our extraordinary ordinary day

So March is my "Blog Every Day" month for our first half of 2013 monthly goals.


It's March 5th....this is my first post of the month. And just when I remembered this today....it's also the day we realized our internet being out isn't a result of a router but our actual modem that now has to be replaced. So blogging from the phone it is. Thankfully they will be here tomorrow.

Today was a lazy day at home. Perfection in my book.

Yesterday was a tough day. Adeline has been sick and I was just super impatient with her. She didn't want to be put down. She didn't want to be held. You know those days. I put her to bed last night with such a heavy heart. A heart full of emotion for how in love I am with my sweet girl. But a heart full of sadness for how I handled the day. It was one of those days that God's grace was just so raw to me and I was so thankful. Thankful for His mercies and that He chose me to be Adeline's mommy. Thankful that as much as I love, cherish, and adore her and can't imagine a love deeper....He loves me (and her) even more than that.

So today we had fun. I got her out of bed with a cheerful heart, ready to face the day with patience and love no matter how it went. Thankfully she's heading out of the nasty cold (I think) and has been more cheery.

We've both lounged in our jammies all day. We've snacked all day. We've danced with our arms in the air. We've laughed. We've given high fives. We've played peek-a-boo. We've prayed. We've loved on Boone. We've rearranged the extra bedroom. We put dinner in the crock pot. We've done laundry. I've folded it. She's unfolded it and worn it around the house...my undies and all. We've just had fun.

Dear Sweet Girl,

I love you so much. I'm so very thankful for my days with you! Today I feel like there were so many things I wanted to capture. All the little things. They take up the most place in my heart. They just bring me so much joy. Today you...

...started shaking your head "yes" or "no" to answer a question...I would ask you if you want to get down from your rocking chair...you would shake yes or no. Love it so much and how you are communicating so much these days! You just never know what you will say next.

...strolled your baby doll, Madeline, around the house forever (after I convinced you that stroller wasn't your own umbrella stroller that you now can get in and out of yourself). You have been giving your baby her paci and bottle for quite a while now...but today, you went into the cabinet (as you always do get your own snacks these days to bring to us to open for you) and you loaded her up with your Pirate's Booty popcorn bag (the HUGE Costco size bag), and three pouches of apple sauce. You placed them all on her in the stroller. So today, little Momma, I guess you decided Madeline was moving on to table food as well. ;) Love your little nurturing heart.

...started getting into your infant seat (Daddy leaves it in the foyer and still uses it with your petite little self sometimes in his truck) and just lounging, saying "bye bye. bye bye" It was cracking me up. And when I asked where you were going and who you were going to see....it was Dada of course. :) You did this quite a bit.

My heart if full of joy. I love you so much baby girl. Thank you for giving me the most extraordinary ordinary days.

Love you to the moon and back sweet one.

Love, Momma

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  1. Aw she's so cute!! Love her pony tails!
    I'm so excited you'll be blogging more! I've missed you!

  2. I love this! Isn't God's love just overwhelmingly amazing?! I can't fathom how He can love us SO much. When I think about how much I love my C I just can't imagine how He can love her anymore than I can! Amazing!
    Love that pic of the pirates booty....its bigger than Madeline ;)


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