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*This will be a long update post.  I just want to have a documentation of everything from even the beginning weeks, before everyone knew I was expecting!*

With my estimated due date being October 15th (which I still have a hard time believing) I was already about 7 weeks when I found out I was pregnant....that's something else I have a hard time believing.  I still have a feeling that down the road they will change my due date again...then again, maybe I'm naive.  We'll see! I plan on updating at the end of each week (once I have actually completed it).

{7 Weeks}

How far along:  7 weeks! 

Babe size: Blueberry! 

Total weight gain/loss: Down a pound from my normal weight. 

Sleep: Tossing and turning...but I go right back to sleep.  I'm already using a pillow in between my legs to help with back pain.  I think the tossing and turning might also be from getting adjusted to this new, exciting news! Lots of emotions! 

Movement: Of course not yet...can't wait, though! 

Food cravings/aversions:  Only aversions right now.  I am eating less this week.  I have a big appetite and then things don't taste as well as they did when I started eating them.  I did start right away by changing my diet a bit.  Absolutely no caffeine of course.  I've also made all my snacks fruits, veggies, crackers (because sometimes that's all that sounds good), and cheese.  And usually fast food sounds good...I know the calories are important, especially right now when nothing tastes good...but I'm trying to break that habit quickly. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Oh my.  Well being that this is the first week I know I'm pregnant, looking back, there were many things that should have caught my attention.  Now that I know I'm pregnant, cramps, backaches, food aversions, peeing all the time, sore and larger breasts, pulling feeling at my ribs (feels like I've done a thousand crunches), bloating and crying at the drop of a hat. 

What I miss:  Not feeling so bloated. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Our first appointment! March 25th! And everyone knowing. 

Milestones:  This week...finding out our life was about to change...the positive pregnancy test! 

Best moment this week:  Finding out...what a surprise blessing from God! 

Moments with Justin:  Telling Justin was of course the best moment.  He has been so sweet with my crazy emotions and we've had some very deep heart-to-hearts about our nerves and joy.

{8 Weeks}

No bump...just a baseline pic :)
 How far along:  8 weeks! 

Babe size: Raspberry! 

Total weight gain/loss: Up 1 pound from pre-pregnancy weight, so that it is a 2 pound increase (I'm positive it's all bloat.) 

Sleep: Good! I just have to get up to pee all the time. 

Movement: Still can't wait! 

Food cravings/aversions:  I've officially been eating knowing I'm pregnant for a week now.  I feel like I've made some positive changes....much more fruit and veggies.  I'm calorie logging on my iphone app...also making sure I get enough Vitamin C, protein, etc. Still mainly aversions.  The smell of some foods are starting to make me feel gross.  Justin had to pack my lunch this morning because the smell of the chicken I was putting into my wrap starting to make me feel so gross.  However, I was able to eat it at lunch.  Also, warm, creamy things are making me feel gross....such as casseroles, creamy soups, etc.  I'm still craving fast food something awful! Cheeseburgers.... 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Less back pain this week, still occasional, very light cramping, but it's a lot better.  I'm hungry all the time.  I pee all the time.  Breasts are still sore.  I feel more bloated...my pants only fit comfortably on the second time of wearing them.  Loose and baggy is my friend right now.  Exhausted...it hits me out of nowhere and then I just need to go to sleep.  I did have one quick maybe a minute long wave of nausea the other afternoon after I ate carrots and celery.  Carrots haven't made me sick since, so I haven't eaten the celery.  I was nervous it was a hint at what was to come...but thankfully it hasn't returned.  I'm knocking on wood. 

What I miss:  Still not feeling so bloated. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Our first appointment! March 25th! Hopefully seeing that sweet thing on the screen and/or hearing the heartbeat! And telling those we haven't told yet. 

Milestones:  Hm...I guess now knowing I'm pregnant for a week.  What a crazy week it's been! 

Best moment this week: Praying for our unborn child for the first time together as a couple. 

Moments with Justin:  When going to bed later than I wanted to one night and then not being able to get to sleep, Justin was so sweet to remind me that he wouldn't want anyone else taking care of our sweet baby and that I was already doing such a great job.  He reassured me that I won't do everything perfectly...that I just have to do my best for the baby and relax instead of worrying and stressing.  He always calms me down.

 {9 Weeks}

No baby bump...just plain, fun bloat that this black shirt hides nicely!

Baby's the size of an olive this week (seeing that picture nearly made me gag due to my food aversions, ha!) And morning sickness and nausea kicked in full force with this week.  Therefore, the update is a little less organized.  Pregnancy at nine weeks has definitely been the most rough.  I haven't actually gotten sick (as in vomiting), but I do wake up nauseous and keep that feeling a little throughout the day.  Food aversions are also awful this week which makes it tough to stay a little full all the time to keep the nausea away.  I'm talking nothing sounds good. I'm learning to cope and learning to eat through the sick feeling so that I feel better after.  It's definitely been a symptom that has made this seem much more real.  And for someone who loves food and isn't a picky eater at all, it's been quite eye opening how pregnancy can quickly change your body!

