Q & A time!

It's almost time for our monthly savings link-up! However, Ashleigh from Thankfully Thrifty and myself wanted to add a little something extra to this link-up! We want to incorporate a Q & A this month!

How can you play a role in this? Leave a comment on this post with any question you have regarding saving money, being thrifty, etc.  It can be a question you have about our couponing methods, a question about budgeting, how to find freebies, etc.  Or if you have something more specific for one of us regarding something saving-money related that you have seen on our blogs, that works too! Anything goes! Ashleigh and I will divvy up the questions and answer them on October 31st with our link-up post!

Come back then to find our answers, money-saving tips, how much money we've saved in October, and link-up with your own savings post of your choice!

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  1. For someone who is about to graduate college, and doesn't have a job lined up yet... what is the best advice you can give on what things are most important to budget for, and how much money I should save. I'm moving back home to live with my parents and will hopefully be subbing during the Spring semester. It is overwhelming to me when I think about all of the new financial responsibilities I will have, so whatever advice you can give to someone who will be learning how to pay bills and budget on their own for the first time would be amazing!


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