oh yeah....

We went on vacation in January...

and it was fabulous...

...but I haven't shared any details yet or documented it at all on the blog! 

We originally planned to go to Disney world in October of this past year, right before Adeline turned a year old...but she had a big ear infection/allergy to antibiotics/possible fever virus saga and was as pitiful as can be...and we didn't get to go! (Oh, and then her daddy ended up with the flu at that time too! ;)  So we rescheduled and went in January.  It was amazing!!

We went to Disney World for 4 days...

 And then to the beach for a few days!

So I've decided that there are too many details, too many tips, and way too many pictures to put into a post or two.  So once I have all the posts organized and ready to go, I've planned a vacation week here on the blog! There will be details about our trip, plus road tripping tips, Disney World tips (organized by park), and beach-going with a toddler tips!  Stay tuned, and I will post to give a heads up of when it's coming!

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  1. I'm so looking forward to this!!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear about your trip AND your tips! I'm determined to take a Disney trip sometime soon(ish) and have been reading up on it!

  3. how fun!! I can't wait :) ( I so wish I would have done something similar from our trip to Disney when RG was 2 months old! ha)

  4. Cant wait to hear all about it!! And I gotta know..where did you get her minnie outfit?? I'm having Makayla a minnie themed bday party next month and looking for the perfect little outfit!


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