How Much Can I Save in a Year? Update!

So let me preface this post with an excuse.  Being pregnant has definitely disrupted our current savings and shopping within a budget....especially at the grocery store! One of the major things I've dealt with in the first trimester is food aversions.  (Which is so, so weird for someone that loves food so much and has never been a picky eater.)  Our March grocery shopping trips consisted of dragging myself to the store with Justin and him putting things in the cart based on my reaction.  Ha! No energy for coupons...and it's hard to create a solid grocery list when you have to just buy what sounds good.  So enough of the excuses...here's my whopping savings from March!

March Savings 

2011 Total Savings

Best of Savings

I had 71% savings at a Walgreens trip early this month.  I was able to purchase $21.96 worth of items for $6.47.  Basically, I was able to purchase a tube of toothpaste, gum, face wash, and another face cleaning item for $2.52 less than what just one of the face wash products would have cost.  Amazing!

A Little Savings Tidbit

Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad savings trip, or week, or month.  Life happens...and you have to keep things in perspective.  This month, it was more important to me that I feed this little one something...and keep my body from getting sick...than making sure I really watched our grocery budget.

I also have to share that it was hilarious to see Justin's reaction to our shopping trips.  He was shocked the first time we went to the grocery this month and I had no coupons.  He was so excited I "let him" buy whatever he wanted to (because, let's be honest, I wasn't going to fix anything for dinner) that he even told our family about how our grocery trips were.  However, after seeing our budget double this month, I think he now understands better just why I enjoy using coupons...and just how helpful they can be!

Now it's your turn! Grab the button and link up below with a deals post of your own.  Whether its an update on your savings so far this year or just a great trip you had with great savings! Anything goes! Also, make sure to go check out Thankfully Thrifty to see how Ashleigh's savings are going so far this year!

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looking back...updates

*This will be a long update post.  I just want to have a documentation of everything from even the beginning weeks, before everyone knew I was expecting!*

With my estimated due date being October 15th (which I still have a hard time believing) I was already about 7 weeks when I found out I was pregnant....that's something else I have a hard time believing.  I still have a feeling that down the road they will change my due date again...then again, maybe I'm naive.  We'll see! I plan on updating at the end of each week (once I have actually completed it).

{7 Weeks}

How far along:  7 weeks! 

Babe size: Blueberry! 

Total weight gain/loss: Down a pound from my normal weight. 

Sleep: Tossing and turning...but I go right back to sleep.  I'm already using a pillow in between my legs to help with back pain.  I think the tossing and turning might also be from getting adjusted to this new, exciting news! Lots of emotions! 

Movement: Of course not yet...can't wait, though! 

Food cravings/aversions:  Only aversions right now.  I am eating less this week.  I have a big appetite and then things don't taste as well as they did when I started eating them.  I did start right away by changing my diet a bit.  Absolutely no caffeine of course.  I've also made all my snacks fruits, veggies, crackers (because sometimes that's all that sounds good), and cheese.  And usually fast food sounds good...I know the calories are important, especially right now when nothing tastes good...but I'm trying to break that habit quickly. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Oh my.  Well being that this is the first week I know I'm pregnant, looking back, there were many things that should have caught my attention.  Now that I know I'm pregnant, cramps, backaches, food aversions, peeing all the time, sore and larger breasts, pulling feeling at my ribs (feels like I've done a thousand crunches), bloating and crying at the drop of a hat. 

What I miss:  Not feeling so bloated. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Our first appointment! March 25th! And everyone knowing. 

Milestones:  This week...finding out our life was about to change...the positive pregnancy test! 

Best moment this week:  Finding out...what a surprise blessing from God! 

Moments with Justin:  Telling Justin was of course the best moment.  He has been so sweet with my crazy emotions and we've had some very deep heart-to-hearts about our nerves and joy.

{8 Weeks}

No bump...just a baseline pic :)
 How far along:  8 weeks! 

Babe size: Raspberry! 

Total weight gain/loss: Up 1 pound from pre-pregnancy weight, so that it is a 2 pound increase (I'm positive it's all bloat.) 

Sleep: Good! I just have to get up to pee all the time. 

Movement: Still can't wait! 

