wednesday randoms

I'm pictureless on this Wordless Wednesday (nothing blog worthy taken this week)....so instead of a picture with my "wordless" thoughts...you get the joy (right?) of reading some of the random thoughts that are on my mind.

*Spring break....T-minus 2 days

*How in the world am I actually going to get my hair to look as good as my stylist did when she cut it and styled it?

*The cross where Jesus took my place

*The empty tomb....everlasting life

*My students...the girls are stirring up girl drama every day....the boys are chompin' at the bits to be outside all the time...rumors are being spread about booger picking...and among it all they're drawing me to tears over their crazy love for each other, dedication, and encouraging words. 
God love them....every single one of them

*What grade am I teaching next year? Will I keep one of these same grades that are in my comfort zone? Will I go to Kin...it's hard to say....kinder...garten? yikes. (love those little babies...but to teach them may be a different story). 5th grade where they will tower over this 5'2" frame of mine? primary? who knows...it's all in the hands of the One in control (God...not my principal) and I will know at 9:50 am tomorrow morning.  deep breath.

*The house is way too quiet when Boone's not around.  He goes to church with his daddy sometimes...the kiddos beg for him to come.

*What tasty meals will Justin get next week since I won't actually be too exhausted to cook?

*Who in the world started all the crazy secular silly stuff that waters down the true meaning of our holidays? (sorry...soap box.)

*Blessings beyond blessings, pure joy, and prayers lifted up

What's on your mind?

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are you ruining manure?

Lovely title for a blog post, huh? Let me just quickly get to the scripture I'm referring to before I lose you.

Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?
It is fit neither for the soil nor the manure pile; it is thrown out.
-Luke 14: 34-35

I started a new book last night, Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  This is one of those books that you can't put down.  Each page moves your innermost soul.  The words have convicted places in my heart that I don't think have ever been stirred.  It's that good.

Francis Chan discusses in one chapter all about being lukewarm as a christian.  He lays out numerous characteristics of lukewarm christians.  What a life changing chapter.  I've always heard and understood through scripture that being lukewarm in my faith wasn't okay with God.  He calls us to be set apart and radical for Him--not just in a flaky, so-so manner, but in a wild about Him, can't stop talking or thinking about Him, revolving every ounce of your life around Him, deep faith sort of way.

I loved how Francis Chan explained that we're all "messed-up human beings" and we all fall short.  However, there is a difference in being comfortable in being lukewarm and actually processing the thoughts of this and allowing God's words to transform you.  Well needless to say, I underlined quite a few of these lukewarm characteristics.  It hurt my heart to do so, but it was so true.  I am lukewarm.  I'm ruining manure.

The good news....God also stirred me to tears through these pages.  The thought of these words are still rumbling in my mind, heart, and stomach.  I'm being transformed.  I might have been ruining manure...and maybe I still will at times...but God is transforming me in a way to have more saltiness.  He loves us that much to refuse to leave us where we are as long as we are willing to allow Him to move in our lives.

One of the main lukewarm characteristics that rattled my heart was when Francis Chan stated the following:

"Lukewarm people do not live by faith; their lives are structured so they never have to.  They don't trust God if something unexpected happens--they have their savings account. They don't need God to help them--they have their retirement plan in place.  They don't genuinely seek out what life God would have them live--they have life figured and mapped out.  They don't depend on God on a daily basis--their refrigerators are full and, for the most part, they are in good health.  The truth is, their lives wouldn't look much different if they suddenly stopped believing in God."

Oh my.  What? I thought I lived by faith? I thought I depended on God? My life sure isn't showing that with my obsessive need to control things.  I plan and build structure so that I know what is coming.  I'm introverted, so I plan my thoughts before I speak.  Sometimes so much to a point where I end up not even saying them.  I over-planned a lesson this week I am being observed in tomorrow due to my fear of it not going well.  I plan our budget like crazy so our checkbook balances to a tee and our tithing is just right.  I have planned how we are going to have enough money for my Master's degree and possibly a new car.  I have stocked our refrigerator with items we just may need.  I even learned in a personality test at work that the way I control things on a day-to-day basis tags me as a "pleaser" and when my back is against the wall and I am in a stressful situation, I'm a "controller".  Not good.

What a slap in the face were these words.  A slap I needed.  This thought came in my mind last night after reflecting over what I read.

True faith releases control and hands it over to the One that this life is all about.

