wednesday randoms

I'm pictureless on this Wordless Wednesday (nothing blog worthy taken this week)....so instead of a picture with my "wordless" thoughts...you get the joy (right?) of reading some of the random thoughts that are on my mind.

*Spring break....T-minus 2 days

*How in the world am I actually going to get my hair to look as good as my stylist did when she cut it and styled it?

*The cross where Jesus took my place

*The empty tomb....everlasting life

*My students...the girls are stirring up girl drama every day....the boys are chompin' at the bits to be outside all the time...rumors are being spread about booger picking...and among it all they're drawing me to tears over their crazy love for each other, dedication, and encouraging words. 
God love them....every single one of them

*What grade am I teaching next year? Will I keep one of these same grades that are in my comfort zone? Will I go to Kin...it's hard to say....kinder...garten? yikes. (love those little babies...but to teach them may be a different story). 5th grade where they will tower over this 5'2" frame of mine? primary? who knows...it's all in the hands of the One in control (God...not my principal) and I will know at 9:50 am tomorrow morning.  deep breath.

*The house is way too quiet when Boone's not around.  He goes to church with his daddy sometimes...the kiddos beg for him to come.

*What tasty meals will Justin get next week since I won't actually be too exhausted to cook?

*Who in the world started all the crazy secular silly stuff that waters down the true meaning of our holidays? (sorry...soap box.)

*Blessings beyond blessings, pure joy, and prayers lifted up

What's on your mind?

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  1. What a beautiful photo at the top of your blog. Also love your jewelry.

  2. Love this!
    I hate when i can't make my hair look anything like it did walking out of the shop!
    and if you get kinder. i bet you would love it--it's my absolutely favorite grade! my dream job!
    and AMEN about the holidays! I'm thankful there are wonderful women out there like you who still remember the true meaning!

  3. I definitely agree about the whole holiday thing. I kind of wish the Easter bunny would go away....but not the candy. haha. Loved your post! Enjoy your spring break....

  4. these are my favorites from your randoms:

    1. "Spring break....T-minus 2 days"

    2. "How in the world am I actually going to get my hair to look as good as my stylist did when she cut it and styled it?"

    3. "The cross where Jesus took my place"

    4. "The empty tomb....everlasting life"

    praise the Lord for #3 and 4! yay for #1! oh, and i always wonder about #2... if you find the magic touch, fill me in! : )

  5. Hi Cait! Nice to meet you...I'm Kristin from Windy Poplars. Found you through a mutually followed blog. I really enjoyed my visit here getting to know you a little bit! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend... I love random posts by the way :-) Come on over and visit if you'd like to be friends!


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