bump update: 39 weeks (and counting)

How far along? 39 weeks, 2 days

Baby size: Watermelon-size still.  On average, about 20 inches long and a little over 7 pounds.  (I was almost 8 pounds and Justin was over 8 pounds...so we'll see!)

Total weight gain: About 23 pounds....holding steady there at this point.

Sleep: Again, good nights and bad.  It seems like I'm having a BH contraction every time I wake up.  I still pee constantly and often wake up hungry.

Movement: Still tons of movement.  It has slowed down just a tad due to her size I'm sure.  She squirms quite a bit before I go to bed also...and at this point it's pretty painful (especially low!).

Food cravings/aversions: Mainly junk food and fast food are my cravings these days.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing new.

What I miss: At this point, I'm content and just taking in the last days of being pregnant because I know the end is in sight! :)

What I'm looking forward to: Again, meeting her!

Milestones: Being in my 40th week! At my last appointment on Friday, I was 1 cm (first check-up that I was dilated) and thinning (not sure %).  My doc predicted this Tuesday or Wednesday if she had to guess...but I know that's never for sure! We didn't talk induction yet because she seemed so sure I would go into labor this week.  However, my next appointment is Friday if nothing happens before then! (My mom was two weeks over-due with both my brother and me and had to be induced...so I'm not holding my breath.  I'm trying to mentally prepare for that.)

Best moment this week: Just the feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We also celebrated Justin's birthday this Saturday (October 29th) because his 26th birthday is tomorrow.  I wanted to make sure we celebrated his birthday in case craziness started this week with me going into labor.  We had a fun time at lunch with family and then celebrated with cake back at our house.  That night we went just us to a movie and enjoyed the evening together.

Moments with Justin: (See above ;)

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  1. You're here! I've been wondering about you and baby Adeline this week. :)

  2. my mom was 2 weeks early with both me and my brother but I was induced at 40 weeks. My dr. thought for sure I would go into labor on my own as well but I got really sick of friends and family calling me every day to see "how I was feeling" so I just knew I would have to be induced at 40 weeks or they would drive me crazy! But, when I was induced I was only at a 1 like you are and it went REALLY well. The doc. said I most likely would have gone into labor that night or the next day on my own since I had her so fast (all they did was break my water...I didn't need any meds to labor at all) and since she had already had her first bowl movement before she was born. Enjoy this time!

  3. maybe she and daddy will share a birthday :)
    it's so hard to say with the early symptoms, etc. i was 3 cm for almost 3 weeks and i went into labor on my due date, so who ever knows!! i will pray she comes in her own timing but whenever she comes will be perfect! can't wait to see that little sweetheart!

  4. Yall are such a sweet looking couple and will make wonderful parents. Life is about to be different for the two of you but soooo blessed!

  5. How wonderful that you two got some time with each other before yall become a family of three :)

  6. You look gorgeous!! Just found your blog! Can't wait to see your little princess! XOXO

  7. Can't wait!! You are so close!! Good for you enjoying the last few moments! Believe it or not part of me actually misses being pregnant :) can't wait to "meet" your sweet girl!!! :)


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