Walgreens trip and a coupon organizing idea


I finally made it to the stores today and found some great deals.  I had to make a quick trip to Walgreens before going grocery shopping because I found some great deal scenerios on some blogs this week. (Tip--I take notes throughout the week so I don't forget where the deals are when I am ready to shop over the weekend.)

Neutrogena Intensive Moisture Body Treatment Lotion--$6.00 on clearance--used a $1/1 MC...$5.00 (this is a great value for this lotion...I haven't found lotion that beats it and it's definitely not a cheaply priced product)

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Condition--$6.79--used a $3/1 MC and stacked it with a $2/1 Walgreen's coupon from their coupon book at the front of the store...$1.79 (again, this is a great deal for a great product)

Bonnybell Lip Gloss--$0.95 on clearance--used a $1/1 coupon printed out here....FREE plus $.05 overage (my Walgreens had a lot of Bonnybell Lip Smackers in their clearance section--thanks Thankfully Thrifty for this idea)

$0.50 shipping envelope on clearance...handy to have around...going into my stockpile for future use

Total before coupons--$14.24
Total after coupons--$8.09
(before tax that's a 50% savings for today...whoo hoo)

And about that coupon organizing idea....

I used to just buy items at the store when I needed them thinking this would save me the most money.  Now I have learned the importance of buying things in advance if I know I will use them and there is a great deal on them.  Now i'm really serious about shopping for items when they are on sale and racking up any and all freebies I can that we will use in the future or I can donate.  Because of this, I have gotten a little overwhelmed on keeping my coupons organized.  I keep the main coupons I will for sure use because they are items I buy anyway in my coupon album (made from the picture album).  I keep this in my purse and always have it ready to use.  You can get this idea on my post here.  But when I find deals and scenerios on blogs, a lot of times they refer to a specific group of coupons from the Sunday newspaper by the date they came out.  So I decided to do my own little system to organize the coupons I will return to as I find deals and scenerios online.

I put each stack of coupons I have from the past two Sundays in March, and then all of February's coupons combined (because I wasn't quite on top of things last month) into separate file folders and labeled the file folders with the date the coupons came out.  Now when I read a deal or scenerio that refers to a specific date...I can quickly find the stack of coupons to search.  I will of course toss the stacks as they expire and then refill the files with different stacks.  I just used a letter organizer we already have on our desk to place the file folders upright and easy to access.

Hope it helps!

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  1. great deals! let me know how you like the filing organizational method... i use the binder system (which takes way too much time!). i've thought about switching over. you should sign up at vocalpoint.com if you haven't already. they send me loads of coupons and freebies. yesterday i received a bunch of free kashi coupons. woo hoo! happy couponing to you!

  2. I like the system. Mine are in a pile right now... I should take a lesson from you. :)
    And the John Frieda is a good idea. I realized I should have done two transactions at Walgs since I am doing two rebates... grr. Anyway so I'm going to return and rebuy the candle, so I can get my 2nd receipt. I may look into this deal too. Is the $3 MC from coupons.com?
    Btw I promise I am going to email you back... haha I keep forgetting but I had so much to say when I first read your email. Will write! :)

  3. Ashleigh--No worries! I'll look forward to hearing from you...I know how the no time thing is! :) The John Frieda coupon came from the inserts from last Sunday. (There is a $3 off a shampoo or conditioner product and a coupon for $2 off a styling product...two transactions would mean two deals if I had stacked a product coupon with another store coupon...I just didn't play it that smart, haha.)

    Carissa--I will check that out! Thanks so much for sharing! Well I did think that anything could be better than the piles I had stacked in our living room ottoman! ha! I thought about the binder too...if this doesn't work, I'll try that!

  4. Hey SITS sista! Cool blog, fun & very creative! Love the variety. Come say hi! xx


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