Adeline's First Birthday Party!

Adeline's first birthday party was such a fun time! We celebrated with close family and friends in our home the Saturday before she officially turned one.  We had a Chilli Bar with all the fixings, yummy finger foods that included many of Adeline's faves, and a cake table with lots of fun desserts and cupcakes. 

Adeline was the life of the party and we wouldn't have expected anything else! She was a bit shy at first and clung to her grandpa, but quickly warmed up when she realized everyone was watching her and there to play with her.  She even topped it all off by taking her first official "big girl" steps in the kitchen at her party.  We joked that she just wanted to wait and let everyone see.

She was such a dainty little thing as she ate her cake...using just one finger most of the time to dig into it.  She seemed to enjoy the finger foods before more than the actual dessert part.  She did enjoy her first tastes of ice cream!

I had collected items for quite a while here and there when I liked something (and it was on sale ;)...but I knew that I wanted her party to be bright and cheerful...just like she is.  A couple days before the party when I was singing a nightly song to Adeline, This Little Light of Mine...I thought..."that's it!" She already shines so much light and joy to everyone around her, that we just know that God's light will continue to shine brightly through her sweet, spunky, bubbly personality the rest of her life.

It was a wonderful time and it could not have been more fun.  Most of all...sweet Adeline Grace enjoyed it so much...and what more could a party-planning Momma ask for?

I asked my little bro (who is great with a camera) to snap pictures during the party so that I could just enjoy and take in the party.  I am so, so glad I did this! There were way too many pictures that I loved to choose...so enjoy a slideshow of the party pictures below!

(Another post is coming with party details soon!)

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Christmas Blog Swap! (Link-up)

It is officially Christmas time!!

I am so excited about celebrating the birth of our Savior, decorating the house, participating in all the fun traditions, and experiencing all the joys of this season with our sweet Adeline!

As if that isn't enough reason to be excited... you now have one more thing to get excited about!
Some of my amazing bloggy friends turned "real-life" friends and I are going to host a fun
Christmas Blog Swap this year!!

Who we are:

Me here at The Blessed Life
Allie @ Living the Adventures
Mallorie @ Happy Home
Natalie @ Extraordinary Love
Beth @ My Life More Abundant


-One the link-up is over, we will pair you up with another blogger and contact you so that you all can get the mailing info you need
-Anyone in the U.S. is welcome to join (if you are not in the US and would like to participate please email one of us- if there are others out of the country that email us, we will pair you up)
-$10 spending limit- anything Christmas-y :) 
-Link up! (You will be contacted by one of us with your partner in this swap)
-Ship gift no later than December 10th
-After you receive your package we will host another link up from December 11th-17th where you can post all of the goodies you received!!
-Most of all, HAVE FUN

and ...

The more the MERRIER!
Feel free to grab the picture above to add to your blog to get the word out.
Don't forget to link-up!

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12 months (1 year)!!

Dear Adeline Grace,

You are 12 months old....ONE year old!! How and when did that happen?! You are now our toddler and not our baby...although you will always be our baby in our hearts!

So what have we learned about you this month and what have you been up to in your twelfth month of life? (Once again, I didn't document as well this month! You are just too busy and it's so much fun to watch and participate! Plus, this month you had your first real illness- a bad ear infection- and you were sick for over a week with a high fever and reactions to your meds.  Poor girl!)

Here are some of your firsts this month...

10.13.12- Visited your first pumpkin patch.  You loved the tractor-pulled hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins! We also got to enjoy their petting zoo and then went out to dinner.  Such a fun family tradition to start!

10.28.12- Your first Trunk-or-Treat at church! You had so much fun being pulled in Anna's wagon and trick-or-treating with her.  You won best costume in your age division! You were waving and blowing kisses on stage as your Daddy held you.  Hilarious!

10.31.12- Your first Halloween! You trick-or-treated at your cousins' and a little in their neighborhood, your grandparents', and to see all of your great grandparents! You were a lady bug and super cute!
11.3.12- Your first birthday part at your house! The theme was "This Little Light of Mine".  We had your closest family and friends and partied all afternoon.  You were such a ham and loved having all the attention! You were very dainty with your cake! You also took your first big girl steps on your own at your party!!

