Fitness Friday {week 3}

the blessed life
This week I really got going on working out and getting moving! I also have seen my first big results this week, which is making me so excited to continue this journey! And yay for 10 of you linking up last week! Let's continue to spread the word and encourage, encourage, encourage!

How did Week 3 go?

My goal this week was to drink hot tea or coffee in the morning instead of soda.  Well I started off well and then Adeline changed my goal. :) Even though I was drinking decaf, I think the coffee was hurting her little belly, so I switched to just drink water in the morning.  This ends up being better anyway to add to my water intake which is important since I'm BF and working out.  I am happy to say I did this each morning! This is another goal I will continue!

Was I active?

I am so excited to report that I was active 5 out of the 7 days this week! That is my new activity goal and I met it, yay!

Friday-Calisthenics and cleaning
Saturday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals)
Sunday-Rest day
Monday-No activity--sick
Tuesday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals)
Wednesday-Cleaning out basement with Adeline in-tow in Moby
Thursday-Postnatal Bootcamp (two intervals)

I did determine what it is about working out that can get me motivated on a day I don't want to do it...the mood-lifter it brings! Seriously, I am in such a better and more positive mood on days that I work-out.  Because of this, I would love, love to be able to get up early enough when I go back to work to work-out before going in.  I don't know that that will happen with also having to get Adeline ready.  However, I know it would make a tremendous difference in my mood going back to work until summer.  We will see if I can get there!

Weight Loss?

I made it back up to 129 after a dip the first week.  Now I am down from 129 to 128.6.  A little progress, but progress, nonetheless.  This is an area that is definitely going much, much slower than I anticipated, but I am just being really cautious with breastfeeding.  I saw my supply start to go down a bit early in the week, so I upped my calories a little more.  Really, as long as I'm getting more fit and toned, I'm okay with the weight-loss portion of this going very slow.


Waist: 31" (down 1" from starting measurement)
Thigh: 22" (down .5" from starting measurement)

That is more exciting to me than weight-loss!!

Week 4 Goal?

No french fries.  I cringed typing this...it will be so hard...I'd choose french fries over ice cream any day!

(See my list of weekly goals here.)

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my little kangaroo

Adeline is going through a stage of wanting to be held a lot.  Honestly I don't mind because I know I will want these days back down the road.  However, this momma does need her hands once in a while! If not, we may drown in laundry here and the Hoarders show may come knocking on our door due to the way the kitchen looks...

So we have a new favorite position with our Moby wrap since my sweet girl has head control now. :)

This is the best of both worlds...she's up and moving looking around at everything (her new favorite past-time at 2 1/2 months) and I have my hands and get to snuggle my baby...all at the same time!

The funniest part of this is that my little cat napper that isn't crazy about napping these days (or for very long when she does), fell sound asleep while I was loading the dishwasher.  I went to the mirror and found this sweet face!

Oh how I love my little kangaroo!

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a new thing

Lately Justin and I have been in a deep place of reflection as a couple.  We knew a baby would change a lot of things, but I don't think we realized just how much having a little one would change our hearts and desires.  Adeline has brought us a joy that we are in awe of daily and has drawn us closer to God in a whole new way.

We have turned a new page and are really devoting ourselves to prayer and reading scripture in a deeper way than we have in the past in order to discern God's will and direction with what we're thinking and reflecting upon.

Our associate pastor at our church, who married us, and happens to be a very dear friend of ours and an amazing mentor in our lives, shared a verse with us that has completely changed my frustrated approach to the throne of God into one of hopeful, calm expectation in this time where God seems to be so quiet.

As we wait on God to answer our prayers in His way and in His timing, we're reflecting constantly upon these verses.

Isaiah 43:18 & 19
If you are a prayer warrior, we would so appreciate your prayers.  Prayers for discernment and wisdom.  Prayers for complete humbleness of self and trust in God.  Prayers that doors would open and we would hear God wherever and whenever He speaks.

In a time of not being sure about quite a bit, we are sure and hopeful in a God that has never let us down.  A God that promises to make a way where there doesn't seem to be a way.  A God that loves us far more than our hearts can comprehend. And a God that promises us new things daily through His amazing grace.

