why you should shop at Goodwill

Recently I wrote a post on shopping at Yard Sales and why you should jump on that bandwagon! Well today's trip to Goodwill got me excited to tell you all about why you should also shop at Goodwill! I often run into Goodwill when I'm near it and have a few minutes to kill.  Honestly, the most time I usually need (even when just taking my time) is about 30 minutes or so.  I put Adeline in her umbrella stroller, and off we stroll through Goodwill.

Today's finds steals:

-Target navy button-up hooded jacket (12 months):  $1.50

-Vera Bradley ID holder:  $1.87

-The Grouch Ladybug board book:  $0.50

-A Christmas gift for someone that reads this blog so I can't show a pic (brand new):  $4

And my favorites...

-TWO pairs of infant girls Stride Rite shoes (one pair size 2, one pair size 4; one brand new in box and one just like new):  $1 each

The best part about it:

-The jacket would retail for at least $10!

-The Vera Bradley ID holder would retail for at least $10...and can easily be sold on eBay to more than double my money (my plan!).

-The board book can be sanitized and looks never touched...and will be one thrown into a stocking or added to a goody box for Adeline for Christmas.  (This would retail for at least $8.)

-Each pair of Stride Rite shoes would retail for $30-$40 and anywhere from $15-$30 on eBay.

-The other gift I can't show would retail for at least $25.

That's around $100 worth of stuff for just under $11!!!

Convinced yet?

Tips on "Goodwill-ing":

-Don't be turned off by the smell.  Just sayin'.  (Had to get that one out of the way.)

-Sanitize your hands when you leave.  (Okay--another one I had to get out of the way.)

-Look for name brand clothes and shoes.  (You'll get the best deal.)

-Check out the jean department! Seriously, people get rid of crazy, ridiculous, high end jeans that look like they have never been worn.  (Many of them probably haven't.)

-If you're like me, you don't want the smoke smell on your clothes...smell any clothes before buying them.  If they've been in a smoking home, they will still have a lingering smoke smell.

-Look for items that you know have a high value and (if you're into eBaying) you can sell on eBay.  (Vera Bradley is a huge seller on eBay!!)

-It's hit or miss.  So even if you don't find much one week...you may find tons the next.

-It isn't necessarily true that a "ritzy" area will have a better Goodwill.

-Look closely on the shelves...up, down, in-front-of and behind.  Move things around to find things behind them.

-Think "re-purpose".  You can do a lot with a can of spray paint and a creative idea in mind.

-I rarely shop with an agenda.  If you're looking for it...chances are...you won't find it. Shop with an open mind.

-The fun is in the hunt!

-Dig as much as you're comfortable with.  The infant clothes are usually in a big bin at our Goodwill...so I dig through it.

-Go middle of the week...they've had time to clean and prep everything people cleaned out of their closets and didn't sell at yard sales or consignment sales from the weekend.

I really like that Goodwill employs individuals that need a job and often employ individuals with special needs that may not be able to get a job other places.  You're shopping for a good cause and getting a deal...double bonus!

(Since I'm loving me some Goodwill today...I'm linking up with Jamie!)

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  1. Those are amazing finds!!! I love Goodwilling! I have found myself a couple of nice maternity dress pants and a cute maternity top recently! I usually have some luck for Holden. At our Goodwills, that jacket would have been .99 because everything 24 mo and under is .99! Well I think there may be some "boutique" items that aren't so maybe that was the case here. I cannot pass up much of anything for just .99!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! And getting past the 'goodwill smell' can be hard..but its really worth taking a look around because there are deals to be found! I got Makayla a pair of brand new looking jeans from the Children Store at the goodwill for just $1.50 a couple weeks ago..score! And those shoes you found..thats a TOTAL steal there!!

  3. Oooh can you do a post on Ebay please? Nice finds btw! I think we have that jacket! Hand me down :)

  4. I totally agree with the "if you are looking for it you won't find it" mentality. I NEVER find things if I'm looking! ha!

    Love all of your fun finds. Our goodwill almost never has nice kiddo things. :-( Such a bummer. LOVE the shoes the most!

  5. Your tips made me laugh because the smell is seriously why I usually end up leaving after only a few minutes. But I see so many people find good things that I need to force myself to stick it out haha!

  6. It's deals like yours that keep me a faithful thrift shopper!

  7. such great deals! I really need to stop by Goodwill it sounds like! Ive been in the past and gotten some good deals but always forget about them.

  8. I love this post! I never would have thought about buying things and then selling them on ebay! Great idea! :)


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