Our Easter Weekend

(Disclaimer: I'm blogging mostly from my phone right now using the Blogger app...so my pictures show up at the end of the post. Not ideal but it's what's working for me best right now to actually get some blog posts written about our blessed but busy days!)

"I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never die."
-John 11:25-26

We had such a fun Easter weekend spending time together, with family and celebrating our risen Savior!

On Saturday, we had a warm day! I worked at our new store and Justin and Adeline came up and ate lunch with me. Adeline spent the afternoon with my mom and I at the store so Justin could work on tilling and seeing some grass seed in our back yard. Since it was so nice, I walked her down to the toy store that is next door to or store- she loves being at the store and greeting all the customers but she really LOVES the toy store- 2 stories of amazingness that I don't even want to leave! Grandma even gave her some cash to spend, so she picked out a pig studded animal (of course) and a Chuggington train. My little bargain shopper in the making got a free train with her purchase. ;)

That evening we took her by to meet the baby chicks and ducks at our local Tractor Supply- she loved seeing the "qua qua"s and telling them to "shhh" go to sleep and all about how they were droning their "wah wah". We had Boone with us and she got back in the truck and said "quah quah quah"- we said it was her way of telling Boon that he really would have loved the baby ducks! ;)

We spent that evening dying Easter eggs- you saw that post with pictures yesterday! :)

Today, we started our day letting Adeline enjoy her Easter basket. We settled on just some of her favorite puffs, some crayons (of course), and a take 'n play Thomas set (she doesn't have any tracks yet). We really want to keep the Easter Bunny minimum and the focus on Jesus, our Risen Savior. Adeline loved it all!

We got ready and headed to church. Adeline sported an adorable dress her grandparents picked out from her in Waynesville, NC. Love it! Our church service was a blessing (as always) and Adeline had a ball listening to the music in the service and the going to the nursery (she eats the nursery up these days- took us forever to get to this point!)

We had lunch at my parents'. We all got some Easter treats! :) Adeline got a fun shopping cart that holds her babies and lots of other little goodies. Adeline had her first egg hunt there. Her Uncle Matt and Daddy hid all the eggs for her on the big back porch. She loved finding them and putting them in her basket. She kept begging for "moh moh". When we came in she got to look inside all the eggs for the goodies and even "hid her eyes" while they hid the eggs again for her inside.

Our second round was at Justin's parents where we ate again! ;) Adeline got more Easter goodies- a bathing suit, a summer outfit, and bubbles. Adeline and her second cousins hunted for eggs outside after we ate. She had a blast running around outside and playing! She had another bag full of eggs. ;)

We had a great weekend and it's left us all pretty sleepy! Justin and I are wrapping up our weekend by relaxing on the count watching The Bible finale.

Happy Easter! May you be blessed and feel the presence of our Risen Savior!

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Easter Egg dying time!

Tonight we dyed Easter eggs at Adeline's Pawpaw and Gee's. It was her first time and she had a bunch of fun with it. We let her be a part of it all- putting the dye tablets in the vinegar, scribbling on the eggs with crayons, putting the egg in and putting some stickers on at the end. We maybe had to keep her from jerking the mug of dye everywhere and from chucking an egg across the table once or twice...but overall a very fun time! ;)

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We are currently taking a refresher course in Dave Ramsey's financial peace at church. We took the class at the same time way back before we were even officially dating. But a lot of things change after marriage, a house, new jobs, masters courses, and a baby later! ;)


In the most recent study, Dave did a lesson on the importance of certain types of insurance- but what stood out to me most was his demand, biblically speaking, for people to be diligent.

Diligent. It hit me hard.

The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; But every one that is hasty hasteth only to want. (Proverbs 21:5 ASV)

Even God's word speaks about this. I felt like God was saying to me...that's the piece of the puzzle you've been needing lately.

Not diligence to be plenty in money sense...although that's the plan with following Dave Ramsey's biblical money teachings for the long run ;) ....but plenty in life. Plenty in how I spend my time and what I gain from that through Christ. Peace. Hope. Calmness. Satisfaction that I know I'm doing all I can with the time He has gifted me.

