simple things

I've been really exhausted lately.  It seems like I can't keep up with anything.  And it seems like I have so much to take care of that I'm almost frozen and can't seem to take the small steps to get big things accomplished.  Is it fair for me to blame it partially on this long, cold winter we seem to be having?

So right now, it's the simple things pulling me through.  The simple things that are bringing joy.

-A weekend of fellowship,worship, and laughter with our youth group and some of my church family for a Youth Conference.
-Having dinner with my hubby and parents tonight at a local Mexican restaurant.
-Reading blog posts from you awesome ladies.
-Watching Boone smile when we picked him up from a weekend at his "grandparents".  Yep, our pup smiles.
-A new book I'm reading that I'm positive was an answer to prayers.

How about you? Do you ever have those times where the simple things pull you through?

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  1. i completely know the feeling of wanting to get so much accomplished and then getting absolutely nothing done. it's so frustrating. i've been feeling like that so much lately. we've had colds and flus over and over again. it sort of puts life on hold. but, you're right... it's the little things that get us through! so glad you had a weekend full of sweet little things!

  2. thank you for your honesty here cait, it is inspiring! i love your simple things :)


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