germie germs

I had our sweet girl out when she was just two weeks old, she's had gobs of visitors since birth and hasn't stopped going since the beginning and she stayed healthy the entire time.  But now at 8 weeks, we're dealing with Adeline's first cold...thank you Christmas germs!

The poor thing woke up last Thursday with a stuffy nose and having trouble breathing through her nose.  So for the past week we've been using our Boogie Wipes, baby saline, and suction for her nose like they're going out of style! We've also elevated her bassinet and run the cool mist vaporizer each night to help her little cough.  Thankfully she hasn't run a fever and has wanted to sleep and eat a lot.  We did go see the doctor yesterday since she was starting to gag some from the cough and the congestion didn't seem to be getting much better.  She ruled out any fluid in the lungs and determined her oxygen levels are right where they should be--so it's just a regular cold that she inferred Adeline probably got from being around all the relatives at Christmas.  Poor baby.

The good news is she's still been our happy, sweet baby that smiles like crazy!

Now I'm dealing with her cold...guess that's what I get for wiping a snotty nose gobs of times throughout the day! That's okay, I'll handle this cold with pride.  This mommy job is the best there is...even if it means wiping boogs and getting those germs!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a sweet little smile!!! Hope the germs go away!

  2. poor babe! Callyn had that exact cold at 3 1/2 weeks-so sad!
    We have had to get a little stricter about people holding her all the time. Tony's family seems to think they can pass her to anyone anytime and it's not ok! She has gotten two colds already and is only 3 months old :(
    I hope you both get better very soon!
    Love her sweet cheeks :)

  3. She has such a sweet smile! And those cheeks! Too cute!

  4. Addison got the Christmas germ too. Congestion as well. Saline drops, suctioner, and vaporizer are all being used here too!

  5. Oh my little guy caught a cold too last week at 8weeks old! It lasted just over a week and he still has a cough. I was so scared but it's just a cold. Boo germs!!!! I did the samethings. Cool mist, saline mist and suction. It helps. ;) get better little Adeline.

  6. I cannot get enough of her cheeks! Ah! I bet you squeeze and kiss them all day long and I don't blame you!

  7. So sorry to hear that sweet Adeline is sick (and you too!) E had her first cold at Thanksgiving and passed it on to us as well. I hated seeing her not feeling well and I know you feel the same way. Hope you both feel better soon!


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