how I master the grocery story with a toddler

Let me clarify the title of the post...

How I Master Survive the Grocery Store 
Before Nap and Lunch With a Toddler that Usually Loathes Sitting Still

We have finally gotten down a pretty consistent grocery-going routine during this stage of toddlerhood and our weekly schedule.  And I feel at this point I can say there are quite a few things I have found work well for us! (Disclaimer: Work well most trips.  It's not always consistent with a toddler!)

We almost always go to the grocery after our Toddler Time at the local library.  This works for us because it gives us just enough time before nap and lunch and we are out anyway.

What's working for us and often lends itself to a successful shopping trip:

-McDonald's french fries and an apple juice box for Adeline/large Diet Coke for Momma (or let her open a pouch or snack that I pay for at the end)

-choosing a "yay-yoh" cart (Adeline's talk for a special cart with the fancy seats for kiddos- either one she can sit up facing ahead or one she can "drive")

-talking up something she looks forward to shopping for while we are shopping for the "not-so-fun" items (sometimes it's cookies we are buying, sometimes it's a new box of goldfish, or sometimes it's a small toy treat that I am going to let her pick out)

-reusable bags (we don't have a garage...easier to lug inside)

-bag of coupons/set aside...or my favorite...use the Cartwheel app at Target if we shop there

-let Adeline "help" pay


-cash envelope ready

-double/duty store (wal-mart) to shop toiletries and groceries in one trip

-talking as we shop...there are SO many ways you can teach and be intentional while you shop- point out colors, names of fruits and veggies, talk about boxes being up high or down low, encourage them to talk and say hello if someone says hello to them, etc.

-toys to hold

Not a fool-proof system...but it's working for us...so I'll take it!

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