DIY--distressed furniture

I love the distressed paint look on furniture.  I guess it's the love for country decor in me.  Maybe? Whatever it is, I had to attempt my own distressed furniture project.  This little table that I bought at a local flea market for around $20 was the perfect candidate for my first attempt!

The first step was to sand the table to prep it for painting.  (I used hubby's sander.)  I decided to leave the top of the table the original finish and just paint the legs.

To get into small crevices I used sandpaper.

After sanding, wipe the furniture down to get rid of the dust before painting.

I used a medium base paint (a very light tan) to paint the table.  It will take a couple coats.

Once the paint is dry, to distress, sand various, random places where normal ware and tear would occur to the furniture.  For example, the edges of the legs are places where you usually see the paint worn down on furniture.  (Do this step until you have distressed the furniture to your liking.)


Next time I may distress more on the flat surfaces.  However, I was pretty happy with the finished project! (Actually my idea was for re-sale and we ended up keeping it in our living room!)

So is distressed furniture one of your likes among home decor? Have you ever distressed furniture?

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  1. This is such a great idea! I may just have to find some sand paper and start attacking my furniture....lol

  2. I love that little table and you did so good!

  3. Beautiful! look at you go. You are so crafty!

  4. Wow, it looks so good! Great job :)

  5. this makes me happy! i think we must be kindred spirits! lol! i love distressed painted furniture! good job. it looks awesome! :)

  6. Love the way it turned out Cait! I did a bunch of projects like that back in the summer myself..its alot of fun messing with small pieces of furniture like that and seeing how they turn into something so different and unique! Great job!

  7. Hey I awarded you on my blog! Nice job btw

  8. I LOVE it! I've been wanting to do this.

  9. Love that you left the top unpainted - fun too if you paint the top a different color than the legs. Caromal Colour paints will paint right over that without sanding/stripping prep... they aren't as cheap as a quart of latex paint, but they go a distance - you could have even painted that file cabinet you updated (it bonds to almost any surface). Anyway, have a great week!

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