birthday road trip

When Justin asked me how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, I decided on a day trip to Lexington - one of our fave cities. The entire day was my choice and I got a shopping spree amount from him and Adeline to spend on our trip- so fun!

Adeline slept in until 9- what a treat! Once we all got moving, we started our day with McDonald's breakfast at home while we got ready.

We got in the road (Adeline napped- so perfect timing!) and stopped "midway" at a little downtown in the small town of Midway. We strolled, shopped the little stores and ate lunch!

Next stop was a park on our way into Lexington because the sun was starting to shine and it was getting warm. Adeline loved the swings, slide, and watching all the other kiddos play.

We spent the afternoon shopping at a fun shopping center where I spent some of my shopping spree money. Adeline got restless so we decided to be finished shopping and head toward our restaurant (one of my fave Italian places) since we had reservations.

We took a quick stop at Starbucks and drove around to get Adeline to fall asleep again for a bit before dinner- she did- and Momma got to do a quick trip into Old Navy while Daddy stayed in the car with the sleeping babe. I found a fun polka dot dress on clearance and mint green, linen shorts.

Dinner was an amazing Italian meal where Adeline ate her weight in spaghetti and wowed half the restaurant with how well she ate and how stinkin' cute she is! :)

We ended our evening at our favorite (humongous, two-story) book store. Adeline was in heaven- train table, stuffed animals, books, and more- all at her grasp and where she could trot around for days! She even got a glimpse of the Easter Bunny. Once we felt the store may have had enough of her squeaky shoes, we let her pick out a toy, I spent my birthday Vera Bradley coupon and we hit the road to head back home.

Such a fun day spent with my sweet little family. Times like these are so precious to me and overfill my heart with joy. I'm one blessed lady.

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  1. Oh my goodness! How fun!! I am so glad you had a fun birthday weekend!

  2. Y'all are the cutest fam ever. Sounds like such a fun day!

  3. What a fun birthday! And I love the picture of Adeline eating spaghetti. :-)

  4. That looks like the perfect way to spend a birthday!! Love her clothes too by the way!! And I'm impressed..you got her eating with a fork already!


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