I'm ready to release control.  I'm ready to add saltiness to my life.  I'm ready to have my world moved and shaken in a way that honors God, is liven completely for Him, and requires true faith...not lukewarm faith.  I'm ready to be a person that isn't ruining the manure anymore.

Are you ready? Ready to hand over the control and move deeper and more passionately in your faith? Ready to stop living a lukewarm life? Read Luke 12:16-21 for even more inspiration.

God is so good.

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super savings weekend--wal-mart and walgreens deals and freebies!

Wal-Mart and I are in a "love/hate" relationship.  Really, I try so, so hard to refrain from hating things.  However, I can leave Wal-Mart so mad sometimes that my ears are steaming and my face is boiling hot.  Well this weekend was a good weekend for Wal-Mart and me.  We got along well.  No name calling.  No stomping feet.  I left Wal-Mart with a smile on my face.  Hopefully Wal-Mart will play nice again the next time I stop by....I did leave with some pretty good deals that may have left Wal-Mart frustrated.  Go me.


Here are the best deals I found...

Free deals and some includes overage:
$7.77 Olay lotion--FREE plus $1.00 overage after $1/1 coupon and a full rebate found here.
$.94 Kotex liners--FREE plus $.06 overage after $1/1 coupon from coupons.com
$.50 dark chocolate Reese's cups--FREE plus $.05 overage after $.55/1 coupon found in 3/14 SmartSource insert
$1.25 Vitamin Water--FREE using coupon mailed to me for being a Facebook fan
(I came home to the dog food freebie in my mailbox.  Wal-Mart even sent me a party favor this time.  So sweet of them.  Check out their website for sample freebies.  As my mom and dad say about "sucking up" to someone...get a straw.)

Other great deals:
$.78 Martha White muffin mix--2 for $1.01 after using $.55 coupon (online printable--forgot location)
$1.98 McCormick Low Sodium Chicken Seasoning--$.98 after $1/1 coupon (you can find these everywhere right now! check inserts and online printables.  Wal-Mart has the best deals on these, but I'm hoping for a $10 for 10 sale at Kroger sometime...they do that on McCormick grinders sometimes.  That would make my favorite sea salt grinder free!)
$2.98 new Lays (all natural ingredients)--$1.98 after $1/1 coupon from 3/14 inserts
$12.74 Purina Healthy Morsels dog food--$10.74 using $2/1 coupon found here(I figured out our cost per day to feed Boone when we bought a 17.6 lb. bag the last time at this price.  Boone is a 48 pound dog and by following the guidelines for feeding him on the bag, it costs us a whoppin' $.35 a day to feed him.  And who says animals cost too much money?! I just wish kiddos would be that cheap.  Ha!)

Another thing I found impressive:
-Hormel's Natural Choice all natural lunchmeat is always $2.50 at Wal-Mart.  I have been in search for nitrate-free lunchmeat because we eat it almost daily.  This is a great deal! Even with sales and coupons, the other lunchmeats were more expensive.  I'm on the lookout now for coupons for this new lunchmeat to replace what we used to buy since I buy it almost weekly.

Total before tax with coupons and rebates:  $32.67
Total in freebies:  $10.46


Would you believe that I got all of this for just $2.79?

Now I'm not one to boast...but I even impressed myself with this week's deals.  Just because I'm seeing growth in my couponing skills.  And just like I focus on my kiddos' growth in class...not just how they do on a specific task, assessment, etc....I like to focus on my own growth in this couponing sport.  Thanks to some amazing blogs that I meantion all the time...Money Saving Mom, Deal Finding Chik, and Thankfully Thrifty, I have learned so much and continue to do so.  I just hope I can pass on some of the inspiration and knowledge.  Okay...back on topic. 

Check out my savings today:

First transaction--
$4 Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner
$7 Simply Saline Allergy & Sinus Relief Nasal Mist (new giant size)
used $1.50/1 Dove coupon from 3/28 inserts
used $1/1 Simply Saline insert coupon (forget where this came from--Feb. inserts?)
*Got back $7 RR (register rewards) for the Simply Saline and $4 RR for the Dove*
Paid $8.50 for these items plus tax in this transaction
(With the RR and coupons, it's as if I got paid $2.50 overage for these items.  Paid to buy things we will use anyway? Yes, thank you! And if you're new to Walgreens lingo...RRs are printed out in-store credits toward your next purchase.  Use them like cash with your transaction, but you do have to pay attention to their expiration date.)

