coupons for troops--send expired coupons to families stationed overseas

If you're as crazy as me about decluttering your coupons in order to make room for more and you're looking for ways to help others...listen up! A friend of my sister-in-law recently contacted me about joining in on a coupon exchange through the mail...love it! We live in different places and she's working hard to get a few people together across the US so that we get a variety of coupons.  Can't wait to get it started! However, she told me about something I had never heard of.  Maybe you have.  If so, I hope you're participating!

Coupons to Troops is a source for a place to send your expired coupons.  American families that are stationed overseas can use our coupons at the Commissaries and Post Exchanges (their stores) for up to 6 months past the expiration date.  This is where they purchase groceries and everyday items.  Think bread, milk, diapers, etc.  Supposedly prices are much higher and any little financial help is appreciated.  Check out the great, detailed website for all the specifics on what to send and what not to send, how to organize the coupons for sending, and how to ensure the coupons reach their destination before they are past the 6 month deadline.

I'm not sure about you, but I'm always looking for ways to help our troops and their families.  They're living an amazing calling.  Can you imagine trying to live on a budget overseas? I'm sure it's just one more thing we take for granted in the United States.

So do what you can to help.  Get this started in your community of friends, your workplace, your church...wherever you have coupon crazies lovers among you.  I can't wait to do this! (I'll start with the pile of expired coupons I just cleared out of my coupon album!)

Thanks for sharing, Jess!

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  1. Pretty cool program! I didn't know about that. I'll have to check it out. (Alaska is considered an overseas location in the Army) Thanks for posting!
    I really appreciate your comment you left me on my blog. I felt the same way when I came across your blog a couple days ago. I've added you to my Google Reader. Thanks again!

  2. this is awesome. thanks for sharing! such an easy way to give back (though it's small in comparison to all they give up for us!) to our outstanding military families!

  3. Awesome Idea! If anyone knows of a family I can send some too. I'd love to do this....


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