We're in waiting mode here in our household.  Although my due date isn't for 10 more days, we are in the mindset that Adeline could come any day!

Our bags are packed...including Boone's.

The "last minute" list is posted by the door.

The pack-n-play is up in our room.

The bouncy/vibrating seat is in the living room.

And the cabinets are stocked with gobs of easy soups and other recipes in mind.

Of course, the car-seat is installed, her room is ready, her closet is organized, the diapers and wipes are stocked, and all her laundry is completed.  I'm sure my nesting could allow me to try to get about a hundred more things "ready" before she gets here...but for now I'm propping my feet up and just waiting.

In the meantime, check out how this belly's being utilized...

Boone has found his new favorite snuggle spot.

And I've found a handy place to hold my bowl of dessert.

Come on, sweet girl.  We can't wait to meet you!!

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  1. Love all the pictures!!! They make me excited for you. :)

  2. YAY!!!
    For some reason I never felt like we were THAT close together in pregnancy but this makes it seem SO close! Our girls will just bea few weeks apart :)
    Also, I really miss being able to put a bowl on my belly haha!!

  3. Love it! Rudy used to LOVE resting his head on my belly too! So cute! I'm glad you are ready and I can't wait for your baby girl's arrival!

  4. Haha awww this is too cute!! Is that the Vera Bradley diaper bag?! I bought my sister that for her baby and it's being shipped right now, but I got Mocha Rouge because she's doing pink and brown for her little one :) I hope Adeline comes soon!!!

  5. This is so, so exciting Caitlin!! I am just on the edge of my seat for what you're about to go through...the most wonderful moment ever. I have tears reading your post and writing this comment as I sit here looking at and lulling my sweet girl to sleep. It's hard to believe only a handful of weeks ago I was in your spot. I LOVED all those precious moments in the hospital! (and those three square meals a day! :) Every day just gets better and better. BUT be sure to have tears when necessary! If you need any compassion, empathy, or encouragement during your physical recovery please don't hesitate to call me-I will certainly be checking on you! You're going to do great. :)

  6. LOVE this! :-) We're just waiting as well! One of my dogs LOVES to lay her head on my belly...my smaller one just thinks it's a step stool made just for her to get closer to my face! haha! :-) I love the idea of having a "last minute" list by the door! I think I'm stealing that one! Lately I'll think..."Oh we don't want to forget ____" and I'd be willing to bet we might forget it, but I think I'll put a list by the door! Have you had any more intense contractions yet?! When do you see your doctor next? So excited for you!

  7. I remember those waiting days! My daughter was a week late, but it was so worth it! Keep resting and enjoy every moment!

  8. So soon! It's going to be so fun to see her picture! You are so prepared :) Good for you!

  9. I am so excited for you! Savor each moment, because it goes so fast! Love th picture of Boone!

  10. Love that picture of you & Boone!! Absolutely precious! Prayers that everything goes smoothly for you all.

  11. i love all of this!! sweet boone :) can't wait for those sweet baby things to be filled with your sweet one!


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