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Now that Adeline is 8 weeks old and I have gotten the okay from my doctor to work-out again, I wanted to start on some fitness goals.  This includes losing some weight, toning up, and adopting some overall healthy-living habits!

When I started my research, I wanted to make sure to find information on losing weight in a healthy way so that my milk supply isn't bothered since Adeline is exclusively breastfed.  In order to do this, research shows you should wait until about 2 months and lose less than 1.5 pounds a week.

Now I'm not beating myself up and I'm being realistic...I had a baby just 8 weeks ago, I realize that.  However, I just don't want things to get out of hand from this point and I want Adeline to see that her mom has healthy habits and a positive body-image once she's old enough to know these things.

I've never been one for making resolutions and sticking with them.  Long-term goals just don't work well for me, so I want this to be about short-term, immediate-gratification goals.

What is my plan?

I want to lose 19 pounds in 19 weeks as well as become more healthy overall.  This will include tracking my very gradual weight-lose, toning up process, and healthy living goal-achieving.  This also means losing 1 pound per week.  (Why 19 weeks? Just so happens that gets me to my goal weight, losing a pound a week.  I found it neat that 19 is my favorite number--my anniversary is July 19th, my birthday is March 19th, and Adeline's birthday is November 9th (another 9!) Each Friday, I will update with my measurements for the week and how my goal for the week went.

The fun part? I would love for you to be involved! What's better for accountability than doing this with other people following along? If you would like to join me...great! However, even if that aspect doesn't happen, I plan on updating you each Friday on how I'm doing.

Starting Stats:

(For reference, I'm 5'2".)

Weight: 129 lbs.
BMI: 23.6 (upper part of "normal weight" level)
Waist measurement: 32" (top number for a "healthy waistline)
Thigh measurement: 22.5" (measured at largest part of thigh)

Goal Stats:

Weight: 110 lbs.
BMI:  20.1 (bottom part of "normal weight" level)
Waist measurement: Middle of "healthy waistline" range--middle 20s or so
Thigh measurement:  No specific measurement, but I want my thighs to not touch when standing and look less "flabby" if you know what I mean. ;)

Weekly Goals (to be accomplished each day of the week):

Week 1- Track Calories
Week 2- Move every day
Week 3- Coffee or hot tea each morning instead of soda
Week 4- No french fries
Week 5- Drink only water throughout the day after breakfast
Week 6- No snacking after 8 pm
Week 7- No sweets
Week 8- Do three sets of planks for 60 seconds each
Week 9- No starches (white potatoes, white breads, etc.)
Week 10- Only snack off the healthy list
Week 11- 20 push-ups each day
Week 12- Eat a salad each day (no creamy dressing)
Week 13- Eat 2-3 servings of low fat dairy each day
Week 14- Take a walk each day
Week 15- Cook only "light or healthy" meals
Week 16- 50 jumping jacks each day
Week 17- Eat 3-5 servings of baked, steamed, or raw veggies
Week 18- Eat 2-4 servings of fruit
Week 19- Do 3 sets of stairs each day

How can you get involved?

Track your own progress over the next 19 weeks and link-up! If you are interested in linking up, let me know in the comment section below.  If you can't commit to 19 weeks, that's fine, just join-in when you can! If your goals will take you more or less time, join in for what works for you! If you would just like to maintain your weight, great! Keep us updated with how you're going with achieving the weekly goals.  If you would like to change the weekly goals to fit your personal needs, that's fine too! And finally, if you're currently pregnant, join us for the weekly goals portion of this and adapt as you see fit.  

If you are interested, grab the button below or in my sidebar!
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I am using the "MyFitnessPal" app to track my daily calories and activity.
BMI calculator
Waist measurements
Breastfeeding and weight-loss  

Join me, starting tomorrow, for a chance to link-up your beginning stats!

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  1. Great Plan Cait, but I took a baby & mom yoga class and they said NO CRUNCHES if you just had a baby. It makes the space between you ab muscles bigger. She said do the plank for an ab workout. That way it pulls the muscles back together.

  2. Fun! I just started working out again a few weeks ago. I will probably link up sometimes!! I an doing Lindsay Brin's postnatal boot camp and I love it! I'm glad you're being mindful of your supply...I decided not to count calories for that reason...I do not want my good supply being compromised!!! Good luck, you'll do great :)

  3. Count me on board! I'll keep track of it on my fitness blog, My Own Kind of Beautiful, and I like the weekly goals you have. Did you make those up or follow a 'plan'? I can't wait to get this started and post about it next week!!

  4. Never commented on your blog before, but I'm totally in. Not losing any baby weight, still trying to lose those pesky college pounds.

  5. I love this idea! I'll definitely plan on linking up!

  6. I'm on board! Writing my post now!

  7. I'm new here, found your blog through DreamTNM. :) I love the weekly goals and would like to link up. Trying to lose 9 more lbs to get to my goal. I will probably start on week 2. Thanks! :)


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