Food cravings/aversions:  I've officially been eating knowing I'm pregnant for a week now.  I feel like I've made some positive changes....much more fruit and veggies.  I'm calorie logging on my iphone app...also making sure I get enough Vitamin C, protein, etc. Still mainly aversions.  The smell of some foods are starting to make me feel gross.  Justin had to pack my lunch this morning because the smell of the chicken I was putting into my wrap starting to make me feel so gross.  However, I was able to eat it at lunch.  Also, warm, creamy things are making me feel gross....such as casseroles, creamy soups, etc.  I'm still craving fast food something awful! Cheeseburgers.... 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Less back pain this week, still occasional, very light cramping, but it's a lot better.  I'm hungry all the time.  I pee all the time.  Breasts are still sore.  I feel more bloated...my pants only fit comfortably on the second time of wearing them.  Loose and baggy is my friend right now.  Exhausted...it hits me out of nowhere and then I just need to go to sleep.  I did have one quick maybe a minute long wave of nausea the other afternoon after I ate carrots and celery.  Carrots haven't made me sick since, so I haven't eaten the celery.  I was nervous it was a hint at what was to come...but thankfully it hasn't returned.  I'm knocking on wood. 

What I miss:  Still not feeling so bloated. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Our first appointment! March 25th! Hopefully seeing that sweet thing on the screen and/or hearing the heartbeat! And telling those we haven't told yet. 

Milestones:  Hm...I guess now knowing I'm pregnant for a week.  What a crazy week it's been! 

Best moment this week: Praying for our unborn child for the first time together as a couple. 

Moments with Justin:  When going to bed later than I wanted to one night and then not being able to get to sleep, Justin was so sweet to remind me that he wouldn't want anyone else taking care of our sweet baby and that I was already doing such a great job.  He reassured me that I won't do everything perfectly...that I just have to do my best for the baby and relax instead of worrying and stressing.  He always calms me down.

 {9 Weeks}

No baby bump...just plain, fun bloat that this black shirt hides nicely!

Baby's the size of an olive this week (seeing that picture nearly made me gag due to my food aversions, ha!) And morning sickness and nausea kicked in full force with this week.  Therefore, the update is a little less organized.  Pregnancy at nine weeks has definitely been the most rough.  I haven't actually gotten sick (as in vomiting), but I do wake up nauseous and keep that feeling a little throughout the day.  Food aversions are also awful this week which makes it tough to stay a little full all the time to keep the nausea away.  I'm talking nothing sounds good. I'm learning to cope and learning to eat through the sick feeling so that I feel better after.  It's definitely been a symptom that has made this seem much more real.  And for someone who loves food and isn't a picky eater at all, it's been quite eye opening how pregnancy can quickly change your body!

Other weird symptoms (that I guess aren't so weird)...nasty taste in my mouth after every meal or snack (sour things like lemon drops and skittles after eating are helping), motion sickness hits when I read or type for a while, and I'm going to bed two and three hours earlier at night.  Brushing my teeth makes me gag (lovely, huh?). Oh and peeing like it's my job both day and night. (Still feel so amazingly blessed and would take the symptoms any day.)

I've been joking with Justin that I think he's nesting earlier than me...he's even admitted to it.  I have to admit I love it and think it's so sweet.  He's definitely getting used to the idea that "daddy" is his new upcoming role.

We're both very much looking forward to our upcoming appointment on Friday, March 25th! It will be our first appointment with the OB and I'm hoping that this sweet little one we've been praying for so much already allows us to hear and/or see his or her little heartbeat! And after that, the secret will be out to everyone! Can't wait to share our exciting news with the world! :)

 {10 weeks}

I feel like I am actually getting a little more shape to my belly than just bloat...it was hard to tell in this loose dress (which is maternity by the way...and felt like heaven around my waist!
How far along:  10 weeks! 

Babe size: Prune 

Total weight gain/loss: Up a few ounces (yep, I'm getting that specific).  I've been fluctuating by just one pound.  I think I'm going up now...at least my clothes feel like I should be. 

Sleep: Still can't complain but not as great.  I now wake up to pee and I feel hungry.  If I don't eat, I know I will wake up in the morning feeling more sick.  Then when I eat, that nasty taste gets left in my mouth.  It's just a cycle, really.  I also am going to bed way early (hello, exhaustion!) and on the weekends when I actually can, I can't sleep in anymore. 

Movement: We're getting closer!! 

Food cravings/aversions: Aversions to everything.  Absolutely no cravings.  Cold works better for me.  Fruit is about the only thing that tastes normal and doesn't leave the awful taste in my mouth.  This has probably been the worst part of the first trimester for me. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Gag reflex/throwing up when I brush my teeth (TMI?!), exhaustion, I think I'm starting to feel some of that round ligament pain my books talk about, occasional nausea, frequent urination, hungry all the time, bloating. 