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Fitness Friday {week 2}

the blessed life
This week I was excited to connect with many of you on MyFitnessPal.  What a fun way to stay accountable for my food choices and activity level! If you are using this app or website, my username is caitg19...I would love to be friends with you on there!

How did Week 2 go?

My goal this week was move every day.  We were on vacation in Florida this week where the temps were a-mazing! Among my exercises were walking almost every morning or when we went to the beach as well as some calisthenics and playing tennis.  I am continuing this even though my goal for the upcoming week is different.

Was I active?

This came easy this week since it was the goal for the week! I started a postnatal workout DVD today that I'm excited to use!

Weight Loss?

I stayed the same this week.  I'm sure it's because I was on vacation and ate quite a bit!


Waist: down a 1/2 inch to 31.5"
Thigh:  same as starting measurement (I'm hoping this will change with upping my workout intensity this week!)

Week 2 Goal?

Drink hot tea or coffee in the morning instead of soda...I'm looking forward to using our new Keurig to help with this goal!

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Fitness Friday {week 1}

the blessed life

I was so happy to see many of you all get excited over Fitness Friday! I know a lot of us share the common goals of getting fit and becoming more healthy.  It was so neat to read your goals and see how you adapted my ideas to fit your own needs! I'm looking forward to following your journeys over the next few months! If you are just now joining, feel free to start linking up this week! We would love to have you join!

How did Week 1 go?

My goal this week was counting calories.  I did a good job this week meeting my goal thanks to my app, MyFitnessPal (which you can also use online if you don't have a smart phone with apps).  I already feel so much more knowledgeable about food choices based on seeing my calories each day this past week.  This is definitely something I plan on continuing as it held me very accountable on my food choices! I was even surprised to see that on some days, I was a few calories away from my goal calories, which encouraged me to smart wisely in order to make sure I am getting the amount of calories I need each day.  Also, seeing my calories throughout the day allowed me to make wise choices overall.

Was I active?

I do have to say, that after reading many of your goals, I realized that the eating portion of getting healthy is a lot more natural and easy for me than being active.  I really want to work more over the next few months on becoming more active than I had originally planned when starting Fitness Friday.  I did start working on taking more walks.  This week's plan? More strength and toning exercises! (I have some plans pinned on Pinterest.)

Weight Loss?

I weighed myself a few times throughout the week and actually lost about a pound and a half instead of just a pound.  I do want to be careful with this since I'm breastfeeding and don't want to mess that up.  This is another reason I want to watch my calories so closely.

Week 2 Goal?

Move every day...I'm on it!

Now grab the button, link-up, and share your Fitness Friday posts to share about your fitness journey!

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Two Months!

Dear Adeline Grace,

            You are two months old! Time flies by way too quickly having your little self in our lives! How is it that we seem to fall more in love with you every day? Your second month has been filled with tons of smiles that melt our hearts!

So what have we learned about you this month and what have you been up to in your second month of life?

Once again, you have had many firsts

-On 12.10.11 you laughed for the first time! You were cuddling with mommy in the morning, about to go back to sleep, and you laughed! You are such a little morning person and wake up smiling like crazy at us!

-On 12.14.11 you had a few firsts! It was your first Christmas Cantata at church. You were a huge hit wearing your first pair of shoes (your furry, white boots).  Your Grandma and Gee sang in the cantata...you decided you wanted your daddy to walk you around in the back of the church the entire time to make you happy.  You also had your first bottle that evening given to you by Daddy! I shed a few tears because it hit me that you could "survive" without me.  You were just okay with that bottle...we've switched bottles since and you are great at taking your bottle from Daddy...but you are one messy little eater when you take a bottle! This was also your first day in some cloth diapers.

-On 12.19.11 you slept through the night for the first time! You slept for seven hours straight! (From about 11 pm to 6 am).  You haven't slept as long between feedings since then, but you are slowly getting there!

-On 12.23.11 you celebrated your first Christmas Eve Eve at your grandparents!

