a letter to our birthday girl!

Dear Adeline Grace,

It seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into our arms.
November 9, 2011 at 4:37 p.m. 
 Hearts full of joy.  Eyes full of happy tears.

We couldn't believe how perfect you were.  How beautiful you were.
7 lbs. 5.7 oz.
21 inches long

You were everything we prayed for and even more.

You were Daddy's girl from your first cry.

And Momma's joy from your first breath.

You gave us everything we never knew we needed.

Now our lives are filled with blessing after blessing with each new day with you.
 You make our lives more abundant than we ever knew possible.

You grow more and more beautiful every single day.
You're Daddy's girl and Momma's love.

Your joy in life is contagious and
God's goodness amazes us as His light shines so brightly through you!

Your first year has been our favorite year yet.
 We love you so incredibly much baby girl!

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Adeline Grace!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. What a sweet letter! Happy Birthday pretty girl! I know you will have a wonderful and memorable (to your mommy and daddy at least) day!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. It's amazing how fast the first year goes by. She's adorable.

  3. awwww happy 1st Birthday to all of yoU!

  4. I love her tutu and the momogrammed shirt!!! So cute! Where did you find both??

  5. Awww! This definitely made me cry! It is so true that our sweet babies fill a gap in our hearts/lives that we didn't even know we had! She is just beautiful Cait and her smile is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your precious girl!

  6. Happy birthday to your little girl- she is just darling! I've been a long time reader of your blog, and now that I finally have a brand new blog of my own, I can officially follow you! I've enjoyed reading your posts about your family, and I really enjoy your writing. I'd love it if you'd come visit my little blog (under construction) about my big move from Houston to Australia for my husband's job.

    Enjoy your birthday weekend!


  7. happy birthday sweet girl! i love her birthday outfit...simply precious :) loved following along with her first year, happy year 2 adeline!


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