Second Transaction--
$1.00 Betty Crocker Warm Delights dessert
$3.25 12-pack Sprite
$1.79 Chapstick
used $.75/1 Betty Crocker insert from 3/31
used $4 RR from first transaction
Paid $1.29 for these items plus tax

So basically how it breaks down when putting both transactions together:
-Purchased a total of $17.04 in products today (without tax)
-Used $3.25 total in coupons
-Got $11 in RR
Paid $2.79 for ALL of these items
(that's 84% savings)

My total for everything was about the price I would have paid for the Sprites by themselves and that is an item I purchase anyway.

Love it.

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winner of the giveaway!

Congratulations, MommatoSkyler! She's won Avon's new Super Extend Mascara.  She was the "lucky"  (I don't like that word)...blessed....blogger that won the giveaway using random.org.  She loves Avon products and she's a penny penchin' momma! Love it.  Check out her blog Saving-Pennies for some great deal scenarios.  She'll wow you! I'll definitely be revisiting quite often to see what deals she's finding.

MommatoSkyler said....
Im following your blog, hope to win this mascara! I <3 Avon products, so thank you for such a great giveaway offer! =)

**MommatoSkyler--please get in contact with me through email so I can get your address.  I was unable to find your email or comment on your blog.**

Thanks to all of you who entered.  I would hand out one to each of you if I could.  I'm thankful for everyone that followed, blogged, subscribed, became a facebook fan, and/or grabbed my button.  Y'all are great! If I haven't returned the visit/following back to you yet, I'll be around to you...promise!

Enjoy your weekend!

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file cabinet makeover

See this beauty?

It's had a home in our office/"Boone's room" (as you can see from the crate in the background) since we moved in and has looked so pitiful the entire time.  It has glass stains....

And other nasty flaws....

But it's been hidden between our desk and Boone's crate...out of sight for the most part.  But definitely not out of mind for this "what else can I fix, organize, makeover, rearrange, or repurpose in our home" chick.  (And on this poor file cabinet's behalf, can I add it was free? I got it from my sweet grandma when she moved from her home to a nursing home.)

If you read my lovely little post here about my $3 Wal-Mart clearance contact paper, you know that I mentioned I had some ideas stirring already when I convinced myself to put this in my cart.  Well today was the day that I went into the office and just couldn't stand it anymore.  Anyone else get those spurts of home makeover energy? When it hits me, I jump on it.

So check out the process of our (less than) $3 file cabinet makeover with contact paper.  Yep, I said it.  Contact paper.

I started up one side first.  Key with this stuff...patience. 
See, even God can work through contact paper. 
He teaches me patience in just about every tiny moment of my life.
You want to get the corner started, and then peel away the backing slowly as you smooth out the bubbles or crinkles that appear.

I continued this process over the top of the file cabinet and down the other side.

I cut the bottom and then folded it under.  (Ignore that bubble there on the edge...I smoothed it out.  Plus, if you can't get it smoothed out, just use a little pin to puncture the bubble and it smoothes right out.)

You saw a glimpse of the still-ugly top and bottom parts of the file cabinet above.  (The parts above and below the drawers.)  To solve this problem, I measured those parts and then measured the area on the back of the contact paper so I could mark my measurements and cut them out to apply.

Once I applied those parts...you'll see that in a minute...I cut any overlapping contact paper in the back of the filing cabinet at the corners so that I could smooth the paper down onto the back surface of the filing cabinet.  (This part is always against a wall, so I didn't worry how neat it looked.)

And the final project....

A closer look...

And tucked back all snug and cozy...and much more pleasing to the eye...between our desk and Boone's crate.  (I told him he now has "wallpaper" in a part of his crate.)

I love how this turned out. 
Thrifty? Check.  Aesthetically pleasing? Check. 
One more project off of my to-do list making me very happy? Check.

So now that I have a lot of contact paper left on this roll and I am so impressed by the actual tasteful look of the design, I'm wondering what other contact paper project ideas you have.  Have you ever used contact paper in a different sorta way? Do share!

Happy weekend!

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wordless wednesday--puppy love


Don't forget to enter my current giveaway here.  It ends 3/26!

