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I've always loved the look of those sweet rosettes that flood the Pinterest tags and are all over the internet and craft world.  So with a baby girl on the way, I decided that this mommy-to-be must get moving creating some sweet rosettes, because I'm foreseeing lots of floral headbands in our future!

I started to create my first rosettes thinking I was going to make a headband, but then I remembered this "blah" lamp in the nursery that I have been trying to think of what to do to fancy it up.

So with my first rosette creation...this lamp now definitely has a new, more whimsical look.

If you haven't created a craft with rosettes yet, let me warn you, it becomes addicting! As soon as I did this project, I started thinking of all the other things I could do with these adorable fabric flowers...not to mention all the color combinations and vintage button combinations (I have en entire gallon-size bag) I'm planning for headbands!
My next creation was a headband for Adeline...

I used this tutorial that Emily shared with me and then made them my own a bit as I went.  So fun!

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  1. cute!! i love rosettes-I made Callyn a bunch of stuff with them right before she w as born! You're right-totally addicting!

  2. those are so cute! can't wait to "see" them on your sweet one!


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