Other weird symptoms (that I guess aren't so weird)...nasty taste in my mouth after every meal or snack (sour things like lemon drops and skittles after eating are helping), motion sickness hits when I read or type for a while, and I'm going to bed two and three hours earlier at night.  Brushing my teeth makes me gag (lovely, huh?). Oh and peeing like it's my job both day and night. (Still feel so amazingly blessed and would take the symptoms any day.)

I've been joking with Justin that I think he's nesting earlier than me...he's even admitted to it.  I have to admit I love it and think it's so sweet.  He's definitely getting used to the idea that "daddy" is his new upcoming role.

We're both very much looking forward to our upcoming appointment on Friday, March 25th! It will be our first appointment with the OB and I'm hoping that this sweet little one we've been praying for so much already allows us to hear and/or see his or her little heartbeat! And after that, the secret will be out to everyone! Can't wait to share our exciting news with the world! :)

 {10 weeks}

I feel like I am actually getting a little more shape to my belly than just bloat...it was hard to tell in this loose dress (which is maternity by the way...and felt like heaven around my waist!
How far along:  10 weeks! 

Babe size: Prune 

Total weight gain/loss: Up a few ounces (yep, I'm getting that specific).  I've been fluctuating by just one pound.  I think I'm going up now...at least my clothes feel like I should be. 

Sleep: Still can't complain but not as great.  I now wake up to pee and I feel hungry.  If I don't eat, I know I will wake up in the morning feeling more sick.  Then when I eat, that nasty taste gets left in my mouth.  It's just a cycle, really.  I also am going to bed way early (hello, exhaustion!) and on the weekends when I actually can, I can't sleep in anymore. 

Movement: We're getting closer!! 

Food cravings/aversions: Aversions to everything.  Absolutely no cravings.  Cold works better for me.  Fruit is about the only thing that tastes normal and doesn't leave the awful taste in my mouth.  This has probably been the worst part of the first trimester for me. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Gag reflex/throwing up when I brush my teeth (TMI?!), exhaustion, I think I'm starting to feel some of that round ligament pain my books talk about, occasional nausea, frequent urination, hungry all the time, bloating. 

What I miss:  Being able to eat normal. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Well now that I know it's just in two appointments, find out the gender!! But of course the next appointment in four weeks, just because I like knowing my doctor is checking up on the little one.  I'm also looking forward to knowing everything is okay and baby is healthy.  Not that I have a reason to think the opposite, but I'm just looking forward to actually seeing the sweet thing in an ultrasound. 

Milestones:  Hearing the heartbeat!! Oh my...talk about changing your world! What a sweet moment as husband and wife.  No offense if you are a non-believer, but I just don't know how someone can't believe in a creator after witnessing something like that! God is so amazing! 

Best moment this week: I'm going with hearing the heartbeat! And also having everyone find out that didn't know, including our church family, friends, and my sweet students.  (More to come on how we told folks.) 

Moments with Justin:  Looking into his face as our doctor found the heartbeat...it becoming real that we created a sweet human only by the grace of God.  And when they drew a bunch of my blood for tests, he actually had tears in his eyes.  Later when I asked him about it, he told me he just hated to see me have to go through so much already.  I warned him to just get ready...but that I could handle it as long as he kept being as sweet and supportive as he always is.  Yep, I love my sweet hubby and thank God for him daily!

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  1. so far our pregnancies sound A LOT alike. Eating was super hard because I had so many aversions (the doc said if I could keep it down to not worry about what I was eating), pulling at the ribs early on, bad tastes in my mouth (I chew gumm ALL THE TIME!), waking up hungry (kept crackers next to the bed...and gum). Keep up the good work!

  2. This makes me a little nervous about having a baby one day. Haha! But, your husband sounds like such a sweetheart... What a blessing!

  3. You, my sweet friend, are adorable! I think you can tell a difference between the first and last pictures! I love reading your weeks. I hope all of your yucky symptoms go away soon and I totally agree that every symptom is a wonderful blessing because it's all for our sweet babies :)

  4. You look great! It's amazing how fast the baby grows in those first few weeks - from a blueberry to a prune that fast! Early on there was usually only one food that sounded good to me at any given time, and the thought of anything else made me nauseous - but it went away after the first trimester was through. Hopefully that will get better for you soon too (or maybe it already has?)!

  5. Awww loved your post!! Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is so incredible isnt it?! So happy for you! :-)

  6. i am SO excited for you!!! this is just too fun & exciting. cant wait to hear more! hope your food aversions leave quickly!

  7. Loved reading your updates! I have to agree that hearing the heartbeat is one of the MOST amazing things. You will be finding out the sex before you know it- the time just flies by!

  8. I love reading these updates!! Yes, hearing your baby's heart beating away is an amazing moment. I will never forget that moment- it seemed like the whole world changed in an instant. And I too had alot of trouble brushing my teeth. Right from the beginning I would gag while brushing- hang in there!! So happy for you!


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