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awakening this little bungalow to spring

With the first day of Spring this Saturday came some freshening up of some home decor.  I repurposed some items, shopped our home, and even spent a little mulah for some new springy/summery items for our nest.  Take a peek into our cozy little spring bungalow.

TJ Maxx was had some adorable beachy items that I couldn't pass up this weekend.  I limited myself to three, couldn't-put-them-down items.  One of them was this adorable tray ($7.99).  I used a pretty glass planter my aunt put in my birthday goody bag, more of that use-anywhere fake moss you have seen in other projects, and a candle repurposed from a Christmas decoration.

My second TJ Maxx find ($4.99) is this ocean blue ceramic vase now decorating our entertainment center.  (It says, "Sun Sand Surf" on the other side....I'll flip it around closer to summer.) The lovely twigs were free, courtesy of our backyard and God.

My final TJ Maxx steal ($3.99) was this sign.  How could you resist this? It rests above our bedroom door now.  Love it.

I also used a little of my Target love gift card from my birthday to purchase these adorable rugs for the kitchen...they liven the floors up.  (I've had my eyes on these for quite some time...pays to be patient!)

You saw a glimpse of this first spring decor in my spring decor and repurposing post.  (Don't you just love that little bird?! Too cute.)

I'm just a little bit crazy over grapevine wreaths.  We have one for each season.  I love the earthiness of them.  Some I've made myself, some I found for a great deal.  Meet our springy/Easter-time grapevine wreath. One of the pink hydrangea grapevine wreaths that my mom and I made for the church doors for our wedding will be next.

Another place I used some of God's pretty and free decor is the corner of our living room you all have met before in the photo montage DIY post.  I was so tired of the red poinsettia.  That thing was still thriving.  (I can keep any plant alive in the house...I just have to keep my hands off the ones outdoor.)  I needed a breath of fresh air.  I'll add some blossoms to this once we actually get some color on our trees.  That is, if my hubby's allergies will allow it.  (Boo, allergies.)

I found this sweet organizer marked down from a little over $16 to $3 on the end of the aisle at Target.  LOVE those red clearance stickers.  Yet another item I've had my eye on for quite a while.  (Yes, it's true...I stalk items at Target.)  The white freshens up our office for the warmer months.

And I've already mentioned how much I love this distressed bench my dad made for me for my birthday.  But just in case I hadn't gotten the point across yet...I thought I would mention it again.  I love what it adds to our foyer.  It was the "come on in" part that was missing from this first impression of our open front door.

Hope you've found some springtime inspiration.  I had to get the house all "prettied" up before actually doing my hardcore spring cleaning and decluttering that is on the calendar for my spring break week coming up.  (Is there something wrong with me if I'm actually looking forward to this?!)

Here's to all things refreshed and renewed for you and your bungalow! Happy springtime!


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birthday joys and some great deals!

Friday was my birthday, and I was blessed by my wonderful family and students in so many ways!

Beautiful tulips from one of my sweet students.

I also was greeted with a huge birthday card signed by all my kiddos plus a $50 gift card for a mani and pedi...yay!

We had a great dinner at Macaroni Grill (my favorite!) last night to celebrate. 
Check out some of the gifts from my family...a Sandra Lee cook book, Target gift card, Ann Taylor Loft gift cards, Blogging for Dummies (yep, I'm still a "dummie" at this), a list journal, a new small bible for my purse, a Francine Rivers book, Converse chucks, spring clothes, and this gorgeous distressed bench my dad made for me (Isn't that awesome?! It looks so great in our foyer!)

It's gorgeous here, so we spent the morning doing some spring cleaning inside and out.  Later in the day, Justin and I went out to find some deals and spend a little of my birthday gift cards and money.  Check out our great finds!

Old Navy

We used a 30% off coupon on top of their great sale prices today.  You can find this coupon here.  The proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and it can be used at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and their outlets.  (Hurry--this deal ends 3/21) Thanks, Ashleigh!

Some of our deals with their sales and the coupon:
-Men's shorts $10.50 each
-Plain women's v-neck tees $5.60 each
-Ankle length skirth $10.50
-Metallic flip flops $1.75 when I bought two pairs
 (These are my favorite flip flops out of any place I have bought them...so durable, so comfy, and go with everything! You can't beat this price, either.  They were around $13 last year.)
-Accessory scarves $7 each

We saved $31.35 by using our 30% coupon today.


