Today, Adeline Grace, met dirt much more close up than she's gotten to so far in her short little life.  Her daddy took her in the back yard with him while he was working on prepping our garden area.  He plopped her down in dirt, handed her a plastic bowl and a small garden shovel, and let her get her hands dirty.  Literally.

She was in heaven.  She loves anything outside.  And then to be able to get dirty and put things in a bowl and empty the bowl...near overkill for her little toddler heart!

She loved helping her Daddy rake and shovel the dirt!

Her best bud, Boone, stayed close as we picked through the dirt and explored the back yard.

The highlight of the afternoon was digging for worms! She started collecting them in her bucket and may or may not have put them to her mouth to try to eat. ;) Love my little explorer...not even scared of squirmy worms! I'd say she's ready to go fishing.

Oh how I adore my little dirt-loving girl.

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  1. Hayes just experienced dirt for the first time time. We were at a memorial that was outside and there was a bunch of mole hills. He was in heaven, picking up sticks and digging in the soft dirt! I love watching them explore!


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