What I miss:  Being able to eat normal. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Well now that I know it's just in two appointments, find out the gender!! But of course the next appointment in four weeks, just because I like knowing my doctor is checking up on the little one.  I'm also looking forward to knowing everything is okay and baby is healthy.  Not that I have a reason to think the opposite, but I'm just looking forward to actually seeing the sweet thing in an ultrasound. 

Milestones:  Hearing the heartbeat!! Oh my...talk about changing your world! What a sweet moment as husband and wife.  No offense if you are a non-believer, but I just don't know how someone can't believe in a creator after witnessing something like that! God is so amazing! 

Best moment this week: I'm going with hearing the heartbeat! And also having everyone find out that didn't know, including our church family, friends, and my sweet students.  (More to come on how we told folks.) 

Moments with Justin:  Looking into his face as our doctor found the heartbeat...it becoming real that we created a sweet human only by the grace of God.  And when they drew a bunch of my blood for tests, he actually had tears in his eyes.  Later when I asked him about it, he told me he just hated to see me have to go through so much already.  I warned him to just get ready...but that I could handle it as long as he kept being as sweet and supportive as he always is.  Yep, I love my sweet hubby and thank God for him daily!

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We've been keeping a secret.... 

We'll be adding a little pumpkin to our patch this October November!!

Sweet baby is due October 15, 2011 November 5, 2011!!

and we couldn't feel more blessed!

 IAmPregnant Ticker

After hearing baby's heartbeat on Friday, we were near exploding.  Close friends and relatives knew...but hearing that amazing heartbeat reassured us it was time to let the secret out!

This verse has already been a prayer of mine...
that this sweet baby would praise God with its precious life.  We are already so humbled and amazed by God's wonderful works.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139: 13-14

 *Revised 5.18.11*

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reason to celebrate

There are lots of reasons to celebrate this weekend! (Sorry in advance for no personal photos...)

One--Saturday was my 25th birthday! We had a great weekend of celebrating (numerous) times! Friday night was a night of birthdays at my parents'.  We always celebrate my grandma's, my aunt's and my birthday together since they are all close together in March.  Saturday night was a night out to Olive Garden for my birthday with family! Yum! Today, we relaxed at home and Justin surprised me with a sweet birthday gift this afternoon.  I told him not to get me anything...he ignored me... :)

Two--Today is the first day of spring! It's funny to me that my birthday is considered a winter birthday...weird.  But I love my birthday even more because it means spring and warm weather is right around the corner! (And God sure blessed us with a nice day of sunshine and warm temps here today to celebrate!)

Three--We have planned a spontaneous trip to Florida coming soon!! Whoo hoo!! It will be a week of just Justin and myself at my in-law's house in Florida.  Minutes away from the beautiful gulf! Can't wait!! I was so excited when we made the decision today that I honestly was in tears! ha! And the best part of it all is that we just decided on a whim.  Love that!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! I'm off to watch more basketball!

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I've always been a reflective person.  Whether it's as a Christian, as a wife, in my job, or in whatever other (many) roles I have, I seem to always have thoughts going on in my mind on how I can be better.  How I can change for the good.  So there are some things I'm working on changing right now...some I've been in the process of for a while...some I'm just now venturing into.  So here goes.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


That dreaded work-out routine. 

I mean really.  I have to do this.  For my heart, for my sanity, and to get toned. So how do you do it? I need tips.  I leave my house no later than 7 am M-F and don't return home until 4:30 three days out of the work week.  The other two, I go straight to grad class and don't get home until 8 (those days are over 12 hour days).  And as a teacher, it's not like I get nice lunch breaks where I can go walk...I'm lucky to make it with enough time to sit down and complete my lunch before picking up my kiddos again.  Trying not to complain...just being honest.  So how do I fit this in?


Finding healthy things to pack for lunch.

I'm beyond bored of turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread and regular salads.  Give me some tips...what are your healthy lunch go-tos for when you pack your lunch?


Giving up the soda, pop, Coke,
(or whatever you call it). 

  This is probably the one I'm doing the best with.  I haven't had a Diet Coke in I don't know how long, and honestly, I don't miss them.  (Never thought I'd say that!) But what I've figured out about myself, is that I crave the "fiziness" of a Coke sometimes.  What do you do to satisfy those cravings? Tips?


Making time to be creative (or do whatever hobby you enjoy).

