a day in the life (almost 17 month old Adeline)

8:15- I am slightly awake from Justin getting ready to leave. I finally decide to roll out of bed because I need to get some laundry organized and started before little Miss wakes up (our laundry area is in our unfinished basement and quite a interesting time hauling toddler and laundry up and down ;).

8:30- Adeline wakes up (slightly more grouchy than her usual chipper self in the morning.) Her hair is a mess and she has sleepy eyes- one of my favorite times of the day because she's just so cuddly in the morning! We cuddle for a few minutes, she refused a diaper change with that grouchy mood. So wet diaper stays on for now- you pick your battles and I kind of have a headache that I woke up with. We go into our master bedroom and make the bed. (I love a made bed and have GOBS of laundry to catch up on- great folding and sorting area.)

8:45 Adeline begs to nurse (again not normally like her in the morning). I nurse her for about 10 minutes and then start some breakfast. I let Boone out because he has finally gone to the door to ask if he can go out to go to the bathroom (such a good dog.)

9:00 We both eat waffles while Micky Mouse Clubhouse is on in the background (about the only TV show we "watch" during the day). She begs for "moh" syrup 100 times and feeds Boone the last couple bites (as always). Usually breakfast is turkey sausage (or "zsh zsh" as she calls it) but Daddy accidentally left it out when he fed her Saturday morning....oops! ;)

9:30 I unload the dishwasher and reload it (going to take a second load to get it all clean- we are so bad about keeping up with this!) while Adeline plays with her toy kitchen in the kitchen. She is so focused and busy! (This usually doesn't happen for this long so I am eating it up and trying to be productive). I hear her grunting a bit...you know what that means. Then I hear her say "poo poo" - her new thing is telling us when she has dirtied her diaper. So I got over and ask her if she poo pooed- she says yes and shakes her head. I ask her if she wants to get her diaper change...she says "nooo" and shakes her head. What is with this girl and not wanting her diaper changed?!

9:45 We got downstairs and put a new load of clothes in the wash and put the wet load into the dryer. My goal is to keep the machines going all day to finally catch up. Saw this idea on Pinterest thanks to another friend pinning it. Monday is now coined "laundry day!!" Adeline plays in her play area downstairs that we have created for when we are down there. I throw a few more things into our yard sale box for summer that catch my eye that we don't need anymore.

10:00 We head back upstairs, I fold some jeans, and Adeline plays with her new Easter toy- a shopping cart that holds her "bay bee"s. She chases Boone around a bit trying to throw something at him (oh the things he puts up with! Namely the 100 bear hugs he receives a day around his neck) Now it's time for a diaper change....like it or not for the little miss.

10:30 I change Adeline (she's content on changing table aka not screaming her lungs out and clawing at the table mat trying to climb off so must be tired of being in wet/dirty dipe.). I go ahead and change her clothes because we have to run a few errands. I get ready too and pick up a few more things around the house and get ready for our post office run. She finds a few books and magazines to "read".

11:00 We get a text from my aunt asking us if we want to meet her and my grandma at McDonald's to grab some lunch. After hubby and I gave up soft drinks for lent, I am more than ready for a large Diet Coke from McDonalds- the answer is yes! ;)

11:15 Adeline and I head out to run our errands and eat lunch. Getting out of the house is always a bit frantic- messes made as we leave, a dog to get fed and put in the foyer/bathroom area, and tons of "bye byes" for Boone from Adeline. ;) We head to the DMV to pay our car taxes and registration, the bank to grab cash for our weekly envelopes, and the post office to mail some packages. (Disclaimer in the pics below- we just got in the car and I was about to buckle her when I took the sucker picture after the post office. ;)

12:00 We meet my aunt and grandma for lunch. Adeline eats 3 of her 4 nuggets, some fries and some apples- girl can eat! I'm craving a cheeseburger so I get a mcdouble off the $ menu, a medium fry and upsize Adeline's happy meal drink (for free!) to a large diet coke and order her a water. We have fun visiting and get out without too much attention to the play place. ;)

1:00 I change Adeline and nurse her right before nap. She goes down asleep. I work on laundry (more!) and do a few things on the Internet from my phone.

