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So I have excuses for my lack of posting, promise.  But for now...one of my bloggy friends, Leigh Anne from Simply Swarbrick gave me the "I Love This Blog Award" Blog Award...so sweet! And since I've been a slacker on posting, I thought this would be a perfect way to reconnect with you gals.  (And let me send out a from-the-bottom-of-my-heart "thank you" and "I'm sorry" to you other amazing gals that have passed on awards lately.  I love y'alls blogs and so appreciate your reading support as well!)

I'm sharing seven things about myself...and then passing it on to seven of you sweet readers!

One--I have so neglected myself lately.  I'm talking in order to make myself feel pampered again I need a mani, pedi, and a haircut.  Hopefully I'll get on those, if not before, during my Spring Break.  I hate when I let myself go.

Two--I have the most patient, kind-hearted hubby.  Yep, really, I do. :)

Three--I loathe keeping secrets.  I'm awful at it.  Horrible...and it really is dreadful for me.

Four--I am a total believer in going above and beyond to treat others kindly.  No matter how mad they make you or how rude they are to you, I believe God blesses us for loving on our neighbors and treating them like friends when they treat us more like enemies.  I thank my mom for always reminding me growing up that "everyone has sacred worth".

Five--I drive to work in silence every morning during my 25 minute commute.  It's my one time of the day where I truly feel at peace to just sit and talk with and listen to God.  Without all the business that my day includes.  He has shared some precious reminders and promises with me then...and it's a time I treasure with my whole heart.

Six--Speaking of driving...I'm a deer slayer.  (My family often refers to me as this.)  Not in a hunting with a gun kinda way...but with my car.  A couple weeks ago, I hit my fourth deer since starting to drive at 16.  They seek me out.  No kidding.  My uncle is an avid hunter and I told him that he just needs to take me with him...because they sense me and they come running! (And don't get me started on the fact that I hit this stupid thing with the same car we're trying to sell.  Lovely.  Thankfully it was only body damage and we're picking it up from the shop today.)

Seven--Everytime my kiddos earn a celebration in our class (they spell out the word "celebration" as a class one letter at a time as they do positive things), I secretly pray and hope they choose pajama day off the list of celebration ideas they created at the beginning of the year.   I mean come on...who doesn't want to wear their pajamas all day? Um, apparently too-cool-for-school 4th graders...they would rather go for "crazy hair day" or extra recess.  (And I would maybe never tweak the voting if it was close to get a pajama day celebration.) Boo. ;)

Passing this on to...

Amanda @ the shepard life
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Crystal @ Endless Vine
Ashleigh @ Ashleigh's Blog
Nicole @ Living.Learning.Loving
Vanessa @ My Crazy Blessed Life
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Happy weekend!! Enjoy every minute.

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  1. haha, I loved your thing about tweaking the voting. I totally did the once for my 3rd grade class in regards to what book we would read next, ha!

  2. I love the celebration idea! I'm sure my kiddos would choose something crazy!

  3. oh loved this! your spring break full of pampering sounds great :)

  4. Oh how fun! Thank you for passing this on- I will do my "7 things" post very soon!! I was laughing out loud reading that you are a deer slayer- I am just glad that YOU are okay when these slayings take place!! That sounds scary!
    I love the idea of driving to work in silence. We could all use a little more quite time with God!

  5. Oh my gosh, that is horrible about you hitting a deer! There are tons where we live and I am always so scared I am going to hit one!

  6. thank you cait! :o) i just got back from my trip! it's good to catch up. loved reading your 7 things! this week is half-way over!!! hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. :)


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