play date!

Today we had our friends Page and Selah over for a lunch play date! We wanted to fit in one last play date with the girls before Miss Zoe makes her debut!

The girls loved praying and eating together. We had chicken/feta/red pepper cold pasta salad and a fresh cucumber and tomato salad. Page brought amazing cupcakes that we enjoyed a bit later in the afternoon for dessert.

The girls also had tons of fun playing with all the balls and babies (two common faves of both of theirs). They mostly shared ;) minus the few times Adeline wanted to hoard all of her toys from Selah or push Selah "gently" away from the front window so she could see better. (I am pretty sure I have a little boss on my hands. A sweet one none the less, but a bossy gal. ;)

We knew it was time to wrap things up when the girls were getting a bit grumpy and whiny (aka Adeline asserting herself quite loudly and Selah wanting to snuggle with Mommy a bit more ;)

We had a blast and I'm always so blessed by my time with Page- such a raw, Christian woman! Seeing our two (soon to be three) girlies playing together makes my heart so happy!

Thank you, Lord, for sweet friendships!

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  1. Had no idea you and Page were real life friends! How neat!!! I bet the kiddos had a blast (as did the 2 of you too!)..the salad sounded YUMMY and the cupcakes looked amazing!

  2. Aw, I love this! I'm so glad you documented our day:). It's always so refreshing and fun when we can get together. So sweet to see the girls play! Thank you for having us...and for your kind words. I'm thankful for our friendship!


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