-On 12.24.11 you celebrated your first Christmas Eve! You went to Papa's, MaJo and PaJack's, and Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Doug's.  We opened gifts as a family of three that night! You were such a great baby...happy when you were awake...and slept through a lot of the commotion!

-On 12.25.11 you celebrated your first Christmas! Santa visited and you got your Fisher Price caterpillar, a new toy for your car seat, and a book, "God Gave Us You" (which you love to hear your mommy read aloud).  You got your first bible from your mommy and daddy! You were such a happy baby on Christmas morning and throughout the rest of the day! Santa also visited at your grandparents, then you went to MaJo and PaJack's, then you visited Papaw and Gee's, and finally, you ended your first Christmas at your grandparents before coming home.  We were busy, busy! (A funny sidenote- You hadn't pooed in four days leading up to Christmas day, which was a big change for you and we called the doctor on Christmas Eve to make sure you were okay.  You gave us a present on Christmas and we were all relieved. ;)

-On 12.29.11 you got sick for the first time.  You woke up with a stuffy nose that went for about a week.  You had lots of congestion and a cough which the doctor decided was just a cold.  You were pitiful and kept us on our toes as we tried to keep you comfortable.

-On 12.31.11 you celebrated your first New Years! We spent the day watching the UK v. UofL basketball game at your grandparents.  That evening we hung out at home.  You didn't quite make it to see the ball drop, but we snuck in and gave you a kiss to ring in your New Year!

-On 1.6.11 you took your first walk! You loved it and wanted to look around at everything before the movement put you to sleep!

-On 1.7.11 you slept for 8 hours straight! You went to sleep at 9:30 and didn't wake up until 5:40 for a feeding! Then you went right back to bed until 8:30! (You have now done this two nights in a row...)

This month you also:

-Started to show much more of a personality (although you've had such a personality since day one.)
-Started smiling at us (and other people) when we talk to you.  (Not just when you have gas or you're dreaming. ;)
-Started watching your puppy a lot.  (He's getting used to you too and especially loves to be hidden under your crib when we do our nighttime routine in your room.  He also comes to stand in your room with us almost every time you get your diaper changed.)
-Started following us with our eyes and head.
-Gained a lot more control of your head and body.  You are rocking to your side when on your tummy and we know you will roll over any day.
-Started batting at toys and grasping toys that you find on your own without us placing them in your hands.
-Started knocking your paci out of your mouth when you don't want it.
-Started sucking your fist and thumb quite a bit.  (You are so loud when you do this and it cracks us up!)
-Discovered Mommy's hair and jewelry.  You love to hold onto my hair when I hold you and you just stare like crazy at my pearl earrings.

So what do you like and dislike?

You love…

-Being held (especially where you can look over our shoulders)
-Lights and music
-Being talked to, read to, and sung to
-Your bouncy seat
-Tummy time (you are rocking to your side now!)
-Your pacifier (you now cry for it sometimes if you drop it out of your mouth when trying to get to sleep)
-Moving (you love when we walk around with you)
-Morning time (you are such a little morning person...where did you get that?!)

You dislike…

-Going to sleep...especially at bedtime (you still fight it--you are such a night owl like your mommy and daddy)
-Having lots of layers on (you get hot really easily)
-Sitting in your car seat when it's not moving

What are your sizes?

You are mainly in 3 month clothes but I still squeeze you into your newborn nighties sometimes.  You are in size 1 diapers when in disposables and are in your one-size cloth diapers on the smallest snap settings.

What are your eating habits like?

Oh girl, you love to eat and you are a fast eater! You are still a breastfed-only baby and rarely take a bottle (which your Mommy and Daddy both still prefer since you are happiest with nursing).  During the day you go everywhere from 2 to 3 hours between feedings...but mainly 2.  During the night you usually have a late-night feeding you wake up for around 11, you then wake up again around 4 or 5, and then again around 8 or 8:30.  (This is textbook to what the doctor told us to expect from you at this stage.)  You still eat for a whopping 10 minutes at most (15-20 on the rarest occasions).  Your spitting up (that was pretty minimal) has gone to almost never.  You also have started burping really well and show much less signs of uncomfortable gas these days.

How is your sleeping?