 Plain and simple...how do you make yourself take time to relax and have time for your hobbies? I know with spring break and then summer break coming soon after, I'll have gobs of time (whoo hoo)! And for that I feel extremely blessed.  But how do you make time for this in your everyday, working life?

(and because I like to keep things in increments of 5...)


Quiet time.

I've explained before that I use my commuting time to be in silence and pray and listen to God.  That's been so crucial for my faith during the past few years.  What I'm not so great about is taking time to sit down, read my bible, and really study it.  It comes and goes in waves.  Where do you carve out time for this?

{One more thing...}

And a bonus question...do you all have cable? Is it worth it to keep it in the budget in your opinion? If so, what's your argument for keeping it around? If you've nixed it from the budget, or never had it in the budget, what was the deciding factor? For my sweet hubby, how does your hubby "survive" without it? This is one we're contemplating as a family...not sure what to do.

Whew.  That feels good to get off my chest! Maybe seeing it written down here will also help me with accountability.  Ladies...share your hearts out! And thanks in advance for any of your tips...y'all are huge inspirations in my life!
Happy weekend!

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excuses, excuses

So I have excuses for my lack of posting, promise.  But for now...one of my bloggy friends, Leigh Anne from Simply Swarbrick gave me the "I Love This Blog Award" Blog Award...so sweet! And since I've been a slacker on posting, I thought this would be a perfect way to reconnect with you gals.  (And let me send out a from-the-bottom-of-my-heart "thank you" and "I'm sorry" to you other amazing gals that have passed on awards lately.  I love y'alls blogs and so appreciate your reading support as well!)

I'm sharing seven things about myself...and then passing it on to seven of you sweet readers!

One--I have so neglected myself lately.  I'm talking in order to make myself feel pampered again I need a mani, pedi, and a haircut.  Hopefully I'll get on those, if not before, during my Spring Break.  I hate when I let myself go.

Two--I have the most patient, kind-hearted hubby.  Yep, really, I do. :)

Three--I loathe keeping secrets.  I'm awful at it.  Horrible...and it really is dreadful for me.

Four--I am a total believer in going above and beyond to treat others kindly.  No matter how mad they make you or how rude they are to you, I believe God blesses us for loving on our neighbors and treating them like friends when they treat us more like enemies.  I thank my mom for always reminding me growing up that "everyone has sacred worth".

Five--I drive to work in silence every morning during my 25 minute commute.  It's my one time of the day where I truly feel at peace to just sit and talk with and listen to God.  Without all the business that my day includes.  He has shared some precious reminders and promises with me then...and it's a time I treasure with my whole heart.

Six--Speaking of driving...I'm a deer slayer.  (My family often refers to me as this.)  Not in a hunting with a gun kinda way...but with my car.  A couple weeks ago, I hit my fourth deer since starting to drive at 16.  They seek me out.  No kidding.  My uncle is an avid hunter and I told him that he just needs to take me with him...because they sense me and they come running! (And don't get me started on the fact that I hit this stupid thing with the same car we're trying to sell.  Lovely.  Thankfully it was only body damage and we're picking it up from the shop today.)

Seven--Everytime my kiddos earn a celebration in our class (they spell out the word "celebration" as a class one letter at a time as they do positive things), I secretly pray and hope they choose pajama day off the list of celebration ideas they created at the beginning of the year.   I mean come on...who doesn't want to wear their pajamas all day? Um, apparently too-cool-for-school 4th graders...they would rather go for "crazy hair day" or extra recess.  (And I would maybe never tweak the voting if it was close to get a pajama day celebration.) Boo. ;)

Passing this on to...

Amanda @ the shepard life
Jessie @ Graciejess
Crystal @ Endless Vine
Ashleigh @ Ashleigh's Blog
Nicole @ Living.Learning.Loving
Vanessa @ My Crazy Blessed Life
Mrs. Raymond @ Ramblings of Mrs. Raymond

Happy weekend!! Enjoy every minute.

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memory verse

The thought of Spring coming and this being my birthday month has gotten me so excited! I feel like I've gotten a zap of energy with those random tastes of warm weather we get here and there.  With that being said, I'm not very energetic right now when it comes to posting.  I'm so out of words right now to blog about.  I'm sure my writing energy will come back soon.  Be patient with me. :)  I wanted to share our memory verse for the week in hopes that it gives you a burst of faith energy.

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful."
Hebrews 10:23

May you find hope in His love and promises.

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