Our Easter Weekend

(Disclaimer: I'm blogging mostly from my phone right now using the Blogger app...so my pictures show up at the end of the post. Not ideal but it's what's working for me best right now to actually get some blog posts written about our blessed but busy days!)

"I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never die."
-John 11:25-26

We had such a fun Easter weekend spending time together, with family and celebrating our risen Savior!

On Saturday, we had a warm day! I worked at our new store and Justin and Adeline came up and ate lunch with me. Adeline spent the afternoon with my mom and I at the store so Justin could work on tilling and seeing some grass seed in our back yard. Since it was so nice, I walked her down to the toy store that is next door to or store- she loves being at the store and greeting all the customers but she really LOVES the toy store- 2 stories of amazingness that I don't even want to leave! Grandma even gave her some cash to spend, so she picked out a pig studded animal (of course) and a Chuggington train. My little bargain shopper in the making got a free train with her purchase. ;)

That evening we took her by to meet the baby chicks and ducks at our local Tractor Supply- she loved seeing the "qua qua"s and telling them to "shhh" go to sleep and all about how they were droning their "wah wah". We had Boone with us and she got back in the truck and said "quah quah quah"- we said it was her way of telling Boon that he really would have loved the baby ducks! ;)

We spent that evening dying Easter eggs- you saw that post with pictures yesterday! :)

Today, we started our day letting Adeline enjoy her Easter basket. We settled on just some of her favorite puffs, some crayons (of course), and a take 'n play Thomas set (she doesn't have any tracks yet). We really want to keep the Easter Bunny minimum and the focus on Jesus, our Risen Savior. Adeline loved it all!

We got ready and headed to church. Adeline sported an adorable dress her grandparents picked out from her in Waynesville, NC. Love it! Our church service was a blessing (as always) and Adeline had a ball listening to the music in the service and the going to the nursery (she eats the nursery up these days- took us forever to get to this point!)

We had lunch at my parents'. We all got some Easter treats! :) Adeline got a fun shopping cart that holds her babies and lots of other little goodies. Adeline had her first egg hunt there. Her Uncle Matt and Daddy hid all the eggs for her on the big back porch. She loved finding them and putting them in her basket. She kept begging for "moh moh". When we came in she got to look inside all the eggs for the goodies and even "hid her eyes" while they hid the eggs again for her inside.

Our second round was at Justin's parents where we ate again! ;) Adeline got more Easter goodies- a bathing suit, a summer outfit, and bubbles. Adeline and her second cousins hunted for eggs outside after we ate. She had a blast running around outside and playing! She had another bag full of eggs. ;)

We had a great weekend and it's left us all pretty sleepy! Justin and I are wrapping up our weekend by relaxing on the count watching The Bible finale.

Happy Easter! May you be blessed and feel the presence of our Risen Savior!

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  1. She is so sweet! LOVE the family pic taken in front of the cross..what a great idea!


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