Well little one, you are still a master napper, but we have discovered this month that you are quite the night owl.  We have really established a nighttime routine with you this month that we start between 8 or 9 based on when you are ready to eat.  (Nurse, diaper change, pajamas are put on if you don't have them on already, you get your gas drops and vitamins, we rock while Daddy or I read to you, singing and rocking, a prayer, and then down in your bassinet).  For the first part of the month, you got really good at self-soothing and getting to sleep with no crying...just some talking and grunting.  However, I think your cold threw you (and us) for a loop and the last week or so you haven't gotten to sleep until 11 most nights and when you do, it's because we've either held you or put you in your bouncy seat.  Hopefully this goes back to normal! You take your naps in your bassinet or bouncy and we've also tried your crib out (which you took one nap in thanks to the help of your mobile getting you to sleep).  You are usually awake for about an hour after you eat and then sleep for anywhere between 1 and 2 hours after that.  So you take between 4 and 5 naps a day still.  You are also starting to show signs of more awake time.

So what makes you, you this month?

Oh Adeline Grace, we can't get over you! You have changed our world in a way we never imagined.  I look at you and can't believe God formed you so perfectly in my womb--from your sweet little fingers to your squirmy little toes.  We cannot imagine life without you and often find ourselves just wanting to squeeze you, you're so cute! Your daddy is smitten with you and I am overwhelmed by my love for you.

You're our world and our most precious blessing.  We love you to the moon and back!


                                                                                                    Mommy and Daddy

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i love you because...

I have been working on getting our master bedroom into a bit more of a retreat (as much as you can with a bassinet and baby monitor in it ;) and less of a "throw things down and walk away" room.  Besides removing clutter, I've also been looking for ways to add a bit more romance into things.

I have always loved the idea of leaving notes for each other as husband and wife.  I just think it's so important in a relationship to let each other know why you appreciate and love each other.  If you don't say it or show it in some way...how does the other person know? We have a "Praise Board" in our dining area that we love to leave notes on so when I saw a couple ideas on Pinterest, I knew a place to leave love notes was exactly what we needed in our bedroom to add some fun and romance to things!

The inspiration was of course found on Pinterest.

 Here was what I came up with for our bedroom wall using a frame we had on hand, a fun font I downloaded, and a simple word document...

Now it's hanging on our wall under one of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon.

I'm looking forward to Justin being surprised and finding his first note (I did this when he was at work).  Hopefully this adds a little more romance and gratitude into our busy days!

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first walk

We have had gorgeous weather here lately! I am so loving the much-needed sunshine and warmer temperatures.  With Adeline coming home when the cool temperatures were just starting and then the weather actually getting pretty cold when I was actually ready to venture out with her for a walk, she hadn't been on her first walk yet!

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunshine, warm weather, and ventured out for her first walk! She loved it and started off with all smiles!

At one point I pulled the blanket up to block the sun from her eyes...she couldn't see around anymore...and started fussing.  As soon as I pulled the blanket back down so she could look around, she was happy again.  I love how alert she is and how much she enjoys taking in the world around her.

By the end of the walk, she was out!

First walk....success!

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Fitness Friday--Starts Today!

*If you previously grabbed the button for this link-up, please delete it and grab it again...there was a mistake that is now fixed. Thanks!*

Today starts the first week of Fitness Friday following the Week 1 goal! You can find all the details about Fitness Friday here and how you can join in if you would like! If interested, post your starting stats (find mine here) and get started with your first week! I'll be back next Friday to share my stats and how I did with Week 1!

Week 1 Goal- Track calories

(I'm using the "MyFitnessPal" app which gives you the amount of calories to consume based on how many pounds you want to lose each week to reach your set goal weight.  It also ups your calories if you work out and input your activity, plus it allows you to edit your calories for each day.  I added 500 calories a day to what it gave me since I'm breastfeeding.)

Want to join? Grab the button below and link-up!

the blessed life

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Fitness Friday!

Now that Adeline is 8 weeks old and I have gotten the okay from my doctor to work-out again, I wanted to start on some fitness goals.  This includes losing some weight, toning up, and adopting some overall healthy-living habits!

