Fitness Friday {week 1}

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I was so happy to see many of you all get excited over Fitness Friday! I know a lot of us share the common goals of getting fit and becoming more healthy.  It was so neat to read your goals and see how you adapted my ideas to fit your own needs! I'm looking forward to following your journeys over the next few months! If you are just now joining, feel free to start linking up this week! We would love to have you join!

How did Week 1 go?

My goal this week was counting calories.  I did a good job this week meeting my goal thanks to my app, MyFitnessPal (which you can also use online if you don't have a smart phone with apps).  I already feel so much more knowledgeable about food choices based on seeing my calories each day this past week.  This is definitely something I plan on continuing as it held me very accountable on my food choices! I was even surprised to see that on some days, I was a few calories away from my goal calories, which encouraged me to smart wisely in order to make sure I am getting the amount of calories I need each day.  Also, seeing my calories throughout the day allowed me to make wise choices overall.

Was I active?

I do have to say, that after reading many of your goals, I realized that the eating portion of getting healthy is a lot more natural and easy for me than being active.  I really want to work more over the next few months on becoming more active than I had originally planned when starting Fitness Friday.  I did start working on taking more walks.  This week's plan? More strength and toning exercises! (I have some plans pinned on Pinterest.)

Weight Loss?

I weighed myself a few times throughout the week and actually lost about a pound and a half instead of just a pound.  I do want to be careful with this since I'm breastfeeding and don't want to mess that up.  This is another reason I want to watch my calories so closely.

Week 2 Goal?

Move every day...I'm on it!

Now grab the button, link-up, and share your Fitness Friday posts to share about your fitness journey!

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  1. Good for you!
    I am the opposite-the eating part is the hard part for me! But this week I did keep track of everything I ate and I think it really helps to see it all laid out-even if I'm not worrying about calories! I love the myfitness pal app :)

  2. Yaya!
    I am the opposite too-Eating is the hard part. Since new years I have only missed like 2 or 3 days working out. It is addicting! I really wish I had a smartphone for the MFP. The online is good but it would be easier if I could do from my phone :o)
    Keep it up and get moving :) Good Luck!

  3. That's so great you were able to count calories and meet your goal this week!! I have to admit that I didn't do so well on that goal, BUT I did accomplish my goal of starting my 5K training! This week should be better :)

  4. Great job this week!! Keep up the great work!!!


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