I'm a type A, get it all done, do it all person. But let me just say...mommyhood (yet a place I'm truly diligent) has wiped me clean (mostly) of my type A-ness. You just can't always have everything in its place. You can't keep up with laundry like you used to. You can't cook perfect meals when a toddler is ripping through cabinets. Maybe possible- but not for me- not like it used to be.

So there's where diligence has left my side. I really have just let some things go and not kept up with things like I feel a diligent person would.

Intentional time with God, marriage (date nights/time alone specifically), daily household chores, "planning" for the future with certain recommendations Dave makes, healthy eating, and being active are just a few areas I feel like I need to be more diligent.

I want to prosper in God's eyes. I want to please him with how I spend my energy and time. I know I can't be perfect at all this but I also know me-and I know I can do better.

On the way to work I was praying about this and how Justin and I can be more diligent in our lives (because, seriously, it really hit me hard). I felt like God said to me...

Calm down and just take it a thing at a time. I know you can do this. I will help.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13 NIV)

You all. I know I do a lot. I know I am a lot for a lot of people. I know I don't waste a TON of my time. But we are all convicted in different ways by the Holy Spirit as God sees fit. And He's convicted me. Because I know I can be better and do better. And I'm thankful that I've been taught that when I have that feeling...I need to change it and do something about it.

Precious Adeline just built her first tower by herself a couple days ago. Oh the diligence she showed as they wobbled. Stacking each one by one, when she had a steady tower, she was SO proud of herself.

I want to be like her. I want to look back on my tower of life and know that I did all I could do so that it glorifies Christ and points to him. I'm thankful it's a journey. And along the way, there is that sweet, amazing grace.

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birthday road trip

When Justin asked me how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, I decided on a day trip to Lexington - one of our fave cities. The entire day was my choice and I got a shopping spree amount from him and Adeline to spend on our trip- so fun!

Adeline slept in until 9- what a treat! Once we all got moving, we started our day with McDonald's breakfast at home while we got ready.

We got in the road (Adeline napped- so perfect timing!) and stopped "midway" at a little downtown in the small town of Midway. We strolled, shopped the little stores and ate lunch!

Next stop was a park on our way into Lexington because the sun was starting to shine and it was getting warm. Adeline loved the swings, slide, and watching all the other kiddos play.

We spent the afternoon shopping at a fun shopping center where I spent some of my shopping spree money. Adeline got restless so we decided to be finished shopping and head toward our restaurant (one of my fave Italian places) since we had reservations.

We took a quick stop at Starbucks and drove around to get Adeline to fall asleep again for a bit before dinner- she did- and Momma got to do a quick trip into Old Navy while Daddy stayed in the car with the sleeping babe. I found a fun polka dot dress on clearance and mint green, linen shorts.

Dinner was an amazing Italian meal where Adeline ate her weight in spaghetti and wowed half the restaurant with how well she ate and how stinkin' cute she is! :)

We ended our evening at our favorite (humongous, two-story) book store. Adeline was in heaven- train table, stuffed animals, books, and more- all at her grasp and where she could trot around for days! She even got a glimpse of the Easter Bunny. Once we felt the store may have had enough of her squeaky shoes, we let her pick out a toy, I spent my birthday Vera Bradley coupon and we hit the road to head back home.

Such a fun day spent with my sweet little family. Times like these are so precious to me and overfill my heart with joy. I'm one blessed lady.

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if you want to wake your baby...

...paint your nails or toenails.
...make plans to leave the house.
...get in the shower.
...start crafting and make a big mess.
...get on the phone to make an appointment.
...start eating your lunch that you've been trying to eat for hours.
...warm up your cold cup of coffee.
...decide to finally sit down and get some school or work things accomplished.
...sit down to write a blog post.

What else is a guaranteed task that automatically means your babe wakes form his or her nap?

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for the birds

my great grandma loved birds
my grandma loves birds
my mom loves birds
I have grown to love birds because of how special they are to the amazing ladies in my life.

And now...Adeline loves birds.

She ADORES feeding the birds at MaJo and PaJack's (her great grandparents' house). MaJo always lets her toss out bird feed and then she comes inside and watches through the door as the birds flock to eat what she puts out.