When I started my research, I wanted to make sure to find information on losing weight in a healthy way so that my milk supply isn't bothered since Adeline is exclusively breastfed.  In order to do this, research shows you should wait until about 2 months and lose less than 1.5 pounds a week.

Now I'm not beating myself up and I'm being realistic...I had a baby just 8 weeks ago, I realize that.  However, I just don't want things to get out of hand from this point and I want Adeline to see that her mom has healthy habits and a positive body-image once she's old enough to know these things.

I've never been one for making resolutions and sticking with them.  Long-term goals just don't work well for me, so I want this to be about short-term, immediate-gratification goals.

What is my plan?

I want to lose 19 pounds in 19 weeks as well as become more healthy overall.  This will include tracking my very gradual weight-lose, toning up process, and healthy living goal-achieving.  This also means losing 1 pound per week.  (Why 19 weeks? Just so happens that gets me to my goal weight, losing a pound a week.  I found it neat that 19 is my favorite number--my anniversary is July 19th, my birthday is March 19th, and Adeline's birthday is November 9th (another 9!) Each Friday, I will update with my measurements for the week and how my goal for the week went.

The fun part? I would love for you to be involved! What's better for accountability than doing this with other people following along? If you would like to join me...great! However, even if that aspect doesn't happen, I plan on updating you each Friday on how I'm doing.

Starting Stats:

(For reference, I'm 5'2".)

Weight: 129 lbs.
BMI: 23.6 (upper part of "normal weight" level)
Waist measurement: 32" (top number for a "healthy waistline)
Thigh measurement: 22.5" (measured at largest part of thigh)

Goal Stats:

Weight: 110 lbs.
BMI:  20.1 (bottom part of "normal weight" level)
Waist measurement: Middle of "healthy waistline" range--middle 20s or so
Thigh measurement:  No specific measurement, but I want my thighs to not touch when standing and look less "flabby" if you know what I mean. ;)

Weekly Goals (to be accomplished each day of the week):

Week 1- Track Calories
Week 2- Move every day
Week 3- Coffee or hot tea each morning instead of soda
Week 4- No french fries
Week 5- Drink only water throughout the day after breakfast
Week 6- No snacking after 8 pm
Week 7- No sweets
Week 8- Do three sets of planks for 60 seconds each
Week 9- No starches (white potatoes, white breads, etc.)
Week 10- Only snack off the healthy list
Week 11- 20 push-ups each day
Week 12- Eat a salad each day (no creamy dressing)
Week 13- Eat 2-3 servings of low fat dairy each day
Week 14- Take a walk each day
Week 15- Cook only "light or healthy" meals
Week 16- 50 jumping jacks each day
Week 17- Eat 3-5 servings of baked, steamed, or raw veggies
Week 18- Eat 2-4 servings of fruit
Week 19- Do 3 sets of stairs each day

How can you get involved?

Track your own progress over the next 19 weeks and link-up! If you are interested in linking up, let me know in the comment section below.  If you can't commit to 19 weeks, that's fine, just join-in when you can! If your goals will take you more or less time, join in for what works for you! If you would just like to maintain your weight, great! Keep us updated with how you're going with achieving the weekly goals.  If you would like to change the weekly goals to fit your personal needs, that's fine too! And finally, if you're currently pregnant, join us for the weekly goals portion of this and adapt as you see fit.  

If you are interested, grab the button below or in my sidebar!
the blessed life


I am using the "MyFitnessPal" app to track my daily calories and activity.
BMI calculator
Waist measurements
Breastfeeding and weight-loss  

Join me, starting tomorrow, for a chance to link-up your beginning stats!

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germie germs

I had our sweet girl out when she was just two weeks old, she's had gobs of visitors since birth and hasn't stopped going since the beginning and she stayed healthy the entire time.  But now at 8 weeks, we're dealing with Adeline's first cold...thank you Christmas germs!

