a not-so wordless wednesday...a simple, cutesy, and thrifty idea

Somehow I always seem to break the "Wordless Wednesday" implied rules....because I'm wordy.  I guess my goal on Wednesdays is to keep it short and sweet....that's my version of "wordless".

This is what you see in the middle of our kitchen table right now.  We're not fancy people, so this fits our home to a tee.  I love it because it's so sweet, springy and was very budget-friendly.

The goods:
Apples:  bought for a recipe I am making this week (I keep hinting at this, and I promise I will share pics and the recipe for this delicious dish after this weekend.  Believe me, you'll want to eat it through the screen.)
Bowl:  party of my lovely white bowl collection from our wedding gifts (use what's in the cabinets!)
Daisies:  left over from my beautiful Valentine's day bouquet...they outlasted the roses big time (and I would pick daisies over roses anyday!)
Vase:  don't remember...but I love the idea of it not really being a vase and is really a country-style pitcher (sweet tea anyone?!)
Placemat:  one of four we got for a wedding gift...I rarely use my placemats for placemats...they usually end up being a centerpiece "splash of color" instead.

What's your centerpiece style?
Be inspired.  Shop your home for cutesy, simple centerpiece items. 

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  1. I can always count on you to be such a quick commenter and encourager!! :) Thanks for your kind words. It spilled out of me as I desperately had to channel the frustration on my way home from school!! I smiled when I saw you chose the much lighter hearted, very cute post for today, especially in light of our lovely experience. Better when we can leave it there. And isn't it crazy how those beautiful daisies last?? I agree, I love daisies the most!

    I'm also so thankful to get to work with you. What a year it has been, and oh how the life lessons have been endless, but God has certainly blessed us by allowing us to go through it together! Thank you for being a great example for me - I know you are making such a difference in the lives of your kiddos! See you tomorrow...it's going to be a great day, right? :)

  2. Mine is very similar! I also use placemats as centerpieces - the one we have now I bought all alone on sale for $1 at TJ Max just for use as occasional decor! ;)

  3. definitely adorable and thrifty! i love it when the 2 go hand in hand! you did a fab job on it. i'm like you... so not fancy; this is right up my ally! and when i do wordless wednesdays they certainly aren't wordless either! : ) it's more fun that way.

  4. I love this centerpiece! It's so cute! I tend to stay with candles but I so wish I could break away from that:) be a little more daring you know? I just found your blog and love it! I'm a new follower:) Hope you have a great Thursday!


  5. Hello! I'm following your blog from Friday Follow! Please come give my blog a visit and follow! I'd love it if you did! I love your centerpiece! I don't have a great one at the moment! I have a big bowl of fruit! I never know where to put my fruit so on the table it goes! Have a great Friday and weekend!


  6. Beautiful...it feels so fresh.

  7. My centerpiece looks similar, except my apples just look real! They're fake! :)

  8. Hi,
    I love your blog. I was looking for the book The blessed life and stumbled upon your blog. I am also thrifty (it's instilled in me by my mom), but i'm a bit older, in my fifties. For cheap cute ideas, I look through the Pottery Barn magazine and when I find something I like, I start praying and asking God what do I have that will look similar. It's amazing how often I find something that will work. I don't have the gift of thinking up creative ideas, but God is an awesome creative Designer. Keep up your great work and stay close to Jesus.


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