family day!

Since this week is my Spring Break, Justin took today off for us to spend as a family! We knew there would be good weather, so it was the perfect day to plan some outdoor fun and mark some errand running off our list.

We started the day at Chick-fil-a. We enjoyed it in the car in the parking lot while Adeline napped. This kind of car nap rarely happens these days so we didn't wake her for lunch and just let her eat her meal when we got to the zoo.

Our big event was going to the zoo today. We wanted to try to get in at least one more visit before we renew our membership for another year. It was a busy day because of the (finally) nice weather. But another perk of a membership is we didn't feel bad if we skipped an exhibit or didn't spend as much time at one because it was too crowded. However, we were pleasantly surprised with how much we were able to do and see!

Last year, Adeline took it all in, but she wasn't waking yet. This was her first zoo trip walking and she was so excited when she got to "wah" (walk). She LOVED all the birds, and most other animals, but she was nervous and reserved around any animal in the ape family- which we found random and funny because when you ask her what a monkey says, she's quick to say "ah ah". She told all the animals we saw to "shhhh", with her finger to her mouth, which means either they were sleeping or she was telling them to go to sleep. She said "qua qua" at almost every bird we saw and roared at the lion. LOVE all the animal noises and names she is learning these days. She thought the penguins were fun and met them for the first time because they weren't on exhibit last year. The giraffes are always a fave, but the camels seemed to be a new fave this year. Random. ;) She enjoyed the wallaby walkway where you are a part of the exhibit- but none of the furry friends came as close to her as she would have liked. :) She was such a good girl getting in and out of her stroller (that doesn't always happen) and had fun strolling around and snacking as she gazed at all the animals. We ended the day at the zoo on the Carousel- her absolute fave when we were in Disney World- so we had to let her reminisce and enjoy a ride today. She made noises the entire ride, begging for "moh" when it stopped. She is so much fun- no matter what we are doing!!

After the zoo, we headed to Babies R Us and Toys R Us- our baby gate broke so we had to exchange and Adeline had a gift card still from Christmas, so we let her go shopping for a new "bay-bee" and some more "chuh chuhs" (trains). The art of distraction is a MUST when we shop these days...empty hands are not her favorite thing and going bye bye isn't cool unless it means we're leaving the house and she knows she's headed somewhere. But our sweet girl made out pretty well with a new baby doll, sling included, a new take 'n play Thomas the train set, two more new trains, and new Mickey coloring paper for her Color Wonder crayola markers.

We ended the evening with dinner at Qdoba (a fave of all of ours and a Lowe's trip.

Love days like today. Perfection.

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  1. YAY for family fun! G doesn't like leaving either...to the point that when she realizes we are back in our neighborhood she yells, "NO! Nother way!!!" It's funny and annoying at the same time :)

  2. glad you guys had a fun family day! it sounded amazing. i can't wait to take E to the zoo this summer. i took her when she was just a baby....basically for my exercise and to get out of the house! haha!


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