I've always been a reflective person.  Whether it's as a Christian, as a wife, in my job, or in whatever other (many) roles I have, I seem to always have thoughts going on in my mind on how I can be better.  How I can change for the good.  So there are some things I'm working on changing right now...some I've been in the process of for a while...some I'm just now venturing into.  So here goes.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


That dreaded work-out routine. 

I mean really.  I have to do this.  For my heart, for my sanity, and to get toned. So how do you do it? I need tips.  I leave my house no later than 7 am M-F and don't return home until 4:30 three days out of the work week.  The other two, I go straight to grad class and don't get home until 8 (those days are over 12 hour days).  And as a teacher, it's not like I get nice lunch breaks where I can go walk...I'm lucky to make it with enough time to sit down and complete my lunch before picking up my kiddos again.  Trying not to complain...just being honest.  So how do I fit this in?


Finding healthy things to pack for lunch.

I'm beyond bored of turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread and regular salads.  Give me some tips...what are your healthy lunch go-tos for when you pack your lunch?


Giving up the soda, pop, Coke,
(or whatever you call it). 

  This is probably the one I'm doing the best with.  I haven't had a Diet Coke in I don't know how long, and honestly, I don't miss them.  (Never thought I'd say that!) But what I've figured out about myself, is that I crave the "fiziness" of a Coke sometimes.  What do you do to satisfy those cravings? Tips?


Making time to be creative (or do whatever hobby you enjoy).

 Plain and simple...how do you make yourself take time to relax and have time for your hobbies? I know with spring break and then summer break coming soon after, I'll have gobs of time (whoo hoo)! And for that I feel extremely blessed.  But how do you make time for this in your everyday, working life?

(and because I like to keep things in increments of 5...)


Quiet time.

I've explained before that I use my commuting time to be in silence and pray and listen to God.  That's been so crucial for my faith during the past few years.  What I'm not so great about is taking time to sit down, read my bible, and really study it.  It comes and goes in waves.  Where do you carve out time for this?

{One more thing...}

And a bonus question...do you all have cable? Is it worth it to keep it in the budget in your opinion? If so, what's your argument for keeping it around? If you've nixed it from the budget, or never had it in the budget, what was the deciding factor? For my sweet hubby, how does your hubby "survive" without it? This is one we're contemplating as a family...not sure what to do.

Whew.  That feels good to get off my chest! Maybe seeing it written down here will also help me with accountability.  Ladies...share your hearts out! And thanks in advance for any of your tips...y'all are huge inspirations in my life!
Happy weekend!

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  1. Hi Cait! I found your blog through Thankfully Thrifty! I gave up diet coke this new years and it has BEEN SO HARD! I would love to hear what others say "helps" with their cravings! As far as yummy lunches. . . I have a couple great salads on my blog if you want to check them out. . . I normally make them the night before so i don't have to do that much in the morning! (www.elizabethannsrecipebox.com) AND as a teacher, I try to work out the SECOND I get home (or else i won't) . . . I think that as long as your working out a couple times a day you are doing great! working out normally pushes dinner back an hour or so, but i think it is worth it! Oh the quiet time, equally hard to carve out time for this. . . isn't that sad when it should be the most important thing we do every day! I used to do it in the mornings but since I've gotten married and my hubby is a night owl, i try to do it before bed . . . Can't wait to read what others have to say! Have a great Saturday!

  2. so...i dont think i have many tips but should be doing many of these things along with you!
    we do have cable and when i really think about how much it costs it just crazy but with the hubby loving sports i dont think its something we will get rid of. i'd love your thoughts on it though!

  3. for the workout - no matter what season of life you're in, it will always seem really difficult to fit it in. but, the best part is, if you make it a priority it will give you more energy to get everything else accomplished. totally worth it. you should do jillian michael's 30 day shred - it's only 20 minutes. it brings great results, toning, especially in such a small amount of time. it's a no-brainer!

    oh, and as far as hobbies go... i know they are a good thing, but some seasons of life don't allow for them. at least that's what i'm learning. like you said, you will have plenty of time this summer to catch up.

    and the last but NOT least! - i've never been one to have a set amount of time at a specific time to read Scripture. i did that for awhile, but then it became like something on my "to-do" list that i'd be anxious to check off just like the rest of the things. that said, i believe this is the #1 priority of anyone's day! make time for it, based upon the day and keep it #1. : )

    probably more tips than you wanted or needed! but it's my .02 cents.

  4. I dont have many tips as I am also trying to figure out how to get all of these things done myself. But when it comes to cable...we had it for many years and thought we would never live without it. But we got rid of it almost 3 years ago and have never missed it. We thought it would be hard but at the end of the day most of what we watch is on regular TV and there is nextflix to get shows or movies. The hubby does not miss it at all either. Not even during football season! Plus we are saving so much money from that and getting rid of our land line. Hope that helps!!

