wednesday love.

It's been a while since I've linked up with Jamie and I have tons to love right now.  So thought I would take time to share.

Today I'm loving...

One--We found Adeline's coming home outfit.  When I told Justin we needed to find a coming home outfit he looked at me in disbelief and reminded me of her full closet.  Yes, it only begins.  Although all of her clothes are super adorable, I wanted to pick something out myself that had that extra "aw" to it.

Two--I'm loving all the amazing cloth diapering resources I have found recently.  We've (well, let's say still mainly me at this point...hubby is still on the fence about it...I'm working on him.  And he's slowly but surely giving in. ;) decided to go with the BumGenius 4.0 one size diapers.  I've decided that after a few weeks, I'll give the whole cloth diaper thing a go with minimal items.  If I fall in love (which, honestly, I think I will), I will up our stash and get going seriously. (Another post is coming tomorrow with my details on how we plan on getting started and some of the great resources I've found.)  In the meantime...how cute are these diapers?!

Three--It's my Fall Break.  My 38th week of pregnancy off from work.  Heaven.  The week has been full of sleeping in, eating big meals (ha! Having a break from packed lunches or school lunches is wonderful at this point where I feel like eating every 15 minutes.), shopping, nesting, and relaxing.  Did I mention it's been heaven?

Four--Hubby's job is often affected by the weather.  A cold rain has set in for today and tomorrow, so I have two bonus days with him that I didn't think I would get! Love it.

Five--We have a Florida beach trip planned for my maternity leave!! Ahhh..I can hardly contain my excitement! The best part is Adeline's first beach trip will also probably include both sets of her grandparents and possibly her uncle (my little bro).  Oh and it will be in the nasty part of winter--so a wonderful retreat to sunshine! Fun times ahead!

Happy Wednesday! Hope it's blessed with things you love!

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  1. Loving extra days with the hubby! Stopping by from WILW and loving your blog. Have a great day!

  2. i love the going home outfit you picked out! it is precious! i think cloth diapers are pretty adorable. i'm so glad you are enjoying your break. the lunch thing made me laugh! :)

  3. We cloth diaper with the BG 4.0's and they are wonderful!! I have tried a few brands, but BumGenius really are worth every penny! I really hope you enjoy cloth diapering, but I definitely recommend taking time at first to just use disposables. We used disposables until Rosemary was 1 month old, and it gave us a chance to adjust without thinking about diapers. But, once we started using cloth, I fell in love with them! Thinking of you as your due date draws near!!

  4. I am super excited to hear from all you Mom's about cloth diapering. I have a close family friend who taught me all about it last year... I am hoping that I am full force into it when I start a family in a few years!

  5. Love love love the coming home outfit! It is so sweet.

  6. I love that outfit! And yay for your maternity leave trip! That'll be so fun! If you happen to drive through charleston... :)

  7. Thanks for playing along!

    Glad you're enjoying your fall break!

  8. Love extra days with hubby! Enjoy!!


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