stocking or added to a goody box for Adeline for Christmas.  (This would retail for at least $8.)

-Each pair of Stride Rite shoes would retail for $30-$40 and anywhere from $15-$30 on eBay.

-The other gift I can't show would retail for at least $25.

That's around $100 worth of stuff for just under $11!!!

Convinced yet?

Tips on "Goodwill-ing":

-Don't be turned off by the smell.  Just sayin'.  (Had to get that one out of the way.)

-Sanitize your hands when you leave.  (Okay--another one I had to get out of the way.)

-Look for name brand clothes and shoes.  (You'll get the best deal.)

-Check out the jean department! Seriously, people get rid of crazy, ridiculous, high end jeans that look like they have never been worn.  (Many of them probably haven't.)

-If you're like me, you don't want the smoke smell on your clothes...smell any clothes before buying them.  If they've been in a smoking home, they will still have a lingering smoke smell.

-Look for items that you know have a high value and (if you're into eBaying) you can sell on eBay.  (Vera Bradley is a huge seller on eBay!!)

-It's hit or miss.  So even if you don't find much one week...you may find tons the next.

-It isn't necessarily true that a "ritzy" area will have a better Goodwill.

-Look closely on the shelves...up, down, in-front-of and behind.  Move things around to find things behind them.

-Think "re-purpose".  You can do a lot with a can of spray paint and a creative idea in mind.

-I rarely shop with an agenda.  If you're looking for it...chances are...you won't find it. Shop with an open mind.

-The fun is in the hunt!

-Dig as much as you're comfortable with.  The infant clothes are usually in a big bin at our Goodwill...so I dig through it.

-Go middle of the week...they've had time to clean and prep everything people cleaned out of their closets and didn't sell at yard sales or consignment sales from the weekend.

I really like that Goodwill employs individuals that need a job and often employ individuals with special needs that may not be able to get a job other places.  You're shopping for a good cause and getting a deal...double bonus!

(Since I'm loving me some Goodwill today...I'm linking up with Jamie!)

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11 months!

Dear Adeline Grace,

You are 11 months old! Soon we will be posting your last monthly post as a baby! It is so hard to fathom.  You just blossom more and more every day and you simply astound us.

So what have we learned about you this month and what have you been up to in your eleventh month of life? (For some reason, you were up to so, so much...but I didn't document things as well this month.  You have been so busy and learning so much, though!)

Here are some of your firsts this month...
On 9.9.12- You went to your first Arts and Crafts fair with Mommy and Grandma!

On 9.9.12- You had your first true cold with a little bit of fever (your first one).  You still continued to act your normal, sweet, spunk self!

This month you also:

-started throwing your hands up and shrugging when we say "I don't know" or ask you where someone went.  You even do it now when you just don't know where something is without us prompting or asking you.

-you started doing a crab-type crawl with one leg under you and one straight out to the side...it's almost as if you are mocking crawling and are so over it! You also put your head down and crawl really fast sometimes.  Cracks us up!

-really show awesome hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills (you have for a long time) but the docs were even commenting on it this month and how you could do tricks they show their older patients (like putting your finger right on the tip of the light they use)

-started begging for food and drink that we have (glasses of anything and salads really catch your eye!)

-say "ta" for "what's that?" or when you want something

-blow kisses---super, super sweet!! 

-so, so much more!

So what do you like and dislike?

You love…

-being around people and interacting with people
-feeding Boone
-playing with your magnets on the fridge and your window sticker on the door
-being held and cuddled
-waving and blowing kisses
-making your toys start up that make noise
-everything...you are such a happy baby!

You dislike…

-having to be still
-being in the bath for long
-your food being in front of you when you are finished (you throw it off your tray or feed it to Boone or roll up you mat if we are out)
-not much!

What are your sizes?
You are in 12 month sleepers and 12-18 month clothing.  You are wearing size 4 disposable diapers.  You wear a size 2 or 3 in shoes (you have little feet!).  You weigh about 19 pounds now and just keep getting longer and longer! 

What are your eating habits like?

Just like I said last month, you are still going strong with nursing! Yay! You nurse when you wake up (varies each day), around lunchtime (12 or so), in the afternoon (4 or 5) and at bedtime.  You are doing better taking a bottle on the days that Mommy works!

Breakfast faves:  cereal bars, cheerios, fruit, breakfast cookie, waffles

Lunch faves: turkey, turkey, turkey, green beans, fruit, crackers, puffs or cheerios, shredded cheese

Dinner faves:  really anything we are eating! (pizza, avacado, spaghetti, chicken dishes, et.c. etc.  We let you try everything and you rarely push something aside)

Snack faves: hummus!, Pirates Booty (all natural cheddar soft popcorn), "Baby Cheetos" -Gerber's snacks, starting to like yogurt, goldfish crackers, Earth's Best sesame street crackers

How is your sleeping?

Sleep is the everlasting mystery with you! ;) We felt like your bedtime had crept way too late and we got very lax with your sleeping in month 10...so this month...back to a stern bedtime we went! We start your bedtime routine by 8 or 8:30 (at the latest) and you are in bed by 8:30 or 9 at the latest.  Although, if you seem extra sleepy, we go with it! You are waking up once a night usually now.  You nurse and go right back to sleep.  You are also sleeping in much more now.  You seem to want 12-13 hours of sleep.  You nap pretty well now too...usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon still.  Your early nap is pretty short but your afternoon one is usually between 1 and 2 hours.  (That's super for you!)

So what makes you, you this month?

God just could not have given us a more fun or sweet child! You seriously shine joy everywhere you go.  People constantly stop just to talk and wave to you.  You demand attention but also get it without even trying.  People flock to you.  We pray that God's light would shine through you.  You are already so good at loving on people.  I pray that God uses that trait and people would feel His love through you, Baby Girl! You teach us so much about life and we cherish every single moment we are given with you!! We love you so, so much!

                                                                                                    Mommy and Daddy

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pumpkin picking

We spent this afternoon at a local farm picking pumpkins! Such a fun family time and definitely a tradition we will continue throughout the years!

Adeline loved her first tractor hayride out to the pumpkin patch.  She was a bit groggy from her nap...but the excitement was there...promise! ;)

As soon as we got off the wagon, we had to stop for some photos with our cute little pumpkin!

We spent a while finding the perfect pumpkins! But had tons of fun doing it! Adeline was mesmerized by all the "buhs" (her word for pumpkin since they look like a ball to her ;).

We found two great, bigger pumpkins easily.  One nice, bright orange one for carving and a fun lighter color pumpkin that I just thought was "pretty".  We had to search hard to find a little one for Adeline. :) But after much searching, her Daddy found her the perfect one....knotty, green and all....but she loved it.  She hugged it and smiled at it.  It was precious! I think she has a thing for green!

We found our three perfect pumpkins!

And of course our gal had to spend some time at the petting zoo!

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zoo trick-or-treating!

We spent this evening with our sweet little ladybug at her first Trick-or-Treating event! We went to our local zoo with my parents to watch our little love bug enjoy her first Halloween event. As we imagined, she loved it and took every single thing in.

Happy Halloween!

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