I also went to Victoria's Secret to spend a $20 gift card I'm embarrased to say I still hadn't spent from my personal shower almost two summers ago.  But something to keep in mind...Victoria's Secret is giving you an "I Love Secret Rewards" card with every purchase right now.  Bring it back into their store between April 1-30 and put it toward your purchase.  It is worth at least $10, but could possibly be worth $50, $100, or even $500.  (You'll find out when you come into the store.) I can't wait to go back...if nothing else, you get $10 in free items!

We also went to Target today and had some great finds! (Justin doesn't quite enjoy Target trips, but he was sweet enough to bare the trip with me on my birthday weekend.)  I can take or leave grocery shopping, but oh my do I love some Target shopping! They didn't just have clearance on the end caps today...red clearance tags were everywhere! I love when that happens! Check out the deals we found:



-Airwick Freshmatic Ultra air freshener:  FREE....use a $1/1 MC from March inserts and a Target printable coupon available here.  (My Target had these on sale for $6...but hurry because there weren't many left!)

-Brita refills:  $9.59 for 3...use a $2/1 Target printable coupon from here and stack it with a coupon from Brita's website.  You can find that coupon for $3/1 here on Brita's website after signing up for their email filter change reminders

-Pedigree Dentastix:  $0.36...I used a Target printable coupon and had a $2/1 MC from the March inserts

-Johnson's baby powder:  $0.41...This was actually marked incorrectly as $1.41 at my store, but Target is so great, they give you the price if it has been marked incorrectly.  (I just went to customer service to inquire about it ringing up incorrectly, and they gave me the price I had found it as.)  I used a $1/1 coupon I printed from online (forget where...) and got this for just $0.41.  This is great to put into your flats you wear in the spring and summer without socks.

I saved $26.22 in coupons from our Target trip.
(Don't forget your $.05 off for bringing your Target reausable bag!)


I also made it to Kroger today.  I had to get in on their last day of deals for this week:


Today was the last day to get $4 off when you bought 8 participating items.  I planned very carefully with my ad and coupons in hand before going to the store...and ended up with two groups of 8 items...so I saved $8 with this deal in all. Plus coupons--read on. :)

-Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta:  FREE for all four boxes (keeping two, donating two)...these were $1.25 and I used a $0.75/1 coupon I printed two times each from here and here and got the $4 off deal which took $0.50 off each of these items.  (Thanks, Deal Finding Chik!)

-Kraft shreds and chunks:  .67 each after a $1/2 in-store coupon and the $0.50 off each item from buying in groups of 8

-Ken's dressings:  $0.49 after a $1/1 MC coupon from February inserts and the $0.50 off

I saved $22.30 in coupons and had a savings of 50% today at Kroger!

Happy first day of spring! I'm off to watch some basketball....

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I don't wanna.

My list of "I don't wanna's" is getting longer and longer by the second today.  I'm saying it...I'm human.  I reach my breaking point, I get fed up, and I lose sight of hope at times.  I don't wanna grade 21 on-demand writing pieces according to this crazy, lengthy, wordy rubric.  I don't wanna pack lunches.  I don't wanna do laundry.  I don't wanna be faced with the stress at work again tomorrow.  I don't wanna...I don't wanna.  Today is one of those days where I am rolling in negativity.  It started out so great.  So hopeful! I spent time with God the entire 25 minute pitch-black drive to work at 7:00 this morning.  No radio.  Just Him and me.  I kept a positive attitude with my kiddos today.  I praised their tremendous effort as writers, mathematicians, scientists, readers, "hallway walkers", friends, individuals.  However, a little bit of that nasty negativity starts rolling in and boy am I one of the first ones to hop on the train.  Grr..Lord please continue to mold me and work on my heart.  It's a mind over matter kind of thing with me.  I have to choose my attitude.  Daily. 

God offers peace.  He offers light in the darkness.  He offers hope when there seems there is none left.  He offers sweet moments of grace.  He offers a way out.  And as one of my favorite bands, Addison Road, states in one of their songs..."When the world has broken me down your love sets me free."  Because of His love and his grace...I am set free.  That is my only hope on days like today when I'm rolling in self-pity and negativity.  He saves me.

This is a photo I took on the beach during our mission trip this summer to Waveland, Mississippi.  Devastation hit this beach when Katrina came through.  Even after all this time, you can still see the evidence of it...a pier that has been washed away from the rising waters.  However, I see peace and I see hope in this picture.  Maybe it's because I have the stories of the individuals I met in my heart, or maybe it's because I can still see their faces smiling at the thoughts of living through such horrible times.  Whatever it is, this picture reminds me of God's saving grace and safety He provides on the days that just get the best of us.

