thankful Thursday...tomorrow is Friday & a sweet award

Well I posted yesterday my whiny story about how awful my day was but the sweet presence of God in my day.  Thanks for listing y'all.  What sweet comments some of you left! After an 11 hour day today (there I go whining again....grr), I opened my email to see the kind Sarah Ann at Sarah Ann's Bon Mot gave me a blog award.  How sweet! I love how supportive some people can be when you connect with them through the blogging world...she has been so kind to comment and show support to my blog!

I love when there are fun conditions that come with an award! Of course I will pass on the encouragement and support to other great bloggers! (Hope you'll check these great blogs out...and those award winners will pass on the love.)

1.  List 6 things you are a master in.
2.  Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters in friendship, and make blogging so awesome.

Six Things I'm a Master In:
(hint about me...one is definitely not talking about things I'm a master in, but here goes.)

1.  Loving on my puppy.  He's adorable, the best cuddler in the world, stands at the door with his daddy to wave goodbye to me each morning, and smiles (literally, shows teeth) every day when I get home.

2.  Being a wife to my best friend.  Well not a master, because oh my am I still learning, but I'm a master in loving him like crazy, giving my marriage my all, and handing it over to God in prayer.

3.  Writing.  This is the whole reason I started my own little corner of the blogging world.  It's always been a passion of mine and I love doing it. (And I'm crazy/obsessed over spelling and punctuation.  Always have been...it's not just the teacher in me.)

4. Whining.  Not proud, but it's the truth.  I whine.  Way too much.  God's working on me.

5.  Eating french fries and drinking Diet Coke.  Enough said.  Healthy? Nope, not a bit.  But I do have to mentally remind myself to stay away from french fries (even over ice cream), and if I don't have my Diet Coke in the morning, watch out.

6.  Encouraging.  One of my sweet friends told me one time they thought this was a gift God had given me.  I had never really considered that, but I've always been one to want to cheer others on, show random acts of kindness, and care about others and their successes.  When she told me this it was one of the first times I really embraced the thought of a specific gift God had given me.  Aren't friends like that sweet?

Six Bloggers I'm Awarding:

1.  Ashleigh @ Thankfully Thrifty (inspiring and encouraging blogging friend I connected with)
2.  Page @ Crazy Joy (teacher friend of mine)
3.  Jessie @ Graciejess (teacher friend of mine)
4.  Heidi @ Wonder Woman Wannabe (kind and encouraging blogging friend I connected with)
5.  Crystal @ Endless Vine (new connection I have made through blogging, but already love her blog)
6.  Sarah Ann @ Sarah Ann's Bon Mot  (Don't know if this is against the rules, but I'm totally passing this back to Sarah Ann because she would be on my list.)

We had sunshine today! It was wonderful.  I hope you got a little bit of the sunshine too.  Have a wonderful Friday!

Now go visit these lovely ladies I awarded!

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  1. Thank you so much Cait! I'm truly honored. I am amazed everyday at how small the world seems when I read so many blogs by women who I can relate to both in their joys and their sorrows. And I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better!

  2. Cait! Thank you so much for re-awarding me!! :)
    I totally love that you like to write! It's great to become blogging friends and I love reading yours!

  3. Encouraging is a great thing to be a master at. Everyone likes to be encouraged!

  4. Oh how exciting... Never gotten an award before, very fun. I have also decided that we should get together in this warm weather and let our furry babies meet on a walk in the park one day. I think Gracie would love that.


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