a day in the life of the birthday girl!

We had a blast partying at Adeline's 1st birthday party the Saturday before her birthday (detailed posts to come...promise!) and we spent her actual birthday having quite a bit of fun and the went out on the town that night to celebrate! ;)

Adeline started her morning up bright and early...I guess she wanted to see her Mommy before I went to work (usually I leave her asleep for Daddy to wake her and get her ready).  I was excited to see her!

check out that awesome birthday bedhead
 Since it was a day I was working, Adeline was with her Grandma for the day! They came and met me in my classroom for lunch! We enjoyed McDonald's so Adeline could have one of her faves...chicken nuggets!

After they left me, my mom took Adeline to see her Daddy where he was working.  She loves to see Daddy on the job!

I am super sentimental and had to take a pic of what Adeline was doing at exactly 1 year old (4:37 p.m. on November 9th).  Since we had just taken the car ride from my parents' to our house...she was sleeping! This girl can't stay awake in the car. ;)

We had been talking about taking Adeline to a hibachi grill for the longest time because she is so inquisitive and enjoys eating out.  Well it was even more of a hit than we expected!

She was the hit of our table with her interactions with the chef and friendly personality with all those that were around her! She loved the fire and watching all the tricks...including saying "bbbrrrrr" (her car sound) as he pretended the stack of onions was a train.  She even ate all the teriyaki chicken and friend rice her little belly could stand.

Next was a shopping trip to Target because someone had a birthday gift card to spend!

Our next stop was frozen yogurt.  Adeline got her own bowl and she loved how all the tables and chairs were short where she could cruise around.  The place was empty when we got there and then people started coming....I think she thought it was a party for her!

Our final stop was home! We planned on letting her open gifts if she stayed awake on the car ride home...but would open the next morning if she fell asleep.  She must have known the party was still going on...because she stayed awake!

checking it all out

Fisher Price Little People farm set from Daddy- a big hit!

her first Cabbage Patch doll from Mommy - another big hit!
a baby doll stroller...she had to try it out herself first ;)

giving "Madeline Brianna" her paci

super sweet with her baby doll!
We had such a good time celebrating our sweet girl on her birthday!!

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  1. So sweet! Looks like she had a blast on her birthday!!

  2. That picture of the two of you at your work is just adorable! Her little smile is so sweet. Happy birthday!

  3. Nooo she can't be a year old. I am in total denial that Hayes will be a year old on December 9th. I love her bed head. She has so much hair. Hayes still hardly has any.


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