This month you also:

-started walking while holding onto things with very little help
-started drawing and coloring!
-started loving yogurt
-celebrated Daddy's birthday by spending the day at the mall as a family...it was a rainy gross day so we hung out there all day
-carved your first pumpkin (you loved to "help")
-started throwing some fits and whining

So what do you like and dislike? 

You love…

-being around people and interacting with people (you are the welcoming committee everywhere we go!)
-bath time (playing with the running faucet)
-emptying things...anything...drawers, your toy buckets, baskets, etc.
-waving and blowing kisses
-everything...you are such a happy baby!

You dislike…

-diaper changes
-getting dressed
-when Mommy and Daddy won't pick you up right away
-eating any kind of pureed food
-when you don't get your way

What are your sizes?
You are in 12 and 18 month sleepers and 12-18 month clothing.  Although, even some 12 month pants are long on you.  You are wearing size 4 disposable diapers.  You wear a size 3 in shoes.  You weigh between 18 and 19 pounds and you are 28.25 inches long.  You are a petite little thing with your percentiles...but happy and healthy and that's all that matters! (To which we are so, so grateful!)

What are your eating habits like?

Just like I said last month, you are still going strong with nursing! Yay! You nurse when you wake up (varies each day), around lunchtime (12 or so), in the afternoon (4 or 5) and at bedtime.  You still wake once or twice and nurse during the night.

Breakfast faves:  fruit, cereal bars, turkey sausage

Lunch faves: turkey, turkey, turkey, green beans, fruit, crackers, puffs or cheerios, shredded cheese (anything!)

Dinner faves:  really anything we are eating! (you really like any kind of meat at this point...you love to eat and aren't picky)

Snack faves: Pirates Booty (all natural cheddar soft popcorn), yogurt, goldfish crackers, other crackers

We tried apple juice this month when you were sick and you didn't want anything to do with it.  You now beg for our drinks and love to take a drink of anything we have.

How is your sleeping?

Not bad! You go to bed (so, so easily) between 8 and 8:30.  You love to have Slush, Safari, your bunny and two blankets in bed with you.  You cuddle like crazy and usually end up on top of your blankets.  This is the first month we felt safe letting you have all these things in your bed.  You wake up once or twice (occasionally not at all!!) during the night and sleep at least 11 or 12 hours.

So what makes you, you this month?

One whole year!! You have been sweet, cuddly and fun since the moment we met you.  You changed our worlds for the better and we thank God for the gift He gave us when He gave us you.  You have the ability to completely light up a room and you draw attention everywhere we go from your sweetness and cuteness.  We hear all the time how sweet you are and how beautiful you are.  As beautiful as you are on the outside, your sweet little heart and soul on the inside is what makes you even more amazing.  Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby girl! You melt our hearts and we love you so, so much. 


                                                                                                    Mommy and Daddy

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a little treat for you

I always love sharing a deal with my readers! And even better...I'm passing on a freebie to you this time that everyone can cash in on!

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drumroll please....

The winner of the $50 Shutterfly credit is....
 Marley from The Evans!!

Marley's comment was #17! 
Congrats, Marley! I'll be in touch!

Thanks to all who took the time to enter and all you sweet people that follow the blog!

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a day in the life of the birthday girl!

We had a blast partying at Adeline's 1st birthday party the Saturday before her birthday (detailed posts to come...promise!) and we spent her actual birthday having quite a bit of fun and the went out on the town that night to celebrate! ;)

Adeline started her morning up bright and early...I guess she wanted to see her Mommy before I went to work (usually I leave her asleep for Daddy to wake her and get her ready).  I was excited to see her!

check out that awesome birthday bedhead
 Since it was a day I was working, Adeline was with her Grandma for the day! They came and met me in my classroom for lunch! We enjoyed McDonald's so Adeline could have one of her faves...chicken nuggets!

After they left me, my mom took Adeline to see her Daddy where he was working.  She loves to see Daddy on the job!