"In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all."
1 Chronicles 29:12b

And really, it doesn't matter that "I don't wanna" do a lot of things. I have to.  They're my duty.  Some blessings in disguise..I'm sure.  (God's good like that!) It's all about using His strength....strength I don't have myself...to change my heart and attitude.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Phillipians 4:13

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coupons for troops--send expired coupons to families stationed overseas

If you're as crazy as me about decluttering your coupons in order to make room for more and you're looking for ways to help others...listen up! A friend of my sister-in-law recently contacted me about joining in on a coupon exchange through the mail...love it! We live in different places and she's working hard to get a few people together across the US so that we get a variety of coupons.  Can't wait to get it started! However, she told me about something I had never heard of.  Maybe you have.  If so, I hope you're participating!

Coupons to Troops is a source for a place to send your expired coupons.  American families that are stationed overseas can use our coupons at the Commissaries and Post Exchanges (their stores) for up to 6 months past the expiration date.  This is where they purchase groceries and everyday items.  Think bread, milk, diapers, etc.  Supposedly prices are much higher and any little financial help is appreciated.  Check out the great, detailed website for all the specifics on what to send and what not to send, how to organize the coupons for sending, and how to ensure the coupons reach their destination before they are past the 6 month deadline.

I'm not sure about you, but I'm always looking for ways to help our troops and their families.  They're living an amazing calling.  Can you imagine trying to live on a budget overseas? I'm sure it's just one more thing we take for granted in the United States.

So do what you can to help.  Get this started in your community of friends, your workplace, your church...wherever you have coupon crazies lovers among you.  I can't wait to do this! (I'll start with the pile of expired coupons I just cleared out of my coupon album!)

Thanks for sharing, Jess!

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apple dumplin' recipe...and a special birthday

I have been hinting at a recipe I was going to post about for about a week now.  Well it's your lucky day...because I'm finally sharing it!

On Saturday we celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday.  (She acts more like half that age and I actually borrow clothes from her.)  My grandma is one special lady.  She is one of my closest friends and I adore who she is.  She's spunky, energetic, and incredibly loving.  We had a big birthday celebration for her at my mom's and dad's this weekend.  She was so excited because she said it was her first birthday party thrown just for her since she was 8 or 9 years old.  My birthday is the 19th and my aunt's is the 25th, so we've always had a birthday party together as the March Birthday Girls...which she wouldn't have it any other way.  However, my mom and aunt knew better than to pass this birthday celebration opportunity up whether my grandma admitted she would like to have a birthday party or not.  (She's definitely not one to care if she gets the attention.)  She LOVES my apple dumplings and so I decided to contribute to the party menu.  (My grandma is an amazing cook...especially baker...so when she was impressed by my apple dumplings, I knew they were something special!)

Now, I'm going to warn you....these are not for the health nuts out there.  Although I work hard to eat healthy, I am from the south, and sometimes good ol' country cooking and comfort food is just right.  So keep reading if you like recipes with loads of sugar and butter.  (Am I making you hungry yet?)

This recipe comes from my great aunt Ruby and it's really just not the same if you don't call them "dumplins".  She shared the recipe with me at one of my kitchen showers for my wedding.  Enjoy!

What you'll need:
2 cans of crescent rolls (I prefer reduced fat)
2 large granny smith apples or 4 small ones (cored and cut into 16 slices total)
2 sticks butter...(yep, I said 2)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 can (12 oz.) Mountain Dew

Core and slice your apples

Separate the crescent rolls into 16 triangles and place one apple slice onto each triangle.  Roll them up starting from the large end.  Place these in a 9x13" pan. (I spray the pan lightly with cooking spray.)

Melt the butter and mix with sugar and cinnamon.
Pour over dumplings.

Pour entire can of Mountain Dew over dumplins.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
(Top with vanilla ice cream if you wish.)

Mmm...and you'll love the way they make the house smell!

This is one of my favorite birthday pictures of my grandma, my aunt and myself...it's back from when I was in high school.  Makes me smile every time!

Here's wishing you days as sweet as apple dumplins!

And if you haven't entered my current giveway...make sure to do so! Check it out here.

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