awakening this little bungalow to spring

With the first day of Spring this Saturday came some freshening up of some home decor.  I repurposed some items, shopped our home, and even spent a little mulah for some new springy/summery items for our nest.  Take a peek into our cozy little spring bungalow.

TJ Maxx was had some adorable beachy items that I couldn't pass up this weekend.  I limited myself to three, couldn't-put-them-down items.  One of them was this adorable tray ($7.99).  I used a pretty glass planter my aunt put in my birthday goody bag, more of that use-anywhere fake moss you have seen in other projects, and a candle repurposed from a Christmas decoration.

My second TJ Maxx find ($4.99) is this ocean blue ceramic vase now decorating our entertainment center.  (It says, "Sun Sand Surf" on the other side....I'll flip it around closer to summer.) The lovely twigs were free, courtesy of our backyard and God.

My final TJ Maxx steal ($3.99) was this sign.  How could you resist this? It rests above our bedroom door now.  Love it.

I also used a little of my Target love gift card from my birthday to purchase these adorable rugs for the kitchen...they liven the floors up.  (I've had my eyes on these for quite some time...pays to be patient!)

You saw a glimpse of this first spring decor in my spring decor and repurposing post.  (Don't you just love that little bird?! Too cute.)

I'm just a little bit crazy over grapevine wreaths.  We have one for each season.  I love the earthiness of them.  Some I've made myself, some I found for a great deal.  Meet our springy/Easter-time grapevine wreath. One of the pink hydrangea grapevine wreaths that my mom and I made for the church doors for our wedding will be next.

Another place I used some of God's pretty and free decor is the corner of our living room you all have met before in the photo montage DIY post.  I was so tired of the red poinsettia.  That thing was still thriving.  (I can keep any plant alive in the house...I just have to keep my hands off the ones outdoor.)  I needed a breath of fresh air.  I'll add some blossoms to this once we actually get some color on our trees.  That is, if my hubby's allergies will allow it.  (Boo, allergies.)

I found this sweet organizer marked down from a little over $16 to $3 on the end of the aisle at Target.  LOVE those red clearance stickers.  Yet another item I've had my eye on for quite a while.  (Yes, it's true...I stalk items at Target.)  The white freshens up our office for the warmer months.

And I've already mentioned how much I love this distressed bench my dad made for me for my birthday.  But just in case I hadn't gotten the point across yet...I thought I would mention it again.  I love what it adds to our foyer.  It was the "come on in" part that was missing from this first impression of our open front door.

Hope you've found some springtime inspiration.  I had to get the house all "prettied" up before actually doing my hardcore spring cleaning and decluttering that is on the calendar for my spring break week coming up.  (Is there something wrong with me if I'm actually looking forward to this?!)

Here's to all things refreshed and renewed for you and your bungalow! Happy springtime!


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  1. I love what you've done, and even more so, love the prices! I've had my eye on the exact same rugs from Target for my kitchen, just don't know if the polka dots are just right for the rest of my decor or not... But thank you for the inspiration! And for following my blog! :-)

  2. I love that tray! It's so cute. I love this style :) I feel like we could shop together!

  3. i adore all of your spring goodies. i love branchy wreaths too. oh and the organizer is just lovely. i too, stock items all the time at target. i've been waiting for over 2 mos for a shirt that my hubby wants to go on sale or clearance. neither has happened, yet. i feel like they've failed me. i know they'll come through eventually! you did a great job with all your thrifty finds!

  4. I love the touches of spring! That sign is so cute, and what a bargain from TJ Maxx...love that place! :)

  5. I'm so happy spring is here. I'm wearing a dress today. So far, that's all the motivation I've had. I need to do some more shopping.

    Welcome to SITS. We're happy to have you.

  6. I love your spring updates - and fantastic prices, too, you're clearly a girl after my own heart ;)

  7. Gorgeous spring decorations!!

  8. I love that bench also!! And the rugs are cute too! Think you'll post a how to on those wreaths?? They're great! I'd love to learn how!

  9. lovely, lovely! I heart TJ MAXX and TARGET!! So much, so that I've had to ban myself from even entering to save our skimpy grad. student budjet. Thankfully I can shop vicariously w/you! ;)

  10. I love Target too! Great finds!!!

    Welcome to the SITS community!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! :)

    LOVE the TJMAXX sign ~ I just saw it at HomeGoods the other day and almost bought it! Such a cute addition to your home.

    P.S. Be sure to enter my first GIVEAWAY!


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