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I'm excited to share about a new venture I'm embarking on with my mom. Through the course of many things falling into place, prayer, and a lot of "God moments", we have decided to open a little store on our Main Street in our small town's historical downtown district.

It's been a dream of both of ours for quite a while. We even thought this idea up a year or so ago and nothing came of it because it wasn't the time. But the timing just seems perfect this go around.

Through a lot of collaborating between us, my dad, Justin and some others we decided on the name, Mercantile on Main. ("Mercantile" is an old-fashioned name for stores that carried a variety of goods.) I created the logo design with some help and opinions of my family.  My parents found the store on main street and we all started planning.

My mom had a vision for a store that carried repurposed items, trendy vintage, natural products, and other goods.  We've been planning and searching out product for a few months now. We've focused on almost all natural, repurposed, local artisan goods, and products that have a story and support a cause.

Some other products we're carrying:

-New items from lines such as Natural Life, Country House, May Books, Itzy Ritzy, and more.
-Repurposed and vintage items
-Local artisan goods such as jewelry, handcrafted stuffed animals, pillow case dresses, hair bows, burlap letters, art, etc.
-Natural/organic body products and home items from lines such as Beecology and Good Fortune
-Products that have a "give back" mentality

Our second floor is full of awesome vintage and antiques that my dad has been collecting for years! And I've had the opportunity to work on my own art to add into the store, as well as help build a kids section that is a work in progress and will be ever-evolving!

It has been so humbling to already see how God has used our store to support such amazing causes, such as Thistle Farms products that support the Magdalene Community in Nashville, which helps women who have escaped a life of abuse and prostitution. We've also listened as local artists (such a single moms) have shared how us carrying their products have been an answer to prayer.

We prayed early on and committed our plans to God, asking him to use us and or store.  It's our prayer He continues to do that as we officially begin our journey this Saturday when we open!

store front all ready and just waiting on our sign we will get on Friday! the store front was the same green you see on the far right corner until we painted today!

some of the Natural Life goodies

little Miss A "helping" us get set up...she's seriously been so fun and sweet in the store so far!

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  1. Congrats!! What a fun new adventure for you all!! I'll be praying that God continues to bless your store and your whole family :)

  2. Wow, that is just so cool! Congratulations and blessings on the store opening!

  3. That is so exciting! It'd be my ultimate dream to start a store like that with my mom. So neat that you're honoring God and using the store to further his kingdom by encouraging others. Wishing you many successes!

  4. So excited for you Cait! You all will be in our prayers as you begin this wonderful journey.

  5. How exciting!! I've been following the progress on IG! I wish you the best of luck with this! And with God on your side, I know it's going to be bring much happiness into your lives.

  6. Congrats..that is so exciting! Wished I lived closer..I'd definately check it out!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! Your shop looks amazing and like a place I would love. A huge congratulations to you and your mom!!

  8. I've been a lurker on your blog for a long time now and thought I'd say Hi and am really excited about your new store! I pray that y'all do really well :)

  9. You know I think this is super exciting. I looooove the paint color on the outside. I'm living vicariously through you as you live out this adventure. ;)

  10. How fun and Exciting!! I hope it is very successful! I love stores like that!

  11. Can't wait to visit the store! I was a few years behind you in high school actually & happened to stumble upon your blog! The outside of the store looks awesome. Are you familiar with The Shine Project? Ashley, the owner employs at risk teens to make bracelets & ultimately helps them attend college. It's not local, but a great cause. Maybe something nice to carry at the store :)

  12. I love your passion behind God's guidance with your store! It's so evident! I love the colors of the store. I'm sure it will draw many people. I hope it's going great! CONgratulations!

  13. i am so so excited for you guys! what a fun adventure! i would shop their all the time if it was in my town. :) i can't wait to hear more about it!


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