Adeline's First Birthday Party!

Adeline's first birthday party was such a fun time! We celebrated with close family and friends in our home the Saturday before she officially turned one.  We had a Chilli Bar with all the fixings, yummy finger foods that included many of Adeline's faves, and a cake table with lots of fun desserts and cupcakes. 

Adeline was the life of the party and we wouldn't have expected anything else! She was a bit shy at first and clung to her grandpa, but quickly warmed up when she realized everyone was watching her and there to play with her.  She even topped it all off by taking her first official "big girl" steps in the kitchen at her party.  We joked that she just wanted to wait and let everyone see.

She was such a dainty little thing as she ate her cake...using just one finger most of the time to dig into it.  She seemed to enjoy the finger foods before more than the actual dessert part.  She did enjoy her first tastes of ice cream!

I had collected items for quite a while here and there when I liked something (and it was on sale ;)...but I knew that I wanted her party to be bright and cheerful...just like she is.  A couple days before the party when I was singing a nightly song to Adeline, This Little Light of Mine...I thought..."that's it!" She already shines so much light and joy to everyone around her, that we just know that God's light will continue to shine brightly through her sweet, spunky, bubbly personality the rest of her life.

It was a wonderful time and it could not have been more fun.  Most of all...sweet Adeline Grace enjoyed it so much...and what more could a party-planning Momma ask for?

I asked my little bro (who is great with a camera) to snap pictures during the party so that I could just enjoy and take in the party.  I am so, so glad I did this! There were way too many pictures that I loved to choose...so enjoy a slideshow of the party pictures below!

(Another post is coming with party details soon!)

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  1. Love the slideshow..she's so sweet!! We have the same highchair too!

  2. super cute pictures! adeline is so adorable and i cant believe she's already one!!

  3. great pictures!! <3 :) Love her monogramed outfit ;)

  4. So hard to believe Adeline is one year old...Oh my, where did the time go? Shes as beautiful today as she was the day she was born. It is so nice to see her growing up. Makes me wish my own granddaughter who is now 6, was still that small. They are so much fun. Enjoy every memory!

  5. Ah, love all the pictures! She is so cute in her little birthday outfit. :-)


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