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I've been at this blogging thing for 3 1/2 years.  Sometimes I write to reminisce.  Sometimes I write to hold on to a memory.  Sometimes I write to share some pictures.  Sometimes I write to share an idea.  Sometimes I write to share something specific God placed on my heart.  Sometimes I share a DIY.  Sometimes I share something random. 

In case you missed these...here are my top 5 posts of all time according to Blogger's stats:

DIY-distressed furniture

a nice surprise

file cabinet makeover

jarred baby food and disposable diapers

pumpkin picking

And then of course, right behind those posts are my posts introducing Adeline to blogging world and revealing her nursery.  What's blogging these days without the topic of my sweet Adeline?

Oh how this little blog transitions from moment to moment, milestone to milestone.

And sometimes I write just to write.  But all the time, I'm thankful for this little blog of mine.

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