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I have always been pretty tech savvy...well let me clarify...I'm one of those people that given good enough directions, can work my way through something until I figure it out.  Well in the past couple weeks I have been determined to create my blog signature and cute little blog button.  Success!

For my signature, I used a great website called My Live Signature.  Easy as can be! You have the option to creat a signature from their easy steps on their website, scan a signature into your computer, or draw a signature.  I chose to use the creation wizard to create my signature.

Screen 1:  Enter your signature.  For example, I entered "blessings, Cait"
Screen 2:  You'll be able to choose from hundreds of fonts, and see your signature in each of those fonts.  Select one.
Screen 3:  Select your size by filling in the bubble.
Screen 4:  Choose your text color of choice and your background color.  (Choose transparent if you do not wish to have a background color.)
Screen 5:  Choose the slope of your signature.
Screen 6:  Click that you "want to use this signature" and it will generate your HTML code.

Copy the HTML code it provides you and if you use Blogger, you can click on your Settings tab, then click your Formatting tab, and copy your HTML code into the Post Template box.  (I'm sure the steps are similar if you use another blog.)  Now my signature shows up with each new post I create.  Simple enough!

Oh and I'm so excited to have a blog button! To create it, I found a great tutorial here at Mommy Bits.  This was so easy to follow.  Just what I was looking for! The only advice I can add, is that you may need to downsize the picture you choose to use.  (Depends on your picture size, I guess.) But check out Mommy Bits for great tutorials and tips!

Best thing about these two little blog renovating projects? Free and completely DIY.  Love it! Good luck!

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  1. Great tips - thanks for sharing. :) I can tell you are very tech savvy. I, on the other hand, have a lot to learn. :) For instance, I haven't changed the products in my amazon widget because I can't quite remember how...kinda funny i guess. I'm excited you figured out how to do the button...I'll have to try that soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing! - I'll have to give it a whirl - I'm probably in the same tech camp as you. Next up for me is trying to figure out how to get a favicon - let me know if you find a good one for that! ;) I was recently directed to another blog that gives good DIY blog design tips - I'll look for it, and get back to you/with it too. ;)

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  4. I am a non technical person so is not aware of all these tricks things or tool. I am not sure if I can add signature to my blog using all these steps but I wanted to give it a try. Thank you for posting all the main points.
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