pumpkin picking

We spent this afternoon at a local farm picking pumpkins! Such a fun family time and definitely a tradition we will continue throughout the years!

Adeline loved her first tractor hayride out to the pumpkin patch.  She was a bit groggy from her nap...but the excitement was there...promise! ;)

As soon as we got off the wagon, we had to stop for some photos with our cute little pumpkin!

We spent a while finding the perfect pumpkins! But had tons of fun doing it! Adeline was mesmerized by all the "buhs" (her word for pumpkin since they look like a ball to her ;).

We found two great, bigger pumpkins easily.  One nice, bright orange one for carving and a fun lighter color pumpkin that I just thought was "pretty".  We had to search hard to find a little one for Adeline. :) But after much searching, her Daddy found her the perfect one....knotty, green and all....but she loved it.  She hugged it and smiled at it.  It was precious! I think she has a thing for green!

We found our three perfect pumpkins!

And of course our gal had to spend some time at the petting zoo!

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  1. Oh I love this post! I seriously think that Emma Claire and Adeline would be besties. I wish you guys were closer! :-)

  2. So cute! I think we're heading out to our big pumpkin patch next weekend.

  3. That's like a REAL pumpkin patch! Were they on the vine and everything?? We don't have those here. Liam calls them balls (ba) too, ha! You got some great pics of your fun day and Adeline's shirt is adorable!!

  4. Love this post! Great pictures. I love your pumpkin picks. Adeline is beautiful (and so are you!) :-)

  5. SUch fun pictures - Adeline is so cute!


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