  5. I totally understand about craving the fizziness of pop- I love carbonation. A healthier replacement that I enjoy is mixing sparkling water with some juice, like an izzy drink.
    We keep going back and forth on whether to keep ou satellite tv too - not sure what we're going to do.

  6. Drink perrier! It's lovely and fizzy. AND if you need more flavor you can mix half perrier with half juice. YUM (I'm drinking that right now).

    For lunches you could try making wraps. Or have you thought of hummus and veggies? Soup in a thermos is good too.

    John and I have decided to get rid of cable once the baby is born. TONS of TV shows are online now anyways the day after they air. We have a cable to connect our laptops to the TV so the picture and sound come out the TV! And that's free. We might get Netflix too. For $8 a month, it's a ton cheaper than cable.

  7. I can't help you in the workout area because I don't really workout myself.

    I usually eat leftovers, sandwiches or salads for lunch. I bought some fruit and veggies that I am going to start bringing.

    I like to drink flavored water when I'm craving the "fiziness" of coke. And sometimes I will get some Pomegranate juice to add to it. It tastes so good!

    Hobbies are my stress reliever so I HAVE to make time to do those. I am usually sewing or reading while Chad watches sports. We talk and enjoy each others company while doing our hobbies.

    I'm really bad about quiet time and my goal is to work on that over the next few weeks. I am using an app on my iphone to read through the Bible. I almost always read before I go to bed and now I'm going to be intentional about reading the Bible.

    Unless our cable/internet goes up anymore (it went from $25.66 to $44.50) anytime soon, I know Chad won't want to get rid of it. But then again, he surprises me sometimes!

    Hope my 2 cents is helpful! See you at church!

  8. Not sure if I have any good advice as I struggle with these as well. But for lunch I either bring fresh veggies or veggies in the bag I can steam in the microwave. Quick and healthy. As for working out I walk the neighborhood especially this time of year. Grace loves it and it is about a mile and a half. We all struggle with the same things. I hope you find what works for you!

  9. hi! good job on the goals. i gave up soda too and had a few this week. not sure i love how they make me feel but they did taste good. for the fizziness ... i buy sparkling water and it is wonderful!

  10. I always liked the fizziness of sodas when I was in High School. But, then I tried just plain seltzer water with a lemon in it, or even some fruit juice mixed in, and I LOVED it! Now, I don't drink any soda, and if I really want that refreshing fizzy feeling, I grab the seltzer water. It sounds like you are doing great with stopping the sodas, though!
    We do not have cable. But we do get a few channels with a plain old antenna and cable box (box that comes free with tv) and it is nice to watch a show during the evenings. Someday we may get cable, but for now this is a good way to save money. Although some of the bundle deals are really cheap!

  11. Hey girl! Great to chat with you last night!! :) As far as tips, (though I need even more than that myself!!), I agree with the other gals - Perrier is awesome - though expensive. I don't buy it myself, but I drink it occasionally at work. That's the only thing that really feels like you're drinking something remotely as wonderful as Diet Coke. :) I also like(ish) Hint water, because it's not plain boring water but there are no artificial sweetners.

    I also agree with watching certain shows online. We don't have t.v. at all right now, but watch our favorites on the computer. It avoids commercials, wasted time, and a whole bunch of filth you don't want to see anyway! :)

    As for quiet time - set a timer and start small. Maybe 5 or 10 min. at first. Have a special place - a tent of meeting like Moses in Exodus - to get on your knees and just pray and listen, and reflect on a verse or two. And maybe decide what you'll set your mind to pray for each day - Monday for missionaries or your marriage for example, Thursday for Thankfulness, etc. The study I just finished called 'Godseeker' is awesome and has been really powerful for me in this area!

    Receive God's grace in all areas above all else!! :) Praying for you friend!

  12. Cait,
    I can relate to all these points! Even the last one one about cable. We have direct TV and pay 89.95 a month and surf the channels only to end up watching the locals. I had this conversation with my hubby yesterday. We really only like a hand full of programs on the thing. Is it worth it? It may be how we will pay for gas in the future. I'll think on this one.

  13. Hey girl! We don't have cable, and we love it. We bought a blu-ray player and what we do is use Netflix and Hulu Plus. The only big bummer is not having sports to watch, which is something you have to discuss! But we cut our budget from 70 dollars to about 17! It really was incredible, and we are WAY more intentional about what we watch. We went over to another couple's house and watched a movie with them, and we were shocked at how much junk we'd cut out of our lives just by choosing what to watch instead of surfing channels.

  14. Love it! Cable - cut it! ;) I sgree w Sarah Ann! Also we still get CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC - all the good prime time shows! Typing one handed - baby haha - but I wrote ab it here: http://www.thankfullythrifty.com/2009/06/cable-schmable/


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