1:50 Adeline wakes up with her heart absolutely broken- I decide to go in after about 10 minutes because I can tell her cry is one of those "not calming down" cries. I give her her paci and sway/shoosh her until she calms down. I put her back down and pat her for a few minutes- she gets up again for a second when I walk out but quickly goes back out. She sleeps for another 45 minutes or so while I do more laundry/cleaning up from the last couple weeks and very little time at home!

2:30 Adeline wakes up, we work in the bedrooms a little more. She is funny and silly, getting in the laundry hamper, dancing to a few minutes of TV, carrying my phone around dancing and saying "hey-yoh" (hello) as we listen to The David Crowder station on the Songza app. She continues to play and "helps" Mommy while I pick up and fold/put away laundry for a while longer.

4:00 We grab a quick snack (apple sauce pouch) and then I decide it's time to get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air! Adeline has been such a good and patient girl while I had to get so much done! I tell Adeline and Boone we are going outside- they get equally excited and impatient as I get Boone's collar on and Adeline's jacket, socks and shoes. We explore in the back yard, side yard and around the house. (We have woods on all sides and our yard is a fun little place to hang- just supper hilly so I have to watch her carefully! We blow bubbles, swing, take a short walk down our street, check the mail, dig in the dirt and rocks, check out our little stream, and throw sticks for Boone. Adeline LOVES being outside!

5:30 Daddy gets home and we hang out for a little while longer outside.

5:45 I start breakfast for dinner while Justin showers and Adeline raids the cabinets (mainly munching on Pirate's Booty, grapes, and shredded cheese).

6:00 We sit down to pray and eat dinner!

6:45 We clean the kitchen together as a fam (Adeline plays at her toy kitchen and "helps" unload the dishwasher). Justin and Adeline head into the living room to play with Adeline's new train set while I finish up the kitchen. Adeline LOVES this time with Daddy when he gets home!

7:00 We play in the living room together and watch Wheel of Fortune (on and off). Adeline loves clapping for the contestants and saying "aaaayyyy" (A) when they all that letter. :)

7:30 Bath time! Adeline's FAVORITE. You don't mention the word "bath" in front of Miss Adeline unless it's really happening ;). The entire fam (including Boone) plays during bath time and splashes. We love bath nights.

7:45 We get her PJs on and Daddy kisses her good night. We read Pat the Bunny, Little Quack and Adeline's other fave book that was mine about bears going camping while rocking. Her favorite pages in both of the first two books mentioned are when she can say "shhh" and bringing her finger to her mouth when the bunny and Little Quack are sleeping. Adeline gets her vitamins, gas drops and then nurses. While she nurses we always do our bedtime prayers- she always stops to say "dada" and "buh" after we pray for them. She stops to do itsy bitsy spider in the middle of nursing and prayer- why she does this I have no idea...it happens ever night. ;) At the end when I say "in Jesus' name, Amen" she stops nursing and says "bay bee? jee zshus" aka baby Jesus. She has said this other times but not at the end of prayer. :) melt. We finish and I kiss her a million times and lay her down, give her a paci, cover her up, and start we sound machine and night light stuffed animal.

8:00 I watch the season premier of The Real Housewives of Orange County and hubby and I get settled in on the couch for the night. :)

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  1. Cute! Sounds like a great day and very similar to some of our days around here! And yum, a large McD's diet coke sounds great right now for some reason. ;)

  2. Love it! The pic of her hugging Boone is the cutest thing ever!!!!

  3. I so need to do a post like this! I feel like our girls are so similar, and yes I sound like a broken record, I'm always saying that! Wish we could come over and play! :-)


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