So it's safe to say we have a fifth generation bird lover. :)

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a new venture

I'm excited to share about a new venture I'm embarking on with my mom. Through the course of many things falling into place, prayer, and a lot of "God moments", we have decided to open a little store on our Main Street in our small town's historical downtown district.

It's been a dream of both of ours for quite a while. We even thought this idea up a year or so ago and nothing came of it because it wasn't the time. But the timing just seems perfect this go around.

Through a lot of collaborating between us, my dad, Justin and some others we decided on the name, Mercantile on Main. ("Mercantile" is an old-fashioned name for stores that carried a variety of goods.) I created the logo design with some help and opinions of my family.  My parents found the store on main street and we all started planning.

My mom had a vision for a store that carried repurposed items, trendy vintage, natural products, and other goods.  We've been planning and searching out product for a few months now. We've focused on almost all natural, repurposed, local artisan goods, and products that have a story and support a cause.

Some other products we're carrying:

-New items from lines such as Natural Life, Country House, May Books, Itzy Ritzy, and more.
-Repurposed and vintage items
-Local artisan goods such as jewelry, handcrafted stuffed animals, pillow case dresses, hair bows, burlap letters, art, etc.
-Natural/organic body products and home items from lines such as Beecology and Good Fortune
-Products that have a "give back" mentality

Our second floor is full of awesome vintage and antiques that my dad has been collecting for years! And I've had the opportunity to work on my own art to add into the store, as well as help build a kids section that is a work in progress and will be ever-evolving!

It has been so humbling to already see how God has used our store to support such amazing causes, such as Thistle Farms products that support the Magdalene Community in Nashville, which helps women who have escaped a life of abuse and prostitution. We've also listened as local artists (such a single moms) have shared how us carrying their products have been an answer to prayer.

We prayed early on and committed our plans to God, asking him to use us and or store.  It's our prayer He continues to do that as we officially begin our journey this Saturday when we open!

store front all ready and just waiting on our sign we will get on Friday! the store front was the same green you see on the far right corner until we painted today!

some of the Natural Life goodies

little Miss A "helping" us get set up...she's seriously been so fun and sweet in the store so far!

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little sponge

Adeline is at a stage where I'm losing track of all she can say and do because she's learning new things so quickly! I wanted to make sure to document all of it at this point as far as her communication and vocab goes to help me keep track.

Words Adeline can say:

Boo (Boone)
Muh (more)
Mih (milk)
Ah duh (all done)
Bah (Matt)
Woo woo (dog)
Cah (cat)
Ah ah (monkey)
Quack quack (duck)
diss (this or what's this)
da (that or what's that)
bye bye
nana (banana)
ba (bath)
choo choo (train)
buh (book)
babeh (baby)
rush (brush- for teeth)
wahwah (water)
baw (ball)
kitch-ch (kitchen)
ah-di-di (I did it!)

all done

Knows and can shake head-

Knows hot- will blow on things

where shoes and socks go
where bow goes
where hat goes
high five
commands- one and two step
what prayer time is (hold hands, bows head)
shhh (finger to mouth and says shhh)
who people are- will point to self and say "I" or "babeh"
you say car or truck she vrooms

And the list goes on. This stage is so fun. It's like she's a sponge, taking everything in and then oozing with new things she's learned every day!

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Today, Adeline Grace, met dirt much more close up than she's gotten to so far in her short little life.  Her daddy took her in the back yard with him while he was working on prepping our garden area.  He plopped her down in dirt, handed her a plastic bowl and a small garden shovel, and let her get her hands dirty.  Literally.

She was in heaven.  She loves anything outside.  And then to be able to get dirty and put things in a bowl and empty the bowl...near overkill for her little toddler heart!

She loved helping her Daddy rake and shovel the dirt!

Her best bud, Boone, stayed close as we picked through the dirt and explored the back yard.

The highlight of the afternoon was digging for worms! She started collecting them in her bucket and may or may not have put them to her mouth to try to eat. ;) Love my little explorer...not even scared of squirmy worms! I'd say she's ready to go fishing.

Oh how I adore my little dirt-loving girl.

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