Adeline's First Christmas!

This Christmas was a special one, for sure! We were busy, busy with traditions and time with family early in the week.  It was a joy-filled time and so fun having a little one to celebrate with.  Here is a very brief overview with a few of the gobs of pictures taken!

One of our traditions is to go see the play A Christmas Carol the week before Christmas at a local theater here.  Even though Adeline couldn't go to the play, she did go out to eat with everyone to Macaroni Grill before her daddy took her home and I went to the play.  (This was her first time away from me for more than an hour!)

Christmas Eve Eve was spent at my parents eating pizza and exchanging gifts with just us, my parents, and my little brother.  Adeline spent most of her time asleep amidst the gift-opening!

Christmas Eve Eve night we read some Christmas classics at bedtime and Adeline wore her first pair of Christmas pajamas.

Christmas Eve was spent at my grandpa's house for his annual Christmas Eve breakfast and then went to my grandparents' for our Dollar Gift tradition. 

she got hot in her Christmas attire and had to strip down :)

trying to rock a Santa hat--it didn't quite fit right ;)

one of his favorite gifts
That night we went to Justin's Aunt's and Uncle's for dinner.  (We usually go to our church's midnight Christmas Eve service but decided not to this year with a newborn.)

with cousins
with her only first cousins (Hadley, Gentry, and Cooper)
a little too much Christmas Eve by this point ;)

Christmas Eve night was when we opened gifts between our little family of three! Justin and I didn't exchange gifts but Adeline did some shopping. ;)

love those wide eyes, chubby cheeks, and sweet belly
a new L.L. Bean shaving kit!
Adeline got me a charm bracelet with her birthstone--LOVE it!
Santa came for Adeline and Boone on Christmas morning! Usually Adeline wakes up fussing, ready to eat immediately.  She must have known it was Christmas morning, because she woke up around 7 as happy as can be and stayed that way throughout our time at home that morning before being ready to eat breakfast.

with their stockings
happy girl with her gifts!

Our next stop was at my parents' for Santa's stop there.

Next, we went to my grandparents'!

handmade/DIY gifts--earring holder for my aunt!
sleepy girl
Our next stop was Justin's parents for Christmas!

asleep among the busynes
with her cousin, Cooper
 And our final stop was back at my parents' for Christmas night dinner and finishing our gift-opening from earlier in the day.  (Justin and I grew up a few miles from each other and my grandparents live next door to my parents'...so all this back and forth isn't so bad! ;)

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Adeline!

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  1. You had a busy holiday!! She is adorable. And Addison has that exact same stocking!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you guys were on the GO!
    You did way better at taking pictures than I did :( I was so wrapped up in her first Christmas that I didn't capture it very well :(
    Adeline cracks me up just passed out on the floor in the middle of all the hub ub! Callyn would never do that haha!
    I love her christmas blanket-so precious :)
    Callyn has that polka dot and stripe outfit with the bow on it and I left the top at our photographer's house and didn't get it back until after christmas so she could wear it :( I was so bummed! I"m trying to think of ways I can still have her wear it and it not be too Christmas-y...maybe with jeans? Anyway, I love it on A! What a wonderful first christmas for ALL of you! :) So fun to celebrate with a little one. I just love her Christmas morning smile :)
    I wanted to put callyn in a stocking like you did, but she is way too big for that haha, oh well! I need to get this post up soon.
    Wow, this comment got long! So glad you guys had such a blessed Christmas!

  3. What a beautiful Christmas you shared and full of sweet memory's to cherish a life time. Loved all the cute outfits Adeline had on. Shes so pretty.

  4. I'm so glad you had a wonderful first Christmas with Adeline. You got so many great pictures but I especially love the one of her sleeping in the middle of the floor while everyone is busy around her. SO precious! You look great and so very happy!


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