I am super sentimental and had to take a pic of what Adeline was doing at exactly 1 year old (4:37 p.m. on November 9th).  Since we had just taken the car ride from my parents' to our house...she was sleeping! This girl can't stay awake in the car. ;)

We had been talking about taking Adeline to a hibachi grill for the longest time because she is so inquisitive and enjoys eating out.  Well it was even more of a hit than we expected!

She was the hit of our table with her interactions with the chef and friendly personality with all those that were around her! She loved the fire and watching all the tricks...including saying "bbbrrrrr" (her car sound) as he pretended the stack of onions was a train.  She even ate all the teriyaki chicken and friend rice her little belly could stand.

Next was a shopping trip to Target because someone had a birthday gift card to spend!

Our next stop was frozen yogurt.  Adeline got her own bowl and she loved how all the tables and chairs were short where she could cruise around.  The place was empty when we got there and then people started coming....I think she thought it was a party for her!

Our final stop was home! We planned on letting her open gifts if she stayed awake on the car ride home...but would open the next morning if she fell asleep.  She must have known the party was still going on...because she stayed awake!

checking it all out

Fisher Price Little People farm set from Daddy- a big hit!

her first Cabbage Patch doll from Mommy - another big hit!
a baby doll stroller...she had to try it out herself first ;)

giving "Madeline Brianna" her paci

super sweet with her baby doll!
We had such a good time celebrating our sweet girl on her birthday!!

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a letter to our birthday girl!

Dear Adeline Grace,

It seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into our arms.
November 9, 2011 at 4:37 p.m. 
 Hearts full of joy.  Eyes full of happy tears.

We couldn't believe how perfect you were.  How beautiful you were.
7 lbs. 5.7 oz.
21 inches long

You were everything we prayed for and even more.

You were Daddy's girl from your first cry.

And Momma's joy from your first breath.

You gave us everything we never knew we needed.

Now our lives are filled with blessing after blessing with each new day with you.
 You make our lives more abundant than we ever knew possible.

You grow more and more beautiful every single day.
You're Daddy's girl and Momma's love.

Your joy in life is contagious and
God's goodness amazes us as His light shines so brightly through you!

Your first year has been our favorite year yet.
 We love you so incredibly much baby girl!

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Adeline Grace!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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it's that time...

To start thinking about Christmas cards!!

Last year, we combined Adeline's birth announcement with our Christmas cards and ordered from Shutterfly. They were a huge hit and a great memento for all of our close family and relatives to enjoy.

Shutterfly has been my favorite photo company for a few years now! Their customer service, value, and professional products make me a huge proponent of their company! We have used them for Christmas Cards, thank you cards, photo books and other photo gifts. They have something for every style, occasion, and budget! I've always been pleased!

Shutterfly has a Christmas (or holiday) card for everyone. They are introducing many new products this year and I can't wait to pick out our Christmas cards! (There's even more excitement this year thinking of Adeline's sweet face on our Christmas card for the second time!!)

Check out some of my faves:


Here's the exciting part...YOU have a chance of winning FREE (or very cheap) Christmas cards!! Shutterfly is kindly giving me $50 for one of my lovely readers to go toward an order of $50 or more! (This credit excludes taxes and shipping and cannot be combined with other offers and expires 12/14/12.)

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Happy Christmas card creating and good luck!!

I was contacted by Shutterfly and they are the sponsor of this post. All opinions are my own.

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I don't know?!

This is just like me....adding something else to my plate.  I'm sitting down for a minute to blog while I'm in the middle of decorating and prepping for Adeline's (gulp) FIRST birthday party tomorrow! (We are still a week from her actual birthday.  That thought helps me fight back tears a little easier.)

I snapped some quick 12 month pics tonight to finalize a few decor projects for the party.  I had to share this little gem of a picture.  It sums up our house these days.

This is Adeline's "I don't know?!" pose.  Anytime we ask a question, someone leaves, something is taken away, or we say "I don't know", she strikes this pose.

This is Boone's, "I can't believe you're making me do this again" face.  It might also be saying, "Remember when I used to run this house?!"

Love this girl to pieces!!

(And her best bud, "Buh", aka Boone.)

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