Fitness Friday {week 2}

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This week I was excited to connect with many of you on MyFitnessPal.  What a fun way to stay accountable for my food choices and activity level! If you are using this app or website, my username is caitg19...I would love to be friends with you on there!

How did Week 2 go?

My goal this week was move every day.  We were on vacation in Florida this week where the temps were a-mazing! Among my exercises were walking almost every morning or when we went to the beach as well as some calisthenics and playing tennis.  I am continuing this even though my goal for the upcoming week is different.

Was I active?

This came easy this week since it was the goal for the week! I started a postnatal workout DVD today that I'm excited to use!

Weight Loss?

I stayed the same this week.  I'm sure it's because I was on vacation and ate quite a bit!


Waist: down a 1/2 inch to 31.5"
Thigh:  same as starting measurement (I'm hoping this will change with upping my workout intensity this week!)

Week 2 Goal?

Drink hot tea or coffee in the morning instead of soda...I'm looking forward to using our new Keurig to help with this goal!

Now grab the button, link-up, and share your Fitness Friday posts to share about your fitness journey!

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  1. Good job keeping up with your goals while vacationing! That's awesome girl! I'm so glad you are hosting this linkup. It's really motivating me to stay on track with my goals. Good luck with your goal this week. I'm also trying to avoid soda and it has been pretty tough!

  2. What a great time to be active while you were in Florida! :) Great job, keep it up!

    My goal this week is to drink water or smoothies in the morning instead of coffee since I drink coffee every day :) Good luck with yours!!

  3. That is awesome you kept up with your goals! I would love to be in Florida with nice weather all day :o)
    Soda is my down fall too, I haven't had one in probably about a week. Water and Coffee for me and ice tea is good.. Great Job!


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