date night budget-style

Justin and I got the gift and blessing of a date night tonight! My aunt is in town and was happy to watch Miss A while we went out for the evening.

I can count the number of dates we've had since Adeline on two hands. We always have such good intentions but we get so tired and busy that we let it slip as a priority.

We've really been working on trying to at least do a date night a month- I know, not perfect, but getting somewhere! We do have A LOT of evenings together on the couch and more impromptu time together. :)

When we do a date night, we really work hard to still stay within our budget. It's always fun to see how God can take a little and make it into such a fun, full time together! Tonight was no exception.

So tonight we started with dinner at Bucca di Beppo. We shared a salad and an entree (their portions are HUGE)!

Savings: $10 from a $10 off $20 or more coupon from our local fundraising coupon savings book.

Next, Justin planned for us to go bowling! We haven't bowled since our first or second year of marriage. :) We had a ton of fun and had kinda forgotten that playful/flirty/competitive side of dating. Success. :)

Savings: $15 savings with a buy one game/get one game free coupon from our local fundraising coupon booklet.

After bowling, we hit a Starbucks drive-thru and both splurged on frappuccinos.

Savings: $5 with my birthday freebie drink and $5 for the other drink with a gift card.

We ended our night at Barnes and Noble- both grabbing a stack of magazines (I NEVER take a moment to look at magazines anymore. Such a treat!) and sat to enjoy our picks for a while.

Overall, our $75ish date cost us around $15 of our personal money after using gift cards, coupons, cash we had been gifted, and choosing some free fun. Blessings!!

We came home to a sleepy Adeline (it's often so much easier to just let Adeline go to bed late on this rare occasion than leave step by step directions for whoever is watching her. Plus the fact I'm still nursing her- just easier all together! :)

We had such a blast and are always so blessed when we are intentional to spend alone time together. I'm so grateful for a man that pursued me like crazy before dating and still does 5 years into marriage.

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  1. such a fun night for you two!!!
    and super impressed with how well you're doing with blogging!!

  2. Now that would be my kind of date night!!! A nice dinner, bowling, magazines, and a frappe!! :-)

  3. Once a month date night would be awesome! Our only babysitter is my mom and she has Hayes all week while we are at work, so I can't really ask her to have him on the weekends too. So I think we have been out 3 or 4 times in the past year and a half!

  4. It's so nice to get out on a date, and yay for one that doesn't cost too much! Derek and I want to do better about dates too - it's hard with kids!


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