The poor thing woke up last Thursday with a stuffy nose and having trouble breathing through her nose.  So for the past week we've been using our Boogie Wipes, baby saline, and suction for her nose like they're going out of style! We've also elevated her bassinet and run the cool mist vaporizer each night to help her little cough.  Thankfully she hasn't run a fever and has wanted to sleep and eat a lot.  We did go see the doctor yesterday since she was starting to gag some from the cough and the congestion didn't seem to be getting much better.  She ruled out any fluid in the lungs and determined her oxygen levels are right where they should be--so it's just a regular cold that she inferred Adeline probably got from being around all the relatives at Christmas.  Poor baby.

The good news is she's still been our happy, sweet baby that smiles like crazy!

Now I'm dealing with her cold...guess that's what I get for wiping a snotty nose gobs of times throughout the day! That's okay, I'll handle this cold with pride.  This mommy job is the best there is...even if it means wiping boogs and getting those germs!

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How Much Did I Save In 2011?

I can't believe 2011 is over! So how did I do with my coupon savings this year?

Well November and December were busy, busy months with the birth of Adeline! Needless to say, my mind wasn't focused on couponing.  However, I was still able to save quite a bit of money even in the busiest of times! How did I do it?

-Kept my coupons close-by to clip quickly and hand over to hubby when he was running to the grocery store.
-Kept restaurant coupons in the diaper bag for when we were on-the-go.
-Made sure my coupon binder was organized before I had Adeline, knowing that would be crucial to still saving money during her newborn time.
-Waited to buy items online (like cloth diapers and our birth announcement/Christmas cards) until I had a promo code to save money.

It really isn't impossible to save money during the busy times of life.  Difficult, yes, but totally doable.

November & December Savings 


2011 Total Savings

(that's about $150 more than 2010!)

Also, make sure to go check out Thankfully Thrifty  to see how much Ashleigh saved in 2011!

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Adeline's First Christmas!

This Christmas was a special one, for sure! We were busy, busy with traditions and time with family early in the week.  It was a joy-filled time and so fun having a little one to celebrate with.  Here is a very brief overview with a few of the gobs of pictures taken!

One of our traditions is to go see the play A Christmas Carol the week before Christmas at a local theater here.  Even though Adeline couldn't go to the play, she did go out to eat with everyone to Macaroni Grill before her daddy took her home and I went to the play.  (This was her first time away from me for more than an hour!)

Christmas Eve Eve was spent at my parents eating pizza and exchanging gifts with just us, my parents, and my little brother.  Adeline spent most of her time asleep amidst the gift-opening!

Christmas Eve Eve night we read some Christmas classics at bedtime and Adeline wore her first pair of Christmas pajamas.

Christmas Eve was spent at my grandpa's house for his annual Christmas Eve breakfast and then went to my grandparents' for our Dollar Gift tradition. 

she got hot in her Christmas attire and had to strip down :)

trying to rock a Santa hat--it didn't quite fit right ;)

one of his favorite gifts
That night we went to Justin's Aunt's and Uncle's for dinner.  (We usually go to our church's midnight Christmas Eve service but decided not to this year with a newborn.)

with cousins
with her only first cousins (Hadley, Gentry, and Cooper)
a little too much Christmas Eve by this point ;)

Christmas Eve night was when we opened gifts between our little family of three! Justin and I didn't exchange gifts but Adeline did some shopping. ;)

love those wide eyes, chubby cheeks, and sweet belly
a new L.L. Bean shaving kit!
Adeline got me a charm bracelet with her birthstone--LOVE it!
Santa came for Adeline and Boone on Christmas morning! Usually Adeline wakes up fussing, ready to eat immediately.  She must have known it was Christmas morning, because she woke up around 7 as happy as can be and stayed that way throughout our time at home that morning before being ready to eat breakfast.

with their stockings
happy girl with her gifts!

Our next stop was at my parents' for Santa's stop there.

Next, we went to my grandparents'!

handmade/DIY gifts--earring holder for my aunt!
sleepy girl
Our next stop was Justin's parents for Christmas!

asleep among the busynes
with her cousin, Cooper
 And our final stop was back at my parents' for Christmas night dinner and finishing our gift-opening from earlier in the day.  (Justin and I grew up a few miles from each other and my grandparents live next door to my parents'...so all this back and forth isn't so bad! ;)

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Adeline!

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